for Israeli investors in the USA 

Many Israeli investors are operating in the American real estate scene looking for the ultimate investment and the most profitable returns. The demand for real estate investments in the United States is increasing yearly and appeal to Israeli investors specifically, mainly because they are looking for stable and safe investments that can work for them and yield high profits in return for low entry capital. Another reason – and fairly important one – is the low profits yielded by the real estate market in Israel, and the challenges the Israeli tax authorities and its bureaucracy pose on investors. The unlimited possibilities found in the United States are really not a cliché. The States’ enormous heterogeneous population is constantly supplying demands for new and improved residential units such as single-family homes, apartments and multy-family complexes, and the low real estate prices as well as the friendly bureaucracy and the supportive taxation system attract the attention of the Israeli investors and give them opportunities to improve their potential for profit constantly. However despite the fact that there are many opportunities for great investments in the States, there are specific states that offer better profits. Planning to invest in American real estate and looking for leads on high-quality real estate? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why should you invest in American real estate? 

Real estate assets are the most sought-after investments for professional Israeli investors such as even in times of financial turmoil and instability. Out of all assets real estate assets are viable, tangible and always stay in demand. The most basic needs of every human being is residence and nourishment. Everything else is minor in significance and that is exactly why the demand for housing and residential units will never subside. This basic human need is the thing that keeps the real estate market growing, expanding and prospering and what enables the market to stabilize after difficult times of economic crisis or stagnation.

As the population continues to grow, so does its need for high-quality residential properties. And as this need grows, the value of these properties increases. Even global crises, as severe as they may be, can never truly collapse real estate prices due to the constant need for residences opportunities. Experienced real estate investors understand that any instability is only temporary and always ends in renewed stability and prosperity. In certain areas where financially strong population resides, real estate values will inevitably rise after crisis and will continue to rise as long as the properties remain valuable. Improving properties increases their value and allows investors to increase their annual returns and to control their investments.

Find your desirable real estate

The two most sought-after real estate properties are residential properties and commercial properties. The demand for both types of properties yields vast opportunities for investment in popular locations, and if you invest wisely, you can find excellent profitable deals even in times of financial crisis. Residential properties has a strong market that always renews itself both in faltering areas and in strong developing areas. High-quality properties will usually be found in sought-after developed locations in the center of big and major cities. Their prices will usually be much higher than the prices of properties in peripheral areas. The annual rates of returns on residential properties in the States can reach nine percent or more – far more than the returns on properties in Israel, which is why Israeli investors seek real estate investments opportunities in high-demand locations in the States.

Commercial properties also has a strong and stable market that prosper in times of economic growth and in times of financial challenges. Commercial properties that has high in demand, are offices, stores, shopping centers, industrial areas, hotels and nursing homes. Their annual returns are usually much higher than the returns yielded by private residential properties, and can range from seven to nine percent. One of the benefits of commercial properties is the long duration lease between the owners and the businesses that operates in the property. For the investors this means stability, security and a steady income for long periods of time. In order to invest successfully in commercial properties investors must ensure the success of the business operating in the property and inspect all aspects of its activities before closing the deal. The more successful the business operating in the property, the more successful the investment will be and the more profitable.

Looking for real estate opportunities in the Unites States? Find your desirable property and start investing and wait for great returns.