Facts About Eyelash Extensions You Need to Know


Cosmetic enhancements to the eyes have been used by women for roughly 6 years. False eyelashes were invented in 1916, and the use of mascara became popular throughout the Victorian Era. Eyelash extension is a relatively new method for improving the appearance of a woman’s eyelashes.

What Sets Eyelash Extensions Apart From False Lashes?

False eyelashes are made to seem exactly like real ones, down to the little hairs at the base. False eyelashes are a temporary way to improve the appearance of your natural lashes, and they are simple to remove.

Eyelash extensions are made up of a succession of synthetic eyelashes that are adhered to natural lashes and last for around four weeks before needing to be touched up.

Eyelash extensions: how extensive?

Because of their lightweight, eyelash extensions rarely cause fatigue in the eyelid.

Elements That Makeup Lash Accessories?

Natural human hair, silk, synthetic fiber, or even mink hair can all be used to create lash accessories. Eyelash extensions made from synthetic materials or even mink hair are the most popular options.

An eyelash extension is applied in what way?

A skilled beautician will carefully analyze your eyelashes to identify the ones that would most likely serve as a solid foundation for the extension. A special glue is used to attach each individual eyelash extension to an eyelash hair that already exists. A natural-looking eyelash will require between 50 and 100 extensions per eyelid.

How often must eyelash extensions be renewed?

Extensions for your eyelashes will endure as long as the individual hairs to which they are affixed are still present in your eyelid. For around 40 days, natural eyelashes persist in their normal state. Eyelash extensions won’t stay forever because they are attached to individual hairs in your natural eyelashes. Experts in the field of beauty advise getting a touch-up every three to four days. For more information, see also how to get natural looking eyelash extensions

Would It Be Safe To Use Mascara If You Have Eyelash Extensions?

In most cases, you won’t need to use mascara because your false eyelashes will already be longer and look to have a fuller appearance than your natural eyelashes do. If mascara is used, it should not be oil-based because this can interfere with the glue that is used to connect the extension to the normal eyelash. If oil-based mascara is used, it should be avoided.

Can eyelash extensions harm my eyes or even my natural eyelashes?

There won’t be any negative consequences unless the person has an extreme sensitivity to the fiber that is used to manufacture the eyelash extensions or even the glue that is used to connect them to the eyelash. Other than that, there won’t be any problems.

In cases where there is a known allergy to certain fibers or even chemicals, this should be mentioned before any eyelash extensions are placed on. Eyelash extensions are a relatively new beauty trend.


Eyelash extensions consist of a series of artificial eyelashes that are glued to a person’s natural lashes in a staggered fashion. The year 1916 saw the introduction of false eyelashes, and during the Victorian era, the application of mascara was extremely common. To achieve an appearance that is more natural, it is recommended to use between 50 and 100 eyelash extensions per eyelid. Your eyelash extensions will remain in place for as long as the individual hairs on your eyelid to which they are connected remain in place. This is because extensions are attached to individual hairs. Eyelashes that are naturally grown remain in their typical condition for about 40 days. It is recommended by professionals that you get a touch-up every three to four days.