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Just imagine what it’ll be like to earn an extra one thousand dollars ten thousand dollars even one hundred thousand dollars a month will you use that cash to pay off some debts or get ahead of your bills or maybe take a nice vacation with that money will you use this system to earn some side cash or maybe use it to springboard a new career earning six figures as an affiliate marketer and local consultant

Or are you the type that will go all in and turn this into a multi-million dollar empire you now have everything you need to make that dream happen. All it takes is the commitment to get started now so look below this video now. Click on the yellow rectangular button that says add to cart and follow the instructions on the next page so you can get started generating traffic now


Thanks to Luther Landro, I get the results I wanted

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Product nameEffortless Traffic Formula
VendorLuther Landro
Front-end price$27
Release Date2023-Aug-04
Release Time09:00 EDT
RecommendedVery High
Skill levels neededNo need any skills
SupportEffective Response
BonusesMega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund60 Day Money Back Guarantee  


Effortless Traffic Formula is a complete business-in-a-box coaching program that gives you everything you need to rank your sites to the first page of Google and flood your offers with free organic search traffic.

Effortless Traffic Formula FE: Effortless Traffic Formula

Effortless Traffic Formula OTO 1: Effortless Traffic Formula Done-For-You Campaigns

Effortless Traffic Formula OTO 2: Effortless Traffic Formula Offline Marketing Pack

Effortless Traffic Formula OTO 3: Effortless Traffic Formula Custom Sales Funnel

Effortless Traffic Formula OTO 4: Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership



Luther Landro is the vendor of Effortless Traffic Formula.

Luther Landro is a full-time consultant, coach, and affiliate business owner. He has worked with companies like Mcdonald’s, Adobe, and Nestle, as well as small businesses around the country. He’s coached thousands of students around the world to build sustainable 6 and 7-figure businesses.

I’ll show you more in my Effortless Traffic Formula Review.


Let’s discover Effortless Traffic Formula:

If you are struggling to generate free traffic then you need to watch every minute of this quick presentation you see Google is rolling out a massive update in 2023 that is killing websites using traditional SEO while making it easy to generate insane amounts of free traffic

If you update your site correctly in this 12-minute presentation you’ll learn all the changes Google is making with its core vitals update including the untapped source of free traffic that is being ignored by ninety percent of websites

As of 2023 this low-hanging fruit traffic source accounts for 27 percent of all search traffic and can be tapped into with two small changes to your website.

You’ll also learn the three critical SEO mistakes that Google is cracking down on with this update making it impossible to rank on the first page if your site is doing this listen

The free traffic strategies explained in this expose work with no social media no expensive software or one-click traffic gimmicks. No advertising PPC or Facebook ads no solo ads or email drops no JV’s or product launches and no black hat SEO that only gets you blacklisted from Google just a simple traffic formula that is working like crazy in 2023 now

You’ll also learn how to use these free traffic strategies to earn a passive affiliate income as well as my sneaky sales approach to getting local business owners to pay thousands of dollars to anyone who has this formula the students who watch a live version of this presentation have put it to the test and are seeing an immediate boost in traffic

Hear what a few of them had to say. Julie from California says results post I built a new affiliate site using the tips in Luther’s traffic webinar and it ranked on the first page of Google for a few keywords within days this is the first time I’ve built a site that gets real traffic and I’ve already earned 673 dollars in affiliate commissions from it. This whole experiment cost me nothing to set up and it continues to grow every day

And rob from Florida says after the webinar I removed all the crappy traffic products that I bought as Luther suggested and added the free tools he recommends we saw an immediate jump in traffic and sales as one of our articles made it onto the first page of google a few days later traffic is increasing steadily as i follow Luther’s checklist and still spending zero dollars on traffic and marketing

And Douglas from alabama posted super results post I just sold my lead site to a real estate agent for five thousand dollars i built the site in a few days using Luther’s strategies and started generating leads for real estate agents a few days later

Now legally I must warn you that most people don’t make any money with their home businesses because well most people don’t take action when they see an opportunity. However, the students who were lucky enough to watch this presentation and put what they learned into action have been earning small fortunes tapping into this source of unlimited free traffic

By the end of this presentation, you will have everything you need to protect your sites from Google’s new update and solve your traffic problems for good. Now before I walk you through this traffic strategy I need to tell you the crazy story of how I came to discover it.

