Enhance the Performance of Your car by Picking Quality Tires

Constant maintenance is the key to enhancing your car’s life, performance, and stability. And changing tires is the most crucial part of car maintenance. The reason is that most car tires become damaged after 5 years which badly impacts the car’s performance. Therefore several physical or online services are providing different tire offers in Dubai and other areas of the world. 

Tires are essential or must-have tools of a vehicle to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. They are found in various sizes, shapes, and styles. The reason is that the power, shape, and weight of each car are different from each other and require specific tires that can align with their performance. Therefore, everyone desires to buy high-quality and perfectly fitted tires for their cars. 

You can easily choose high-quality tires for your car by going through the following criteria. 

Tire Profile 

The very first thing to consider for buying high-quality tires is the tire profile. It is the thickness of the tire sidewall that plays an important role in car performance. It is printed on the tire label. For example in a tire label P197/40R15/V, 40 is its profile. 

A tire profile above 50 is counted as best for a comfortable and protective ride. It also enhances the durability of tires. 

However, lower-profile tires look sleeker and provide good steering performance. You can choose anyone according to your requirements. 

Tire Width 

Another important factor that determines the quality and performance of the tire is its width. The reason is that the width of the tire is responsible for its grip on the road. The wider the width is, the stronger will be the grip of the tires on the road which enhance the protection and performance of the car during all weather. Tires with narrow widths reduce the noise but are not good to ride on wet roads. 


The size of the tire is also a key component to judge the quality of tires. Perfect-size tires not only provide a safe and comfortable ride but also add to the look of the car. Wrong-size tires can easily get off during traveling which can result in severe accidents. 

Thread Patterns

Thread patterns also play a crucial role in the quality and performance of tires. All types of car tires are designed with three types of thread patterns. 

  • Symmetrical tread patterns are the most common that helps the tire to provide effective performance with less noise. But they are not suitable for wet roads. 
  • Large wavy patterns or directional tread pattern tires are the ultimate choice of customers for an effective and safe ride on wet roads. But more connections with the road produce a loud noise. 
  • To tackle both the noise and wet roads issue, asymmetrical thread patterns are best. They are designed with alternative patterns that help to disperse rain water quietly. 

Final Thought 

Daily repairing of car tires is a hectic and expansive process. Therefore, replacing the old ones with high-quality tires such as Pirelli tires in UAE is the ultimate choice to keep car performance high. They are strong, high-speed, and durable tires that provide comfortable rides on all types of roads. 

To ensure the quality or reliability of the tires you can adopt the above-mentioned checking criteria and previous customer reviews. High-quality tires are a bit more expensive than casual ones but this investment is worth it.


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