Everything You Should Know About Fake IDs

The idea of ​​false identification as harmless that most teens and young students do is wrong. Obtaining, manufacturing, or distributing fake identity cards has real consequences. Using a fake ID is illegal, but if that’s not a good enough reason to avoid this type of purchase, here’s another: It’s also likely to lead to identity theft, which could affect teens’ financial futures for years to come. 


Why Do People Sell Fake ID?


People sell fake IDs as a cover to trick victims into transmitting confidential data. Dozens of cases of identity theft have occurred after teens tried to buy fake IDs online. Even if teens apply for a fake identity which includes another date of birth, a wealth of personal information is still available, including names, emails, and driver’s license number, as well as a good photo. Then, they send a credit card number and often a phone number, and an email address.


The message is simple: It’s just not worth it, for the immediate consequences of being caught with a false ID or putting your financial future at risk. Possession of false identification or acts related to the use of false identification can constitute a felony charge. 


You Could be Caught in Illegal Activity


Not only is it illegal to use a fake identity, but you could be charged with fraud (for the crime you tried to commit or committed with the fake ID). Once you are 18 and convicted of a crime related to false identification, it could mean a permanent criminal record that will accompany you to school and applications for the rest of your life.


Why Has It Become Common for Young Adults to Buy Fake ID?


Nearly 40% of all North Dakota students under 21 drink alcohol at least once a week. Of these, 43% consume five or more drinks during these times. These numbers cause concern when research consistently shows that drinking at an earlier age, even in college, is more dangerous than previously thought. The brain is not fully developed until age 25, so those who drink alcohol before that date are at risk of causing severe changes in the parts of their brain that control impulse control, judgment, learning, and memory. 


What is essential to know is that this damage not only has an immediate impact; it can be long-term and irreversible and have a potential effect on functioning in school or the workplace.


If you have teenagers or young students at home and under 21, don’t serve them alcohol. You are responsible if they leave your house and commit suicide or commit suicide in an accident. Be smart! You can have fun without alcohol. If you or someone you know is planning to buy or has a fake ID, be aware of the possible criminal consequences.


One-way young people try to buy alcohol or enter adult venues is by using fake IDs, but using fake IDs can have serious legal consequences and put you at risk of harm.


What Could be the Legal Consequences of Using a Fake ID?


It is a crime to use false identity documents under many laws. Depending on how you obtain an incorrect ID, various crimes may have been committed. For example, if you buy someone’s ID or loan it to them, have you thought about where it comes from? Some types of false identification have already been reported to the police as missing due to a crime (for example, they may have been stolen from others and resold). You could potentially be arrested and questioned for other crimes like;


  • Flight
  • Theft finding
  • Flight
  • Stole
  • Handling stolen goods


Therefore, it is essential to note that using a false identity document can lead to a fine, a warning, or an arrest by the police. Having a criminal record for these or other crimes could have a long-term effect. Two of the primary areas are:


Job. When unemployment increases, there will be a greater variety of people available for employment. Jobs that have specific responsibilities involving vulnerable people or data management will likely require verification from DBS. This is when the company will verify your information against the files kept in the Department of Disclosure and Prohibition records. (Would you hire someone who has committed a crime of fraud, theft or forgery against you?)


Vacation / Emigration. Some countries now perform a DBS check on you before entering their country. If you report a reportable violation, your immigration application will be reviewed, and you can be arrested. If you go there on vacation, you could be stopped at passport control and denied entry into the country. (Would you allow someone in your country with an identity fraud crime?)