I feel it’s important that you know where this came from so you can better understand how to implement it on your sites after I’ll walk you through all the details of this update and how to generate immediate free traffic deals. You see I am not an expert on SEO or free traffic my expertise is in marketing I sell coaching programs to help local businesses as well as regular folks earn more money through persuasive sales strategies

I always relied on affiliates and JV partners for traffic they send me traffic usually from an email list they earn a generous commission on every sale generated on one of my recent product launches I noticed a new affiliate sending huge amounts of traffic to the offer

On the first day then the next day and then the next day after that for two whole weeks he kept sending huge amounts of traffic to my offer earning over a thousand dollars a day in affiliate commissions. His name is paul holbrook I reached out to Paul to find out how he was able to generate such unusually steady traffic every day to my surprise Paul had no mailing list

No products of his own and no social media accounts all of his traffic was generated from a small blog that he ranked on the first page of google using seo. You see paul was an engineer for yahoo search in the late 90s and got laid off in 2010 after google had completely taken over the search market he turned down an offer to work for google instead working as a freelance seo consultant using his insider knowledge to help businesses rank their websites higher in google’s results

He also started affiliate marketing as a hobby using his seo skills to rank simple blogs and google’s results for some side income i was impressed with paul’s results i’ve had plenty of affiliates that use seo to generate traffic yet no one who was as consistent as he was paul explains his unusual success this way most seo experts try to game the system they use backlink schemes keyword tools and one-click software to exploit some search loophole and trick google’s algorithm into ranking their sites higher and it works for a while

Eventually, google catches on to the tricks they are using and updates their search algorithm to stop them all these so-called experts lose their traffic and are left scrambling to find a new exploit or loophole to get back on top. It’s a consistent cat-and-mouse game between seo gurus and googles now paul’s strategy is the complete opposite he ignores all the SEO professionals and simply gives Google what it wants every time they update their algorithm

He has a sneaky way to find out what Google is going to change before they implement it he looks at every patent and private publication that Google publishes. You see before every algorithm change google files a patent and publishes technical papers and industry trade journals about their new search formulas this protects them legally from any other search engine that tries to copy them and gives credit to engineers that develop it

Now you need to be an engineer to get access to these journals and fully understand their technical jargon luckily Paul worked in the industry and can dig through the technical documents to find out exactly what Google wants to see from websites before each algorithm update goes live listen if there is any magic bullet to seo it’s to give google exactly what it wants and be rewarded for it

This is why Paul can demand top fees from his consulting clients his traffic only increases with every Google update Panda penguin hummingbird mobile Paul and his clients gain traffic every time. There was a big Google change while his competition fell off the front page or got de-listed completely now the most recent algorithm change is being rolled out in 2022 google’s core vitals update has seen Paul’s biggest jump in search rank and traffic since he started doing seo i was blown away by the amount of free traffic paul could generate with simple blogs and I had to know the trick

He was using it to dominate search results after all traffic is the lifeblood of any business you could have the best product the best sales funnel the best offer none of it matters if no one sees it because you don’t have the traffic to your page

And so i made Paul an offer I teach him my best marketing funnels to help him use his SEO skills to earn a passive affiliate income and retire from consulting if he would look at my sites and teach me his traffic secrets for my business. He agreed and I got my notebook ready to learn from the master

Now I was expecting some highly technical tricks and for him to use expensive complicated software nope in fact the first thing Paul had me do was remove all of the plugins all the one-click traffic generators and keyword-rich articles I had on my sites. He said not only were these things slowing down my site but they also acted as red flags for Google each of them was a dead giveaway that i was trying to game the system and Google was quietly penalizing me for it heck even the web host i was using hurt my rank in google

I was surprised how much Paul wanted me to strip down my websites. However, he explains it this way paul was about to pour rocket fuel into my website’s gas tank. However, i first had to get my foot off the brake pedal that made sense to me and i stripped my sight bare now there were a small set of tools and plug-ins that paul used to optimize my site which we’ll get to in a minute

However perhaps the most interesting thing is how paul focused 90 of his time trying to capture traffic from new google search products things like voice search mobile search video search local search as well as a new program called google feed where google sends your article directly to users of their android phones based on other websites

They visited in the past these new search systems have far less competition because almost no one has read the technical documents and figured out how to rank for them no one except for paul that is for example right now 20 percent of all searchers do not type their search into google users of tablets smartphones and smaller chromebooks hate using the on-screen keyboard and use google’s voice search instead

