Fenrir Dog Training Review

Everyone talks about how wonderful it is to get a new dog as an addition to your family. But, what they don’t mention is how much effort it takes to deal with their natural behavior. For example, some dogs are naturally aggressive and stubborn, which you have to handle as their owner.

Dog training can help get rid of behavioral issues like these and help you bond with your pup at the same time. So, let’s not beat around the bush and just cut to the chase.

If you’re reading this, we both know it’s because you’re interested in Fenrir Dog Training. After reading up on what others have had to say about this program and doing some of our research, we’ve prepared this Fenrir Dog Training Review to help you decide whether it’s worth your money or not.

An Introduction To The Author

The author of Fenrir Dog Training is none other than Will Atherton. He’s the CEO and founder of the program. Will Atherton is a specialist in canine behavior, being especially good at rehabilitating extreme behavior.

If you’ve been scouring the internet for dog training tips, there’s a chance you might’ve heard of him. One of his YouTube channels, Fenrir Canine Show, is sitting on 185K subs as this is being written. The other channel, Will Atherton Canine Training, has a very impressive 247K subscribers.

As a trainer, his goal is simple; to help dog trainers develop a better idea of raising their dogs into the ideal pet by providing the best courses and services for them to learn through. But, does Will Atherton achieve that goal through Fenrir Dog Training? That’s what we’ll be focusing on in this review.

(Jason Corey and Rachel Atherton are partial authors of the program, working together with William Atherton.)

Fenrir Dog Training Course: What Does It Offer?

Like any dog training course, this one offers tips on becoming a better pet parent, which is the first step in making your pet better. Fenrir Dog Training’s website features 6 main courses. Here’s a brief on what these are and what you can expect to learn from them:

1.    Principles Of Perfect Puppy Training

The first course on the site is entirely free. It’s a helpful introduction to proper dog training and teaches learners how they can perfectly shape their dog’s behavior. We highly recommend that you check out this free class.

The details discussed in it are helpful, it’s not too long, and it doesn’t cost a penny! You’ve got pretty much nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain, so go to their website and give it a go. That’ll help you develop a personal opinion on how good their program is.

2.    Fenrir Perfect Puppy Course Review

This course is suitable for every dog, as it covers the beneficial and essential information that every trainer should have.

It talks about the psychology of dogs while showcasing the most important modern training methods. All of this is covered step-by-step in an easy-to-follow guide that even beginners shouldn’t have problems learning through.

Now here’s the catch. The course comes with a price tag of $99. So yeah, that isn’t cheap.

Still, the course is beneficial, and we recommend looking at it if you’ve got money to spare. In addition, all the information discussed in this will help you in the long run, as you’ll be using it until the end.

3.    Canine Boot Camp

This next lesson focuses on three essential tips and promises to help learners with the following things:

  • Restructuring your relationship with your dog (in a good way).
  • Fixing the problematic/stubborn behavior of your dog.
  • Teaching you to become a high-level canine leader.

This is covered in a few videos that cover all the necessary details for achieving the above-mentioned tasks. Like the last option, this one also costs $99, so make of that what you will.

4.    Raw Food Masterclass

This fourth course features tips for anyone that wants to get their dog to transition from their regular diet to a raw meat one. It covers everything necessary for this topic, such as managing specific changes during the transition and what to feed throughout the whole thing.

There’s not much more to say about it. That’s the whole point of this course, and it can be helpful for anyone that wants to get their dog to start eating raw foods from now on. For anyone else? Not so much. It costs $99 as well.

5.    Ultimate Bullmastiff Owners Guide

This is where things start getting more interesting. The lesson we’re currently discussing is a perfect summary of everything a Bullmastiff owner needs to know to raise their dog as best as possible.

From their development cycle to their grooming, plus even details like socialization and exercise, the tips discussed in it are exceptional for all Bullmastiff owners. It even includes all the courses we’ve mentioned above, a bonus.

Of course, all this extra stuff does mean there’s a hefty price to pay. But, it’s still a pretty good deal given how much each of the courses above costs individually. That said, the total price is $250. Is it relatively better? Yes. Is it good compared to similar other programs? Not at all. The price is seriously high for a program like this.

6.    Ultimate Cane Corso Owners Guide

To put it simply, this guide is exactly like the previous one. The only difference? This one is targeted towards Cane Corso owners instead of Bullmastiff owners.

It costs the same and features all the exact details. There’s just a difference in details to match the behavior of the Cane Corso breed.

Fenrir Dog Training’s Price And Refund Policy

You’re already familiar with the prices if you’ve read everything so far. But, to clear it up, how much you have to spend depends on how much you want. The 3 main courses (excluding the free one) will cost you $99 each. This is discounted to $250 when you buy the ultimate guides.

These feature additional information along with the 3 main courses and come at a lower price. It’s a bit of a rip-off in this regard. The price is noticeably high compared to most other similar programs, no matter how you take it.

If there’s a specific course that you think will really help you, consider giving it a try. But otherwise, it’s not worth the high price. There are better alternatives that come at a much lower price, so consider looking at other options before deciding on this.

