Expert Advice for Hiring and Firing Employees

Arguably, the hardest part about being a business owner is hiring and firing employees.

As Tesla’s CEO once said:

 “The goal of the hiring process is to find people who will work hard and deliver results.”

However, as any manager will attest to, this is quite hard to do, especially in an era where there are thousands of applicants to choose from.

On top of this, firing employees is even more difficult, as there are now tons of legal and reputational problems that you must consider at the same time.

Essentially, hiring and firing employees can be stressful: but it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Instead, all you have to do is follow the expert advice in this blog. It details exactly what you need to do, all the way from the initial hiring process to the moment you decide to fire an employee.

Eager to learn more? Read on!

Be prepared for unemployment claims

When you decide to terminate an employee’s contract, the scariest part about doing this is the prospect of them filing an unemployment claim. If they are successful with their claim, it can potentially cost you thousands of dollars. In the current business climate, where money is tight and many companies are struggling, this is money you simply cannot afford to lose.

Therefore, you need to be prepared. The best way to prepare is by using automated software specifically designed for unemployment claims. This software will ensure that you:

  • Make fewer errors
  • Aren’t reliant on your administrative staff
  • Have the best resources possible to defend yourself and successfully beat your employee’s claim

To get your unemployment software, find out more here.

Consider remote employees

Exciting changes are taking place in the working world. Now, thanks to modern technology, business managers can now hire remote employees; from people who live in different cities to even different countries.

This is great – especially if you’re someone who wants access to a greater pool of talent that might not be available to you locally or domestically. Also, due to video communications platforms like Zoom, you can communicate with your remote employees as if they were with you in person.

If you hire remote employees, you’ll also save tons of money on office space and equipment, which should be music to your ears! In fact, if you turn your business fully remote, you won’t need to have physical premises at all. It’s something worth considering if you’re searching for ways to save money.

Work with a hiring agency

Sometimes, it’s impossible for business managers to find the time to read through job applications and interview employees. After all, there are tons of other business tasks that need completing!

This is why it’s a smart idea to work with a hiring agency that will do all the hard work for you, from posting vacancies to filtering applicants. In the long run, this will save you so much time. Sure, you’ll have to pay the hiring agency a fee, but it’s a small price to pay in comparison to the benefits you receive.

Be clear in your vacancy descriptions

From the salary to expected working hours, it’s essential that you be clear and honest in your job vacancy descriptions. This way, you won’t risk confusing potential applicants, as it will immediately break their trust if you don’t pay them the salary that you initially stated you would.

Additionally, the details surrounding individual roles should also be clear and obvious. This way, you will attract employees who are specifically suited to the role.

Remember, always avoid vague job descriptions – they’re a recipe for disaster!

Don’t rush into firing an employee

Don’t rush into firing anybody. You should always give them a chance to improve, especially if they are new hires or beginners in the industry. Remember, once somebody starts to pick up on their experience levels, they will usually start to improve.

However, if you don’t start to see any form of improvement after a few weeks and months, then it might be time to inform an employee that they are being released.

Hold a meeting if you have made the decision to fire

If you have officially decided to fire an employee, it’s important that you do so in an eloquent and professional manner. The best way to go about doing this is by holding a meeting with them. During this meeting, you should thank your employee for their service and then provide them with facts and figures as to why they are being released.

This will be challenging, especially if you have never fired an employee before, so make sure to remain calm.