You can see the little voice search button right in google search bar ranking in the results of a voice search is different than in normal results yet. No one is optimizing their site to capture this traffic imagine nearly a third of all search traffic has virtually no competition the trick which you’ll get a full walkthrough on in this presentation is a few small changes in the keywords you use in your articles

So getting rid of the stuff that was hurting my sites adding a few key plugins changing some keywords and that’s it my sites were fully optimized for google’s latest update. It seemed simple yet i knew that paul had spent countless hours to come up with this optimal formula of tools and tricks

He gave me a tiny list of places to get backlinks and made me promise not to go out and add backlinks from any other sources he was quite adamant about that heck you’d be surprised just how few backlinks he uses after my session with paul it only took a few days to update all of my websites

And the results were dramatic i followed his formula on my existing websites removing all of the things that were holding me back adding the plugins. He gave me changing my articles and building just a few backlinks every site saw an immediate boost in search traffic usually three days to a week after i made the changes the best part is my search traffic continued to climb as they leaped frog higher and higher up the search results

I started using this formula on client websites as well as building new blogs to capture as much traffic as i can as well as building new blogs to capture as much traffic as i could to grow my coaching affiliate business

Now every time i use this formula on a site i saw an increase in traffic i felt completely relieved it was like paul solved my traffic problems for good especially knowing this formula was future proof i was giving google what it wanted and I knew i would continue to get rewarded with a higher ranking

Now i wasn’t the only one who was putting this formula to work and seeing incredible results i run a coaching program where students pay me 2500 a month to get access to all of the latest strategies that i use in my business all the experimental stuff that is working for me now including this new free traffic system coaching students from all walks of life were able to use this free traffic formula to build passive affiliate income

Sell their kindle books generate sales for e-commerce businesses as well as huge paychecks from local business owners as seo consultants. They helped test this formula at a scale i never could alone across a variety of different businesses and niches with their help we kept the things that worked throughout the things that didn’t and simplified the whole process into a checklist that anyone could use to generate unlimited free traffic on demand

Now recently i sent out a survey to all of my customers asking what their biggest challenge was in their business overwhelmingly they responded with free traffic and it’s no surprise with so many gurus promoting scammy one-click magic free traffic software tools that only hurt your standing with google after this update its time someone teaches the real seo fundamentals that are working now which is why i put together this presentation

Now before i walk you through paul’s formula so you can get started generating traffic i need to tell you the things you must avoid on your sites so you don’t get penalized by google remember after this 2022 core vitals update most of the software and strategies that seo experts use to game the system are only going to hurt your rank it’s like paul said before we can pour jet fuel on your websites we need to teach you how to get your foot off of the brake pedal

The first thing you must avoid is any one-click magic traffic software you bought from gurus on jvzoo clickbank or any other network the tools like ai content generators backlinks spammers indexers rankers mass comments spammers google is cracking down on any site using these hacks and will quietly penalize your site if you do

Listen google hires the smartest engineers on the planet engineers that are way smarter than whatever outsourcers build those cheap seo tools google knows when you’re using them and your rank will fall with these latest updates

Now the next thing you must avoid is cheap shared hosting plans from places like godaddy and bluehost on a shared plan your website shares a server with hundreds of other sites making your website painfully slow at times and if just one of those sites is using old school seo hacks your site will be flagged by google for being on the same server as them

There are great cloud-based solutions like wp engine that will keep your site separate from others as well as a few others that are even cheaper than godaddy now the final thing you must avoid are all the backlink schemes you see google determines how important a website is based on other sites that are linking to it

This is their basic pagerank algorithm for a long time seo experts exploited this fact and developed ways to get thousands of websites to link back to them increasing their page rank and their position in google this included paid placements private blog networks otherwise known as pbns low quality directory sites and software that would mass comment on other blogs

And provide a backlink here’s the thing google caught on and decided to crack down on this practice now when google sees a ton of backlinks from these sources it’s an obvious tell that the site is trying to game the system and google penalizes them hard

The worst part is that it’s nearly impossible to remove these backlinks once they are there so they become the kiss of death for a website bad backlinks will hurt you for years if you use them which is one of the reasons. It’s dangerous to use seo software that claims to get you more backlinks paul’s backlink method is about quality over quantity there are only a handful of google approved ways to get backlinks

And you should only be using these three to five backlinks are all you need in most cases to rank on page one for quality keywords when your site is properly optimized okay so avoid one-click software bad shared web hosts and old-school backlink schemes

