Foilayage, the evolution of Balayage that triumphs this season

To look a splendid long hair is the task of all, and with so many options, techniques, and professionals in the world of beauty, it is possible to achieve it and with great results that will give life back to your hair and security to your life.It is no lie that colorists are constantly looking to perfect bleaching techniques that help achieve natural finishes, giving way to new trends that enhance the natural beauty of all hair.Thanks to this evolution, all those people who wanted to achieve a more elegant, subtle, and natural look in their hair were pleased with the arrival of balayage, a technique that became a phenomenon thanks to its high-level result achieved freehand by colorists, leaving aside the traditional highlights that are far from giving a natural finish.As a result, it became even more popular to use this style during the first one, to get the effect of a bath of sun rays on the hair in any space they were in. However, sometime later, this same technique was the protagonist in other more striking styles with all kinds of colors, from red to blue, even green.However, the Balayage technique has inspired to development of new procedures to improve the results, such as Foilayage, the new trend for which everyone is looking for their colorist.

What is Foilayage?

Foilayage is just one of the many hair decoration techniques that exist. It uses the typical procedure that is applied for Balayage, but with the difference that Foilayage includes aluminum foil to achieve strands with greater intensity of illumination.In general, these two techniques are quite similar and give great results as long as they are applied in the right way. This method, which is a mixture, still maintains the essence of the natural, incorporating the natural hair color with any other shade that gives shine or one that makes you stand out.Its application maintains the use of brushes and freehand brushes by colorists to achieve that characteristic fusion through the Balayage technique with strong points of light and intensity due to the power of the aluminum foil that helps to achieve a more intense discoloration.If you are looking for a fresh new look, this technique will be ideal for you.

Application of Foilayage

The Foilayage technique is based on the same base from which to start in order to achieve perfect locks. However, each stylist can integrate their own style and tools to meet the client’s needs or enhance what they consider necessary, taking into account this, the common steps to apply the technique are as follows.

Wash the hair before starting

To start with Foilayage, the hair needs to be prepared for the products to take effect. To do this, the hair should be washed thoroughly and then dried completely to avoid water residues that may prevent the bleach from penetrating the hair.

Section the hair in parts

Foilayage is a natural and light effect, it is not applied on the whole hair but on strategic points that facilitate the perception of the hair, considering some factors such as light, the features of the person, and even the amount of hair.Based on this, the hair is sectioned into parts of a certain thickness where the color artist applies the bleach already prepared without reaching the root of the hair. This step can be done with gloved hands, with the help of a brush, or with brushes, the application depends on the mastery of the materials and the comfort that the colorist has with them.It should be noted that up to this point, it is the same process to apply a Balayage.

Use of aluminum foil

At this point, we enter fully into what would change the well-known technique of Balayage to give way to Foilayage, the main difference by which you can recognize which technique is being applied.So, with the locks already with the mixture applied, it remains to wrap certain parts of these with aluminum foil to produce extra heat with which you can play with the contrasts of colors and brightness.The enhancement that is achieved by causing this reaction, is used only as a complement to improve certain areas that require specific touches of light, its main objective is to capture the strong point of the client and put emphasis on it, to exploit the beauty it possesses and thus avoid that this is disadvantaged by a tone.Finally, if you think you have found in these techniques the answer to your search to do something new with your hair, it is important that any of the two are performed by a professional in the area who has the experience and also relies on quality materials to beautify your hair and face without causing irreparable damage.