Essential Practices for API Security by AT&T

Do you think that API security is not important? Think again. 91% of organizations have had an API security incident. Further, the advancement in the SOAP and REST API makes it easy for organizations to customize the application system. 

API holds keys to all the data of the company. And, as more and more companies are becoming data-centric, we can experience a higher increase in API attack campaigns. Experts agree that organizations that keep API ecosystems open should take the necessary steps and prevent ransomware attacks. 

AT&T Internet Dallas introduces how they help or they suggest the companies prevent API attacks or ransomware attacks. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in check when you run an organization. Here is the list of tips to protect your API ecosystem and unnecessary risk.


AT&T Internet Jackson believes that the best place to start with the cybersecurity tool is encryption. It covers all the protected information into a code that can only be read by the respective users holding appropriate credentials. Also, without the encryption key, unauthorized users are not able to access the encrypted data. This protects the information from the prying eyes.

In today’s digital business environment, everything you do must be encrypted. Using a VPN and Tor helps in keeping your server connections secured and private. Also, encrypting connections at every stage helps prevent cyber attacks.


Authenticating means validating the user or the machine is truthful in their said or displayed identity. It is important to identify the users that access API ensuring that only the authorized user can see the company’s sensitive information. There are multiple ways to authenticate APIs- Id server tokens, API authentication key configuration, and HTTP Basic authentication.

OAuth & OpenID Connect

A great API can delegate the authentication protocols as per AT&T Dallas Internet. Note that delegation of authorization and API  authentication can help make better use of the resources keeping the API more secure. 

OAuth 2 prevents people from having to remember all the passwords for numerous accounts over the Internet. It allows the users to connect through trusted credentials through different providers like Google, Apple, or Facebook. 

Audit, Log, and Version

If you do not have adequate API monitoring, there is no other way to stop insidious cyber-attacks. Therefore, AT&T Fiber Memphis says that teams should consistently monitor the APIs. They should ensure that the APIs have an efficiently organized and repeatable troubleshooting process.

Stay Private

Organizations should try their best to keep their information and data private to project from any vulnerability. Ensure the error messages display as little information as they can. Keep your IP addresses private and remember to use a secure email gateway for all internal or external messaging. You may also hire a considerate developer team to help use the IP whitelist and blacklist for rescuing other resources. 

Consider Infrastructure

You cannot keep your API secure if you do not have proper infrastructure and secured networks. Ensure all the servers and software you use are up to date and have regular maintenance.

Throttling and Quotas

DDOS attacks help block legitimate users from accessing the dedicated resources. If you restrict access to API, you can protect the application or information from any abuse. Filing throttling limits and quotas prevent cyberattacks from multiple sources. 

Data Validation

All the data of the company must be validated as per the administrative standards. It helps in preventing the malicious code from entering the API. Make sure to check every piece of data through your servers. Reject anything you find unexpected, significantly large, unwanted, or from an unknown resource or user. XML and JSON schema validation help in checking the parameters and preventing any attacks.

API Firewalling

API firewalls make it difficult for cyber attackers to exploit the API vulnerabilities. They should be configured in two layers. The first DMZ layer provides the basic security functions including checking for SQL injections, message size, and other HTTP security activities. Next, the message gets forwarded to the second LAN layer that has more advanced security functions.

API Gateway Management

Use the API Gateway solution to help save your organization time and effort while implementing your perfect API security plan. The API gateway management helps in securing the tools, and helps monitor and control the API access.

Final Thoughts

As the world is moving towards digital and technological advancement, hackers make attempts to exploit crucial business data. If you put some basic API security best practices on the check and in line, then you can prevent attacks in the future. Thus, you will be able to contribute to the healthy and efficient IT policy management life cycle. 

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