Florida’s New Immigration Laws and the Role of Attorneys

Navigating the Looming Immigration Wave

Jeffrey Devore, a seasoned immigration lawyer with over three decades of experience, predicts an unprecedented influx of immigrants, particularly to Florida, once Title 42 ends. “Many will travel to places in Florida where they feel safe and have family,” says Devore. In these challenging times, consultation with Attorneys is more crucial than ever for navigating the complexities of the new immigration landscape.

Employers and the E-Verify Requirement

In the wake of legislation signed by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, employers have started to express concerns over the new E-Verify requirements for those with 25 or more employees. Devore has already started receiving calls from employers worrying about potential fines amounting to $1,000 per day. To avoid these pitfalls, employers are advised to consider hiring international employees through proper channels.

Undocumented Individuals and Health Care Concerns

New legislation doesn’t only affect employers. Many undocumented individuals are concerned that seeking medical attention might get them reported to authorities. Devore adds, “Because of the new law, people are fearful of going to the hospital.” For individuals facing these issues, consultation with Florida Immigration Attorneys can provide indispensable legal guidance.

Preparing for Changes: The Law Office’s Perspective

Devore’s practice is diligently preparing for the end of Title 42 by working around the clock and considering reinforcements. “Finding the right people who can communicate effectively with our clients is essential,” says Devore. In Palm Beach County, the most spoken languages among his clients are Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole. Local Boca Raton Immigration Attorneys can be invaluable resources in times like these.


The role of Attorneys in interpreting and navigating new immigration laws is indispensable. They serve as a lifeline for both employers and immigrants, guiding them through the labyrinth of legislative changes and ensuring that their rights are protected. For anyone impacted by these new laws in Florida, seeking advice from Boca Raton, Florida Immigration Attorneys can be a wise first step.