Fashion Wholesalers: What is a Wholesale Distributor?

If you run a fashion business, whether physical or online — or both, you want to consider using the services of a fashion wholesaler for your inventory. Wholesale distribution helps fashion retailers find a bulk of great items to sell to their customers.

But what is a wholesale distributor? Why do you need one and how do you go about finding one for your retail business?

If you’re looking to find great inventory for your fashion business, we’ve prepared this guide to help you out.

What is a Wholesale Distributor and Why You Need One

The first step is to set aside a budget for wholesalers. Most wholesalers will require a minimum order, so you want to make sure you set aside funds to get your hands on the best inventory possible.

You want to do research on what products you think your customers will prefer. For example, many fashion retailers will benefit from stocking up on wholesale fashion jewelry.

Here’s what else to know about wholesale distribution:

They Are Reliable

Many small fashion outlets depend on individual sellers to buy products. They might also rely directly on manufacturers and brands. But these aren’t always reliable. Their processes regarding shipping might be slow. Worse, they can also run low on stock at any time.

A fashion wholesaler makes it their duty to have an abundance of stock. They also ensure that they have as much stock as possible. Even if you order an abundance of an item, they probably have more bundles of that item in their warehouse. 

As a result, they are the most reliable avenue of getting your goods for your fashion store.

Best Products

You want to make sure you have the best products that your customers will love. A fashion wholesaler meticulously researches popular products.

You know that you are likely to get products that have a higher chance of selling if you get your stock from a fashion wholesaler. 

You might also have access to great products that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Often, brands don’t offer their products to retailers a la carte — they prefer that you go straight to their preferred fashion wholesaler. 

If you have noticed that your sales are stagnating, the answer lies in improving your inventory. You can guarantee that you’ll have a better inventory when you rely on a fashion wholesaler.

Wider Selection

You also have a wider selection of products when you order from a fashion wholesaler. For example, you can have access to products that are sourced from different regions including different countries.

If you are based in the United States and want to sell Indian clothing, because you feel the US market is becoming partial toward Indian clothing, you can find a fashion wholesaler to supply you with clothing from India.

If you want to reach a wider customer base that has a diverse range of tastes, you can depend on a fashion wholesaler.

They will offer fashion products from different regions, cultures, styles, and for a variety of occasions. You will see that when you offer a wider selection of products, your customers will be more willing to spend on your store.

Great Pricing

You want to make sure you buy your inventory at great pricing. You want to make sure you can markup your products and earn a great profit. But many fashion retailers get their inventory at a high price.

If they have a high markup, they fail to make sales. If they have a low markup, their profits are insignificant.

Fashion wholesalers will provide you with the best deals for selling products. They are likely to lower the price per product as you increase the quantity of what you wish to order.

If you are a regular buyer, you can strike up a relationship with the fashion wholesaler to receive further discounts and promotions.

You can ensure that you will receive products at a low price. You now have a greater chance of selling products and earning more generous profits.

Great Quality

No matter how well you research your products, you can never be sure of their quality or how they will be received by your customers. While much of your experience will consist of trial and error, a fashion wholesaler will make things easier for you.

With fashion wholesalers you will have the opportunity to see how their products are faring. You can see which are the most popular products. You can estimate that their most popular products are the ones that are selling most in retail stores.

This gives you a better chance of choosing your products wisely. You are less stressed about not having any luck in selling products.


If you want to consider the dropshipping model, you will find that a fashion wholesaler can help you. This involves you working as the liaison between the customer and the product.

You can contact the wholesaler on what products to ship a customer. The fashion wholesaler will be responsible for shipping and you are the middleman. This is one of the easiest forms of online retail.

Dropshipping has helped many online retailers and fashion wholesalers are here to help you with this innovative business model.


Many fashion wholesalers will allow retailers to receive samples of their stock. This way, you can test out the quality of the product. You can also start with selling a small amount before you decide to commit to a larger bulk of products.

Customer Service

You will also find that fashion wholesalers have stellar customer service. They will have staff who understand their inventory and can advise you on what to buy.

They are not obsessed with selling you anything. They want to make sure you are satisfied with your order. They almost serve as mentors for aspiring retail businesses.

Start Selling

Now that you know the answer to, “What is a wholesale distributor?”, and why you should consider one, you are ready to find the best fashion wholesalers for your business. Make sure to share this guide with other entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

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