Everything you need to know about Testolone- RAD 140

What is Testolone (RAD140)?

RAD 140 testolone is the newest compound in the family of selective androgen receptor modulators, better known – SARMS, hence its significant advantages over anabolic steroids. The point is that it produces similar positive results with virtually no side effects. This is a rather special compound. Although compared to other SARMS and in this article we will review the most interesting aspects of the RAD140.

How it works?

Like the rest of the SARMS, testolone has a selective mode of action. This allows for an anabolic effect without the side effects commonly seen with anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) enlarged prostate inhibition of natural testosterone production Hair loss on the head and many others means that RAD140 only interacts with androgen receptors in musculoskeletal tissue.

But it does not stimulate these receptors in other parts of the body because of this. So we get a pronounced anabolic effect, but without side effects and suppression. This opens up new possibilities for medical use of this compound as a substitute for testosterone. Due to its chosen mode of operation, the RAD140 is also safe for women. Because it will not cause fungal infections or enlarged clitoris

RAD140 vs. Testosterone

Testosterone is considered a perfect analogy in terms of the androgen and anabolic effects of its compounds. Where the 1[0010] ratio is the baseline in this regard, RAD140 has an impressive ratio of 901, meaning it is almost as anabolic as testosterone. But there is no androgenic effect, which is a very good thing since most of the side effects associated with steroid use come from. Androgen Effect

In addition, it has been determined that you need 40% more testosterone for muscle growth like RAD140, and it also takes 60 times more RAD140 to start showing related side effects with prostate about the affinity for the androgen receptor Studies have shown that approximately 30% of the correlation is seen with testosterone and the affinity is almost the same as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

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The neuro protective properties of RAD140

Few people know that this testosterone and DHT have a natural ability to heal neurons and have a positive effect on overall nervous system health, so it is not surprising that the degenerative condition of most nervous systems, such as Alzheimer’s disease occurring in people with androgen deficiencies.

However, high doses of testosterone may pose other long-term health threats as it can cause side effects some at the same time It has also been scientifically proven that RAD140 has the same effect in the brain. This makes it an extremely useful compound in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition, RAD140 significantly reduces apoptosis after experiencing a stroke, although these neuroprotective properties do not provide a benefit in neurodegenerative diseases immediately for bodybuilding but it’s a welcome feature.

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Final words

RAD-140 increase speed strength and endurance during high-intensity exercise. Faster building of muscle tissue that allows you to achieve more gains in a shorter period of time. In clinical tests, RAD-140 SARM also showed a more anabolic effect than testosterone when used. Researchers pointed out that in addition to enhancing its performance” more than testosterone, RAD-140 S also reduces side effects. Side effects of androgens that may be caused by the prostate as well

With all the good results demonstrated in clinical testing, RAD-140 SARM is without a doubt one of the most promising selective androgen receptor modulators produced today Learn More