From Poverty to Prosperity: How Think and Grow Rich Quiz Can Change Your Life

There are several ways in which one can make it big in their lifetime, and different paths can be availed by different people at different junctures of time to carry the baton forward. Now, while some may have an earth-shattering idea that is capable of propelling them to prosperity, reading, learning, and motivating themselves remains one of the best ways to do it.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is a book released in the first half of the 20th century, and soon became a masterpiece in its own right. The author was under the aegis of the great visionary industrialist Andrew Carnegie, and that’s where he picked up his immense knowledge and skills from. Once he moved out into the world, he dreamt of sharing his rich thoughts with the rest of mankind, and to that end, he conceptualized this marvellous book. This title isn’t just a random collection of words, but a well-thought-out work comprising extensive research activities and inquiries involving many people from all walks of life. Napoleon Hill interviewed millionaires to ascertain their views on the subject, and this led him to develop a strong image regarding the ways in which one can change their life’s trajectories to a line that would lead them to wealth.

Gradually, the book went on to be a bestseller in its segment, and soon enough, several people started to reap the benefits as well. As the internet era rolled around, developers converted this book into a digital format, and several activities and quizzes were included with these applications as well. These activities, quizzes, and newsletters helped people understand and inculcate the concepts in an intricate manner. Here, we will be taking a look at the values that these quizzes help teach us, and how these can lead us on a path of prosperity. So, let’s start.


One of the best ways in which one can achieve wealth in the long-term is by working consistently towards their goal. It has been observed in several cases that people may perform excellently in the short term before fizzling out after a few years or so, and this damages their prospects immensely. Now, there may be multiple reasons driving such a downfall, but complacency is one of the most harmful aspects of their lives. As a result, it is said that achieving success is easier than staying at the top. Thankfully, think and grow rich Napoleon Hill shows us how to be rich and successful. By playing these quizzes on a regular basis, one would be able to receive the virtue of consistency, and this would help them stay focussed and dedicated.

Setting a goal.

When it comes to attaining maximum success and wealth in life, one must have a clear goal in mind and ensure that this goal doesn’t keep moving around regularly. Now, there are a number of ways in which one can decide on this final goal, and the quizzes are designed in a manner that would help you zero in on your priorities without compromising on long-term aspects. Moreover, once the goal has been set, it is important to stick to that goal without floundering around. By attempting these quizzes on a regular basis, the concepts of the book would be quite clear, and the path ahead would be that much easier.

Keep learning.

If you study the lives of any person who has attained a significant degree of wealth and success in their lives, one thing would be common in each of their cases, and it is that they have kept learning constantly, and this just doesn’t refer to curriculum courses, but keeping an open mind. Yes, there are several instances that teach us something or the other on a seemingly daily basis, and by adopting and learning from them, we would certainly take off, while bolstering our skillsets as well. The modern world is characterized by constant developments more than anything else, and to that end, think and grow rich quotes would help us stay updated and take on any challenge that life may through at us. By attempting the quizzes on a regular basis, we would learn a new lesson daily, and the newsletter would help us ascertain where we stand, and what we can do to improve ourselves in the long run.


People may be highly educated and may have a solid goal in mind, but these won’t amount to anything if they aren’t determined and driven enough to achieve these goals. Well, determination is something that helps us stick to our paths, no matter how difficult the journey gets. If you are a football fan, you must be aware of comebacks, which exhibit a high degree of determination and grit on behalf of the players and managers involved. If they had not been determined, they might have ended up losing the games, but that’s not what happened. To be prosperous in life, one must possess a rock-solid determination, and the quizzes subject us to a wide variety of stresses, something that ultimately helps build up our tolerance.


Wondering how to think and grow rich? Well, working hard is one of the ways. Once we have a clear goal in place, the next logical step would be to work towards these goals, and being laid back won’t help us in any way in this aspect. Now, you may be under the impression that shortcuts can be taken at each and every point, and that would help us achieve our goals in a significantly shorter period of time, but that’s just not the case. If you take a look at the career trajectories of any successful individual out there, you would learn about the sleepless nights that they had to put in to reach where they are today. Unfortunately, the mass media believes in glorifying the successes without really focussing on the struggles that one had to go through. Think and grow rich Napoleon Hill is probably the only way in which we can concretely take a look at the hard work that people had to put in, and the quizzes have been designed to echo this concept while ensuring that we adopt them in our daily lives as well.

Having a fertile imagination.

According to the legendary author himself, having a fertile imagination is one of the companions that we would ever find on our journeys, and this is an idea that has been echoed by several greats as well, including Mr. Albert Einstein. According to him, knowledge is a finite concept with a specific boundary, while imagination is truly infinite. We can use our imaginations to drive ourselves forward and having rich thoughts would certainly help us to that end. It has been widely accepted that our minds are our biggest assets, and we can harness their strength to have rich thoughts that would help us attain a significant amount of wealth in our lifetimes. Think and grow rich quotes and quizzes can help us develop a strong sense of positive imagination that helps us create a positive scenario for ourselves in the future.

Create a team.

Working individually towards our goals may be fine, but it won’t be as effective as being a part of a super-alliance that helps us achieve our goals. Now, this is a concept that’s quite different from having a group of friends. What the book refers to here is that we must enter a group that has been created with a common motto, and each individual in that group brings a specific quality and skill set to the table. Now, one can understand this as a benefits group, as in such an arrangement, one must bring something positive to the table as well. When the right team is established. Each would be able to complement the other on their journeys, while helping the other out as and when needed. Now, this is something that we must adopt in our lives, and by surrounding ourselves with driven and successful individuals, we can achieve truly great things in life, even stuff that we never thought possible. The book tells us how we can find such a team, and the quiz is designed in a specific manner to help us inculcate these values.

Training our subconscious minds.

The human mind is one of the most complex objects ever, and our subconscious minds are capable of achieving miraculous feats without us ever realising the same as well. Now, the problem lies in the fact that mastering this aspect of our minds is something that’s quite difficult, and one must train intensely to achieve the same as well. If you are wondering how to think and grow rich, one of the best ways would be to train our subconscious minds to align them with our long-term goals. After a certain point in time, our minds would enter a state of auto-suggestion, and rich thoughts would be a regular part of our daily lives. Once this is achieved, we would move that much closer to the end goal that we have in mind.

Final take:

How to be rich and successful is a question that has been answered excellently by Napoleon Hill in his masterpiece, Think and grow rich. This book has helped millions around the world achieve their final goals and become extremely rich in the process as well. Nowadays, there are several quizzes and activities that help us adopt these concepts in a fun and convenient manner. So, if you are someone who wants to amass a massive fortune as well, you should definitely go for these quizzes and activities without further delay.

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