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What is Spaceship Voyager

Spaceship Voyager is a micro-investing app that provides Australians with access to a managed diverse portfolio of shares. Spaceship Voyager manages your funds and invests them for you using a diverse portfolio of shares their team has picked. One of spaceship voyager’s portfolios is largely invested in the global technology business, as well as health care.

Spaceship Voyager is one of my personal favourite apps for investing as they don’t charge any fees for accounts under $5,000. If you sign up using a spaceship voyager referral code you can earn $10 free when you sign up and invest $5. When you sign up to invest enter the spaceship referral code: S8ZC6A9PTF. This will grant you $10 to start on your investing journey.

If you want to get your sign-up bonus, here’s how you do it.

Step #1: Sign Up for Spaceship Voyager

Head over to the Spaceship Voyager Homepage and register for a free account.

Next, select Spaceship Voyager and add your information, including your first and last name and email address. 

Then enter your contact information including your email address and mobile number. Once you’ve successfully completed this page you must read and agree to the various terms and conditions.

Proceed through the next set of registration pages, which includes residential status and the funding process.

Step #2: Choosing a Portfolio

Now that you have successfully completed your sign-up process, you’ll be greeted by the fun part. These are the variety of portfolios Spaceship Voyager offers; This is subject to changes and isn’t an indication of future performance.

Spaceship index portfolio: This portfolio is made up of a low-cost market index fund that contains 200 of Australia’s biggest companies, as well as companies from around the world.

Spaceship Universe Portfolio: The Universe portfolio is personally managed by Spaceship’s professional investment team, this fund invests in the “100 companies of tomorrow”, taking more risks, but yielding higher returns. It features companies from around the world and companies within Australia.

Spaceship Voyager compared

If you’re interested in Spaceship Voyager, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of other investment apps within Australia such as Raiz invest. You may ask how Spaceship Voyager compares to these other investment apps? Here’s a comparison between Spaceship Voyager’s competitors.

Minimum investment amount: Spaceship Voyager requires a minimum investment of only $1, however other apps such as Raiz require $5.

Portfolios: Spaceship offers two investment portfolios, with yearly returns of 50%, while Raiz allows users to invest in six portfolios, with different amounts of risk.

Fee: Spaceship Voyager charges no fee for any balances under the 5k threshold, and minor fees once your account reaches past that point. Raiz’s fees are significantly higher and charge $1.25 a month on accounts that hold less than 5k and 0.275% on accounts over that amount.

Withdrawals: Spaceship Voyager allows users to sell investments at any time and doesn’t charge a withdrawal fee.

Installation: Installing Spaceship Voyager and Raiz and both similar and simple. Both use the same installation of registering through the App Store or Google Play, free of charge, or the option of using the website on Windows or MAC.

What is Spaceship Voyager

Spaceship Voyager is a Sydney based investment app that manages your funds within two managed portfolios. Both of which invest in stocks from within Australia and outside. Spaceship Voyager’s portfolio manages to perform a yearly return of 40% of your money according to last year’s statistics.

This makes spaceship voyager a safe investment for people of all ages within Australia, as you’re usually going to get a high investment return by the end of the year. People may ask how you’re able to invest in so many companies with the tiny starting amount of $5, when you invest in a portfolio with Spaceship Voyager, your money is pooled together with other investors on their platform. The money is then invested into the desired stocks you chose. This means using Spaceship voyager you’re able to invest with fractional shares.

Whereas most investment apps ask you to choose from ETFs or individual stocks, spaceship voyager has taken a new approach, offering two managed funds: The index portfolio or the universe portfolio.

Spaceship Voyager Referral Code

Here’s a working referral code for Spaceship Voyager. It gives you $10 for signing up and depositing $5 into your account. Currently, this referral promo will only last 2 weeks, after this time is up it’ll be reduced to $5. Get it while you still can.

  1. Install on App Store or Google Play or Sign up through their website.
  2. Enter this referral code: S8ZC6A9PTF
  3. Get a free $10 when linking a bank account to the app or website and deposit $5 within 2 weeks.

Why spaceship Voyager? 200 words

The platform is simple and very impressive due to the high-yearly return of your money. Spaceship Voyager has sparked my interest because it’s a trusted safe micro-investing platform within Australia & located in Sydney.

I highly recommend this app as a way to get started investing before joining the stock market. I have had over 14% gains on my funds in the account without doing anything besides leaving the money inside the app. Spaceship Voyager has been very accessible and friendly to its customers with fast support, they’re constantly posting daily articles to educate its users who are new to investing.

Being completely free for accounts with under $5,000 in their account this is the most impressive app on the market.


Spaceship Voyager has an unbeatable fee structure with great stock picks for the two portfolios, which strive to have reasonably good returns.

The overall lack of options can make you feel like you don’t have a solid hold on your finances. In that case, you should try setting up a trading account on a third-party website. This website is fantastic for any new or old investors who want to earn money on their invested funds without having to do the work.

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