Four Types of Regenerative Medicine Treatments are Available

Medical advancements have enabled doctors to treat or manage chronic pain using regenerative therapy. For that reason, severe advancements in technology have made it possible to control or treat pain using various methods that allow your body to heal by using its own tissues or cells. Therefore, if you have been experiencing chronic pain resulting from certain chronic conditions such as serious injuries or degenerative diseases, you can quest for regenerative medicine, which promotes healing, thus alleviating pain. Some of the types of regenerative therapies that can be used include:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

It is a regenerative treatment because plasma and platelets found in your blood can help repair and heal injuries. When making platelet-rich plasma, your care provider usually draws your blood and then processes it to help concentrate it so that you can create a concentration solution containing more plasma and platelets than your regular blood. In most cases, your care provider usually uses a centrifuge to form a platelet-rich plasma solution either injected into an injured joint or tendon or applied when undergoing surgery.

Stem cell treatments

Stem cell treatment involves using unique types of cells to help repair severe injuries. You should note that stem cell therapy can be used to alleviate back pain and stimulate the regrowth of spinal disc tissues. In most cases, the cells used during stem cell therapy are special cells that do not have any functions in your body but can develop into any cell and perform a particular function. Most cells are usually collected from your blood, fat, or bone. They are then centrifuged through a machine that helps separate the cells and separate the healthy and right ones to be used in regenerative medicine. They are then injected into body parts that require some repair, including repairing your spinal discs, where they are injected directly into your damaged discs. In this case, the stem cells usually develop into healthy spinal disc cells, thus repairing the damage or injury.

Cartilage regeneration

In most cases, cartilage regeneration is commonly used by people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. This therapy aims to heal damaged cartilage because it takes quite some time to heal independently. The reason behind the delayed healing is that they lack a constant blood supply. You should note that cartilage regeneration is very effective in people under fifty-five.


It is a therapy commonly used to treat injured connective tissues or joints. In most cases, it is effective in treating whiplash, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. It can be applied on your neck, back, hip, shoulders, knees, and hands. During this treatment, your care provider injects a watery substance containing dextrose and saline solution into the injured region. They also contain a numbing or anesthetizing agent like lidocaine.

You can therefore use various types of regenerative therapies to help alleviate pain by stimulating the healing of the injured part. In most cases, your care provider usually determines which treatment works best for you and injects it to promote healing, thus providing symptomatic relief. You can therefore schedule your appointment at Naples Regenerative Institute today and receive the best regenerative therapy depending on your condition and unique needs. You can also research the uses of each of the above regenerative treatments to help clear some doubts you might be having before treatment.