Full Power: 7 Reasons to Consider Generator Rental

When the weather gets hot in Australia, over 1 million households and businesses face rolling blackouts. Having a business in Australia with critical infrastructure is a risky gambit without a generator.

If the power goes out for multiple hours and your critical infrastructure starts to fail, this could devastate your business. Having a generator rental strategy in your back pocket could be the silver bullet you need as a backup plan.

The following 7 reasons will help explain how a commercial generator rental could be the most effective way to mitigate power-failure for your business.

1. Gap Generator Hire Is Cheap

Purchasing a generator outright can cost your business a small fortune. This is even more true if your critical infrastructure draws a significant amount of power.

Generator rental costs are much lower than the costs of purchasing one. This will allow your business to save money for other important aspects of its day-to-day operations.

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2. Stay Ahead of Blackouts

Renting a generator last minute to help mitigate a blackout is a potential option. It can be a bit dicey though if your business can’t risk losing power at all for any amount of time.

Looking at weather forecasts for potential heat or storm events and renting a generator in advance of these situations is a better strategy.

Keeping a generator on standby during the duration of these events provides peace of mind and also allows businesses to instantly utilize them the moment power goes out.

3. State of the Art Technology

Renting a generator provides the option of getting the latest and greatest in generator technology. New models of generators are always coming out each year. Upgrades in capabilities and features are common too.

Rather than purchasing a generator and having it become obsolete in a few years, why not rent one and always get the best technology has to offer?

That way your business won’t be stuck with a rusty old clunker that has been squirreled away in a dusty warehouse in storage since its last use.

4. No Maintenance With a Generator Rental

Owning a generator means completing all of the necessary maintenance regimes that a generator requires to operate at peak efficiency. The costs associated with maintenance can be high.

For every year of use, the costs of maintenance for a generator go up as the machine begins to degrade. This makes purchasing a generator a depreciating asset from the moment you buy it.

This depreciation compounds over time as parts for a specific type of generator become harder to find. During times of strenuous or prolonged use, maintenance costs may be even higher.

Renting a generator puts all of the maintenance costs in the hands of the rental company. This saves your business money and the headache of hiring maintenance service technicians or finding a reputable maintenance facility.

5. Save Time and Money on Repairs

If a generator faces a strenuous or prolonged use situation, it may break down and require repairs. If your business owns its own generator, you are responsible for all associated repair costs.

Rentals can be a different story. Depending on the issues the generator is facing and the rental plan, it may just be switched out for a different generator. This can save your business a huge amount of money in generator repair costs.

Not only that, if you own a generator there will be significant downtime as your service technicians repair your broken generator. This will put undue stress on your back-up generators if you even have them at all.

When you rent a generator, there is none of this associated downtime. The generator a rental company supplies will be free of damage and will not require repairs.

If it does fail, there will be no downtime as a certified generator rental specialist will race to replace your faulty generator with a new one, providing it was not abused or misused during power supply operations.

6. Flexibility

Not every type of generator is right for every type of power-supply job. Some generators produce more power than others or have different functionalities or traits such as mobility or durability.

Renting a generator provides your business with the flexibility of choosing what type of generator fits your specific project needs. Rather than buying a “one size fits all” generator get the specific type best for each job.

Whether using a generator for temporary, seasonal, or full-time work you will be sure to get the exact generator your endeavors require.

7. Test Which Is Best

Renting a generator allows you to try each specific type of generator out before buying it. That way you will be able to avoid buying any faulty products or ones not compatible with your operations.

It also allows you to get to know the capabilities of each determine if a generator is right for your needs before shelling out the massive amounts of capital that buying a generator requires.

When renting a generator you are not stuck with one type of generator. You can mix and match all the different models that a company offers.

From a diesel generator rental to an inverter generator rental a solid rental company will provide you with many different options that allow your business the flexibility of conducting a trial and error process to find the best generator.

Money Is Well Spent if You Rent

Purchasing a generator outright is an expensive folly that your business can’t afford to make. A generator rental affords your business multiple benefits that are too blatant to ignore.

Rent a generator today to make sure that all of your critical power needs are covered in the event of a blackout. For all of your other business news and information make sure to check out the rest of our page.