From Dropout to 7-Figure Net Worth: The Inspiring Journey of Steven Cohen, Co-Founder of Sunder Energy

Gaining a 7-figure net worth may seem out of reach for most people, but Steven Cohen is living proof that it is possible. Despite his success in establishing Sunder Energy, one of the United States largest solar energy companies, Steven has committed himself to sharing his wisdom as a sales professional by helping others strive to become the best version of themselves. “I believe that if you help people to the best of your ability, that karma will come back around, and you feel good overall,” he said in a one-on-one podcast interview with James Silvas, a peak performance coach.

Steven’s success did not come overnight, and he took a non-traditional path to learning about business management. Unlike other students who completed their degrees, he dropped out of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to pursue his dreams of a good life for himself and his family. At the time, Steven was broke but he didn’t let that stop him from taking a chance. Instead, he built his skillset by working at a network marketing company. While he didn’t earn much, the experience made him well-rounded in entrepreneurship.

After three years, Steven became proficient in initiating initiatives in sales, team building, communication, public speaking, and personal development. In 2015, he entered the solar industry as one of the pioneers in the US market. He began by selling door-to-door, and throughout his travels on the west coast, he established sales teams in California, Colorado, and Oregon. It was not until 2018, when he returned to his hometown of Las Vegas, that he co-founded Sunder Energy.

Over the course of more than a decade in the direct sales industry, Steven turned his dreams into reality through hard work and determination. He bought his parents a house and achieved a huge net worth by the age of 28. In addition to these achievements, Steven finds success in helping others gain financial freedom, develop emotional intelligence, and improve their communication and public speaking skills. He discusses smart investing in real estate and digital assets in his talks. To date, he has helped hundreds of young professionals in the solar industry achieve 6-figure incomes and has built sales teams and offices in 20 states, scaling from zero to over 1,000 people.

“I truly believe that if more people can chase their dreams, listen to their intuition, and go against the majority of society, the world would be a better place,” Steven said. He added that the world needs more dreamers. Steven continues to share his expertise and can be found providing valuable insights and experiences on his Instagram, YouTube channel, and Millennial Millionaire podcast when he is not working.