Fundamentals of the PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

Apart from Research, & Develop most efficient & cost effective medications, the other common challenge must needed to consider is Supply chain of medicine. The Pharma supply chain is complex to make the medication available to patient when needed. The lack of supply also increase the medicine price. The concept of PCD Pharma Franchise took place in about “2K” to deal with this supply chain problem.

A wide range of stakeholders are also involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) & PCD Franchises. These all are involved making prescription drugs & cosmetics supply chain to make product available to patient.

Role of a PCD Franchise or Distributor in Supply Chain of Prescription & OTC Medications

PCD Pharma Franchise is a legal & licensed Business among two parties. Party (A) is a Pharmaceutical Company that manufactures & Supply DCGI, FSSAI approved Medicines. The Party (B) is PCD Franchise Distributor who signs a business deal (monopoly agreement) with Party (A) also called PCD Pharma Franchise Company to market and distribute its products & services for a specific State, City under own Medical Agency Name.

Why Does not Pharma Companies hires in house Marketing professionals?

There are multiple Supply Chain, Distribution & Marketing model of medicine companies. PCD Pharma Franchise is one of the most practising Ground level Marketing, Supply & Distribution model in India. The Domestic Pharma Companies specially SMEs who deals in OTC, patent or expired patent DCGI, FSSAI formulations. We all understand Investment & resources are always a challenge to Businesses & Specially SMEs. So the PCD Pharma Companies apart from providing cost effective GMP medicine also empowering young Pharma professionals to become Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs in Pharma Industry and generate more jobs.

Scope & Benefits of starting PCD Franchise of a Pharma Company

PCD Franchise gives wings to Dynamic & Aspiring Pharma Professionals dreams, to become Entrepreneur. The Indian PCD Pharma Companies in Domestic Pharma Industry majorly in General medicine segment holds the one third of market share. In 2020 India realised the need for robust Medical Infrastructure & Supply Chain system. The demand for medicine is rising 9 to 11 percent year to year. To meet this rising demand for quality products at best Price & tackle the supply chain barrier India need more & more PCD Franchise Distributors. PCD Franchise or Distributorship is a platform to all those Pharma, Medicine & Marketing professionals dreams to launch their own products & Pharma Marketing or Manufacturing Company. PCD Pharma Franchise Business is not for all, & the Entry barrier is wholesale Drug License issued by State Drug Control Authority. Professionals or Business owner with genuine Wholesale DL No. can start the PCD.

Monitory gains & perks offered to PCD Pharma franchise Distributors

Pharma Franchise Companies provides WHO-GMP standard products at best price, with free promotional support to their PCD franchise Business partners. A PCD Franchise could sell it at any price below the MRP & by considering retailer or Chemist margin, Patient Discount. PCD Pharma Franchise Company is prohibited to decide its MRP under the CDSCO guidelines. Apart from providing best price PCD products Company also offers Incentives, Gift Brochures, Holiday Trip etc. to their PCD Franchises.

Medicine Quality, Drug Policy, License & certifications

Drugs play a very important role in the management of ailment and illness in human life. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare closely monitors the Drug Development & Advertising Policy. WHO-GMP, GLP, HACCP, FSSAI Certification are the mark of products quality. So working as PCD Franchise of WHO-GMP Certified PCD Pharma Company not only assures product quality but also helps in winning Pharmacist, Doctors, Chemists, Patients trust & value.


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