Five Reasons to Choose Synthetic Motor Oil For Your Car

Every car owner should know that motor oil should be routinely changed. 

This is particularly true if they drive pre-owned vehicles, in which case they would need to change the motor oil frequently. For motorists that recognize the advantage of frequent oil changes, however, it is important to note the kind of oil you are using. That said, your vehicle may benefit a lot by switching from traditional oil to synthetic motor oil

Below are just some of the good reasons you should consider switching from traditional oil to synthetic oil. In this way, you can weigh your options better and make a more educated decision. 


Understanding the benefits of using synthetic oil requires knowing what it is. Like conventional oil, synthetic oil comes from crude oil in the ground, which is then extracted and refined. However, the biggest difference between synthetic oil and crude oil is that the former is distilled, purified, and finally broken into the most basic molecules. 

Essentially, synthetic oil is refined further and provides a protective coating on engine parts while reducing heat and removing impurities. Apart from that, below are some of its benefits: 

1.) Better Quality 

With the extra steps in the refining process, full synthetic oil is of superior quality compared to conventional oil. In addition, the distilling and purification process absent in the manufacturing of convention oil serves to remove contaminants and foreign materials in the oil. 

Furthermore, the refining process for synthetic oil makes the molecules consistent in size, which results in more consistent coating properties inside an engine. 

2.) Durability 

Synthetic oil is designed and manufactured to protect the various parts of your engine better. As a result, your engine will last longer. Moreover, synthetic oil also lasts longer than conventional oil, insomuch that intervals for the change of synthetic oil are longer. Of course, how far you go depends on the make and model of your car. Sure, synthetic oil may cost more, but you can drive your vehicle further before you would need to change it, which cancels out the extra expense. 

3.) Improved Performance 

High-performance cars require synthetic oil for a reason, and that is because individual molecules in synthetic oil can be tailored to suit the needs of your car’s engine. As a result, you can have consistent and uniform coverage. Also, it is worth noting that synthetic motor oil affects engine performance, especially if you are demanding a lot from your vehicle. Synthetic oil ensures that the various engine components of your car are covered and adequately lubricated. 

4.) Fuel Efficiency 

Cars run better with synthetic oil. As a result, your vehicle has improved efficiency, which can potentially mean a big boost in fuel economy. In addition, an engine that receives improved lubrication from synthetic oil runs with less resistance. This means that your vehicle does not need to work twice as hard just to go the same distance. Less work means less fuel burnt, allowing you to drive without stopping at gas stations as often. 

5.) Lower Emissions 

A good majority of people are concerned about the emissions coming out of their vehicle’s tailpipe and what it may mean for the environment. One way to address this is to choose synthetic oil. As motor oil has fewer impurities, car engines have fewer emissions. Synthetic oil also boosts efficiency, thereby reducing emissions. All that said, synthetic oil can be helpful to the environment and help all of us breathe a little easier. 

Ellen Hollington

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