Finding Work With a Disability – It’s Far From Impossible

If you have a disability or know someone who does, it could be an easy trap to fall into, thinking that it’s going to be virtually impossible to find a job and keep a job. While there are certainly many added challenges facing people with disabilities when it comes to gaining entry into the workforce, it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s likely more possible than what most people realise.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of the majority of people not knowing the facts, what support services are offered to people with disabilities, and the numerous employment options available out there.

In this article, we’ll take a look at support for people with disabilities looking for employment, as well as some potential job prospects to think about.

What Support is Available For Job Seekers With Disabilities?

One of the fastest ways to get an overview of the kind of support available for disabled job seekers is to search online and view the various government and private websites that come up in the results. You might be surprised to discover just how many entities there are out there, many of them government-funded, providing support for people with disabilities and assisting them with finding (and keeping) a job.

For example, the Federal Government runs a service called “Disability Employment Services”, or DES for short. DES offers a broad spectrum of support for disabled job seekers. The service is not only designed to help people with disabilities find work, but also to ensure they remain employed for the long-term. Along with help getting a job, you can also learn new skills that will aid you enormously in your job hunt. This is one of the best services available for assisting people with disabilities find a job.

There is another government initiative that involves compensating employers financially with a wage subsidy scheme. How this works is that when an employer hires a person with a disability and keeps them employed for a length of time, the government subsidises a portion of the employee’s wages. This scheme creates an added financial incentive for employers to give people with disabilities a go. It also helps to alleviate risk on the part of the employer.

There is another government scheme called “NDIS”, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This program not only assists the person with the disability, but also offers assistance to family members and carers as well. If you have a severe or permanent disability, the scheme offers a lifetime approach and not just a “quick fix”.

The employment services arm of NDIS gets individuals “job-ready”, by arming you with the necessary skills and confidence to take on a job role. Even when you do find a job, the support doesn’t stop there. NDIS and its representatives will help you remain employed, by tackling any issues you may be facing during your employment, and by helping employers accommodate a disabled worker in their business.

If you’re out of work and currently receiving a government Centrelink benefit, you may be eligible for assistance from companies known as Jobactive providers. These businesses receive assistance from the government to help eligible unemployed people – including those with disabilities – find jobs. They can grant you access to the government-funded schemes and programs mentioned above and others that haven’t been mentioned in this article.

Job Possibilities For People With Disabilities

What type of work you’re capable of doing will largely depend on the type of disability you have and how debilitating it is. Many people with disabilities opt for office environments to find employment. Careers such as accounting, writing, online marketing, call centre jobs, market research and so on have proven to be popular choices.

You could even consider starting your own home-based business, negating the need to even have to travel to the workplace.

There are many job opportunities in reality for disabled people. It just takes some thought and research. Some employers even make it a point to hire people with disabilities. You can research those as well.

The Takeaway

Never assume that finding a job with a disability is an impossible task. With the right support network behind you, anything is possible.


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