English Veronika Goes From TikTok To English Coach

Veronika Ivanova is a 29 year-old educational content creator from Toronto, ON Canada. She was born in Russia on February 17th 1993. English Veronika has a bachelors for teaching English and has been working in education for 9 years with a community of over 2 million English students across all of her social platforms.

Through her life’s journey of obstacles and adventure, Veronika aims to make her biggest impact by inspiring her students to not be afraid to take risks in life. Whenever you feel like you have a bigger potential it’s because you do have one.

From growing up in a remote village in Russia to being the most Tiktok-popular English teacher in Canada and having over half a million followers on Instagram, Veronika reminds us that the greatest teacher is life’s experiences. We can choose to pursue our passions, like teaching English to millions of people, and make a life building that dream. It’s all about the actions we take.

It can be easy to get lost in what others think you should and shouldn’t be doing but it’s all a distraction from who you are. Express yourself however you heart desires and never stop learning. No matter what you study, as long as we are learning we are growing. Choosing to follow our dreams no matter what experience life gives us gifts us wisdom.

Veronika Ivanova has a course available to her community in November called “English 360°” which fans are looking forward to attending due to her social media content being overflown with tons of questions & inquiries—it’s now easier for her audience to join “English 360°” for more detailed education on speaking English.

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