One good thing is that there’s a flexible refund policy. Anyone can get their money back within 365 days of purchasing a course if they aren’t satisfied with the results. Many people have mentioned that they had no problems getting a refund once they asked for it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fenrir Dog Training


  • The course is broken down into step-by-step video instructions and guides. You can learn through these at your own pace without any pressure, which is excellent for any beginner. Everything is self-paced and easy to understand.
  • It’s not a subscription. Fenrir Dog Training is a one-time purchase only. This means you get lifetime access to every course you purchase and can use them at any time across all linked devices.
  • The flexible money-back guarantee shouldn’t give you any problems if you aren’t satisfied with the course. Anyone should easily be able to get a refund from Fenrir if they don’t like what they bought.


  • The price is the biggest con, which we’ve already discussed. Even in the Ultimate bundles, the price is very high compared to similar training courses.
  • Speaking of other programs, Fenrir Dog Training is undoubtedly helpful, but not as much as you’d expect. There’s a noticeable lack of certain things in these courses, which you’d usually find in other ones. This is very problematic considering the price.
  • While the introductory courses are pretty simple and helpful, some of the more advanced lessons in this program are overwhelming. They might not do your dog or you any good, as they can be hard to understand.

A Better and Cheaper Alternative: Brain Training For Dogs

We aren’t big fans of what Fenrir Dog Training offers, given the price and other factors. It’s a bit underwhelming in some regards and overwhelming in others. Generally speaking, it’s a nice program, but you can do much better.

A course we managed to learn more about during our research was Brain Training For Dogs (BT4D). One of the biggest concerns we have with Fenrir Dog Training is just how little it has for the price and the price itself. With that kept in mind, here’s everything that Brain Training For Dogs can offer:

  • A manual that gets you well acquainted with the program.
  • An Ebook related to the course that you can use for behavior training specifically.
  • The option to ask the author of this program (Adrienne) anything you might want to, as long as it’s related to the course and its topics.
  • Adrienne has also included lots of behavior and trick training tips in the program. Behavior training can help your dog get rid of bad habits like whining, jumping, digging, barking, and chewing. On the other hand, trick training is more fun and explores neat things like teaching your dog how to cover his eyes, roll over, play dead, etc.
  • Buyers get exclusive access to certain areas of the program’s sight, where they can enjoy unique features and discuss things with other members.
  • Case Studies: This is a little bonus included in this program, where the author talks about her own experience with her dogs. She discussed techniques and little tricks that helped her raise them into perfect pups, which might also help you learn something helpful.
  • 21 short but informative videos touch on the exercises in this course and teach you how to learn through them.
  • Lastly, you’ll get to go through several helpful lessons. Each of these explores a new topic and will help you become the best trainer for your dog and raise the little guy into the perfect pet.

Now, how much do you get this stuff for? ONLY $47!

That’s an absolute steal, especially when you compare it to everything Fenrir Dog Training offers. However, it’s a great deal, and the program was surprisingly effective and helpful for the price. It’s perfect for beginners and can teach even more experienced trainers a few things.

Brain Training For Dogs vs Fenrir Dog Training

The biggest difference between these programs is the price, literally and figuratively. The jump in price from one to the other is as clear as night and day. Brain Training For Dogs offers more content despite costing less than a quarter of Fenrir Dog Training’s price tag.

Another noticeable thing is that Fenrir’s author, William Atherton, isn’t a certified trainer. He’s a clear expert and experienced when dealing with dogs but not certified. William Atherton is a specialist and a balanced trainer, so consider that before choosing Fenrir.

Something important to note is that balanced trainers tend to use dominance-based training. This is undoubtedly an effective way of molding your dog into the perfect pet. But, it’s an unethical one which we’re seriously against.

Dominance-based training can be pretty cruel at times. However, dogs love us, and we must treat them with love in return. That means using positive reinforcement and treating them with respect rather than asserting dominance over the poor little guys.

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That’s another reason why we recommend BT4D instead, as it focuses on friendlier training methods. Either way, Fenrir Dog Training isn’t the wisest choice since it’s not the most helpful because of the lack of content.

Plus, the dominance-focused training tips might harm your dog’s growth and your relationship with your furry friend.

Vital Things To Consider Before Purchasing Online Dog Training Courses

Buying an online dog training program is exactly like buying a pair of clothes… kind of. So the concept is pretty much the same, at least.

You have to make sure that the reviews are good and legitimate. Nothing fake or paid. On top of that, you have to make sure that this product can give you more benefits and features than other ones can. This is especially the case if you’re buying a pretty expensive course.

Research to see what’s included in the program, and make sure that you consult other people on social media about their experiences with the program. These are all little things to keep in mind. Once you do them, you’ll surely be able to find the best training program for your pup and yourself.

On a final, big note, keep your dog’s needs in mind. Make sure that the program is something that ensures the little guy’s growth positively. Choose something supportive and helpful, not something aggressive just for quick results.


Hopefully, everything we’ve said about Fenrir Dog Training can help you decide what’s best for yourself and your dog. This program is undoubtedly good at what it offers, but that isn’t saying much.

We recommend Brain Training for Dogs instead, as it’s much more positive and just as effective. It’s also a lot more affordable and has a flexible refund policy.

In the end, this decision is up to you. We hope you can make the right one keeping everything we’ve discussed in mind!

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