FFXIV Patch 6.4 Uncharted Course: Island Sanctuary Landmark Guide

In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4, an exciting addition to the Island Sanctuary was introduced that many players might have missed – the Uncharted Course. This hidden landmark allows players to unlock a new sanctuary area filled with unique features and activities. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining the Uncharted Course construction permit and exploring this exciting new addition to your Island Sanctuary.

Acquiring the Uncharted Course Construction Permit

To access the Uncharted Course, you’ll first need to obtain the Uncharted Course Construction Permit. This permit serves as written permission for constructing the sanctuary landmark. To get this permit, you’ll need to gather three specific materials, each of which requires expert-level crafting:

  • Uncharted Course Lumber
  • Uncharted Course Hardware
  • Uncharted Course Resin

These materials can be obtained in several ways:

  • Fishing: Some materials can be acquired through fishing in specific locations.
  • Timed Nodes: Other materials can be gathered from timed gathering nodes across your Island Sanctuary.
  • Market Board: If you’re not into crafting or gathering, you can often purchase these materials on the Market Board from other players who have crafted them.

Once you have collected two of each of these materials (Uncharted Course Lumber, Hardware, and Resin), you’re ready to proceed.

Exchange Materials for the Permit

Head to your cosy cabin in the Island Sanctuary and locate the Horrendous Hoarder. This NPC can be found within your cabin and is responsible for handling permits. Talk to the Horrendous Hoarder and select the “Exchange Items for Permits” option.

Here, you will be able to exchange your gathered materials for the Uncharted Course Construction Permit. Remember that this permit is not tradable on the Market Board, so it’s something you’ll need to craft yourself or obtain the materials for.

Adding the Uncharted Course to Your Landmarks

After obtaining the Uncharted Course Construction Permit, you can add the Uncharted Course to your list of sanctuary landmarks. Right-click on the permit or use the appropriate subcommand on your platform (e.g., the square button on PlayStation) to permanently add it to your landmarks.

Remodeling Your Landmarks

Now that you have the Uncharted Course on your landmark list, it’s time to decide which existing landmark you’d like to replace with it. Head to your Island Sanctuary and locate the landmark you want to remodel.

Select the “Reconstruct Landmark” option for the chosen landmark. Be aware that remodelling landmarks will consume some island resources, including cave shrimp, island vine, island cotton boll, island iron ore, and palm logs. Collecting these resources is relatively straightforward and will be easy.

Enjoying the Uncharted Course

Once you’ve remodelled your chosen landmark into the Uncharted Course, it’s time to explore this new addition to your Island Sanctuary. The Uncharted Course resembles a shipwreck, with a mast, nets, and even a dirigible. The attention to detail in its design is impressive.

You can climb the mast and even navigate a mini jumping puzzle with ropes and pegs. Take some time to explore the area, as there may be hidden surprises or activities waiting for you.

While the Uncharted Course may not be as iconic as some other Island Sanctuary landmarks, it adds a unique touch to your island, and its aesthetic and functionality may appeal to your personal preferences.


The Uncharted Course is a hidden gem in Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.4, offering players the opportunity to expand their Island Sanctuary with a distinctive landmark. Gathering the necessary materials and obtaining the construction permit may require some effort, but the end result is a fascinating addition to your island that’s worth exploring. So, whether you’re a jumping puzzle enthusiast or simply looking for something new in your sanctuary, give the Uncharted Course a try and enjoy all it has to offer.


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