Four reasons to have Montella Cycling Gear –  Review

If it’s your first time hearing about Montella Cycling gear, you sure are a lucky one. It’s a new company that offers a myriad of cycling gear, and they don’t have a regular brick-and-mortar store, so you can only order them online.

Two best friends who are also cycling enthusiasts, Alex and Luca, are the brain behind Montella Cycling gear. They see the need for affordable cycling gear without sacrificing quality, comfort, and style. Therefore, they apply several breakthrough ideas to ensure their customers get the best cycling gear for all seasons without hurting their pockets.

If that information alone is not enough, here are four reasons why you should have at least one Montella cycling gear in your closet.

Affordable prices, even for custom gears

One thing that put Montella forward is the price tag on their gears. Montella understands the need for affordable cycling gear, and they see the truth behind the retail prices. Therefore, Montella puts their products on perpetual discount.

Even if you choose to order custom or team set pieces, the price will still be affordable compared to other brands. And they can give you similar quality to much more expensive products. 

Various colourful designs

Montella Cycling has no shortage of colour and design. They boast over 500 , modern, and basic retro cycling jerseys. They guarantee that you will like at least one of the designs in Montella Cycling. 

You can combine the gear from Montella with any of the other brands. Yes, Montella is that stylish and versatile. Their products also use Italian ink that ensures the colours last a long time.

Eco-friendly efforts

Montella employs various efforts to stay with its eco-friendly vision. They have a less-waste policy and work with manufacturers that create sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Being green-focused is also why Montella Cycling doesn’t have a retail store. They make the gears only when they have an order. However, they won’t remove any design from their website. So you can order the designs you like anytime you want. 

All-inclusive size

Perhaps the best feature that Montella Cycling has is the size. Unlike other brands that mostly carry regular sizing, Montella understands that the sizes come in a large and even limitless variety.

Hence, Montella carries the sizes from S to 6XL without skipping any size in between. They want all the cycling enthusiasts to be able to do their hobby without worrying about their gear. Moreover, they don’t have to put their comfort and safety aside only to have a good-looking jersey.

Montella Cycling may be new, but they come from cycling enthusiasts who long for affordable quality gear. They understand the difficulties that many cyclists share, and they also see the actual price before the gear hits retail. Therefore, Alex and Luca put a perpetual discount on their products.

The company also offers sizes that many other brands don’t have. Their eco-focused efforts and policy also will land them a high place among people who want to do more for the earth. 

Ellen Hollington

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