Everything you need to know about reaction roles in Discord

Assigning roles to users of your Discord bot is a great way to differentiate them and provide them with a set of responsibilities. However, you will have to face challenges when you are trying to manually assign roles to a large number of users. This is where you may think about using a reaction roles bot. This kind of a discord bot is in a position to make your life easy when you get work done out of Discord.

What Are Discord Reaction Roles?

In Discord servers, reaction roles are a fun feature. As a server owner, though, you must continually be on the lookout for methods to keep your players interested. When a user logs in to your server, they will see a message that they may react to. This is explained in the notice, as well as the roles you may play. The bot offers a default role to the user when they react with the proper emoji.

One or more additional roles may be configured on any Discord server. Several approaches may be used to link these positions to distinct emoji responses. Users are automatically assigned the corresponding role when they finish that response.

How to add Discord reaction roles with a reaction roles bot?

Users may allocate and unassign reaction roles to themselves on Discord by simply replying to a message with an emoji. You may build roles that perform things like publish particular rights, change fonts, give color to usernames, and so on.

You’ll need to add a bot to your Discord server to set up reaction roles. All reaction role bots do not have all components accessible for free. There is a limit to how many reaction roles you can create. Others will charge you for the additional features they provide. To utilize reaction roles, you must first add one of the several bots that provide this functionality. Some of the best Discord examples for such a Discord bot include MEE6, Arcana, ProBot, Lawliet and Pancake.

 The ProBot is one of the most effective programs built to assist Discord administrators with adding responses. Members may establish roles for themselves in only a few clicks when the bot is properly set up in your server.

Role creation for discord response

I’ll walk you through how to create a message in Discord that adds Reaction Roles in an ordered manner.

  • You should first add Probot to the server.
  • Next, you will need to go ahead and set fresh roles under the server settings
  • You can go ahead and create reaction roles and then assign the channel
  • Next, you should a add a title, description, as well as colors.
  • As the last step, you may add emojis and names to each role.

Is it necessary to have reaction roles?

The configuration options for reaction role bots differ. The eventual goal of all bots, though, is the same. That is, create reaction roles in the most straightforward manner feasible. They’re used by certain servers to administer user surveys and polls. Others utilize it to choose server administrators, moderators, and other high-ranking individuals. Here’s a brief rundown of how this feature works and why it can be useful before we teach you how to utilize it.

On moderated systems, new users are restricted in what they can and cannot do until an administrator or moderator assigns them the proper position. It will take minutes or hours, depending on how many moderators are available. You may employ reaction roles to make your server more accessible and efficient while skipping this step of the process.