Now that you know what to avoid i can share with you one huge tip on how to start generating free traffic immediately this one small change to your articles and posts will skyrocket them to the top of results and flood you with traffic you see a while back google added a button to their search page that lets you search by speaking into the microphone this is a huge help to anyone on a mobile device tablet ipad or small netbook computer with tiny on-screen keyboards as of 2022 27 of all searches are done using this voice feature a figure that will reach half of all searches in the coming years as tablets become more popular than full computers ranking for these voice search results is different than regular results and no one is currently optimizing their content for it making this search traffic completely untapped

You see when someone searches with their voice they tend to ask a full question rather than just typing in a handful of keywords for example if someone is searching google for advice on how to house break their dog they might type a short statement like house break my dog

However when using voice search they would ask the full question how do i housebreak my dog here’s the trick instead of titling your articles and blog posts as a statement title them as a question exactly how the searcher would ask. So instead of an article or post titled how to house break your dog use how do i housebreak my dog do you see the difference using a question as your article’s title means it exactly matches what the voice search user put into google and will show up higher in results than other posts that are just a statement in their title it’s a subtle difference yet the results are dramatic

Another example is instead of titling an article how to make money online use the title how do i make money online the simple trick of making your article titles a question to exactly match voice search queries will leapfrog your site’s content above everyone else as long as you followed all of paul’s other optimizations

This small change allows you to tap into the 27 percent of search traffic that everyone else is missing pretty cool for a simple trick yeah. Okay that was a lot of info and it’s just a taste of the tricks i learned from paul. However, i’m sure you can already see why this free traffic formula is so successful at ranking in Google and tapping into traffic sources that are completely unique and untapped now i’m sure you’re excited to start applying these tips to your sites or to build a new site and rank it quickly to earn a passive affiliate income and if you took careful notes for sure you could figure all this out with some trial and error

However why figure this out on your own when all of the hard work is already done for you and that done for you system is called the effortless traffic formula the effortless traffic formula is the only free traffic formula that gives Google what it wants to leapfrog your site to the first position of search results i’ve taken everything i’ve learned from paul and built a series of checklists to help automate traffic in my business I call it the mcdonald’s strategy you might be familiar with it McDonald’s has built a system out of their restaurant business that works so well anyone can open a profitable McDonald’s and have the whole thing run by 15-year-olds on minimum wage

I did the same thing with generating traffic creating a bundle of checklists that I could give to outsourcers in the Philippines to do all of the seo and traffic work for me that’s how you grow a business after all creating a system around what works and hiring other people to implement it for you after seeing my customers survey results

And realizing just how many people are struggling to generate traffic in their business i decided to do a limited release of these checklists so anyone can use pull strategies to generate free traffic on demand listen these checklist systems are always my highest-reviewed products because they cut out the fluff

And break everything down into step-by-step instructions never again will you go through a product and wonder where to start and you will never be left wondering what’s the next step from day one to your first paycheck to your first million every step is accounted for the first checklist in the effortless traffic formula is my affiliate sales funnel checklist

Now if you already have a sales funnel you want to drive traffic to you can skip this checklist however if you’re new to online marketing or if you already have a business and want an easy-to-use sales funnel to generate some passive income on the side this checklist is for you

Listen it’s very important that you build a converting sales funnel with the right affiliate products before you generate any traffic and this checklist makes it brain-dead simple most people get this wrong and do the opposite they build a site and a random niche rank it in google and get all this traffic yet have no plan to monetize the traffic and earn only a fraction of what they could have if they just took the time to set this up first

Nothing is worse than having a ton of traffic to a website and not earning any money for your hard work this checklist ensures that never happens you’ll be earning top dollar from every visitor to your site inside you’ll learn my simple formula for uncovering hot niche markets that are easy to rank for and filled with ravenous buyers the top four affiliate networks that pay 50 to 100 commissions on all products with fast payouts so you are never waiting for your money my simple formula for picking the high ticket highest converting offers to promote so you get paid hundreds even thousands of dollars per sale earning a passive income with very little traffic

And my three-step promotion strategy to help sell these offers to your visitors this checklist will have you earning the most money possible from every visitor you generate with your site the second checklist and effortless traffic formula is my fast site builder checklist

Follow this checklist to quickly put together fast sites in 20 minutes without any technical knowledge remember google’s 2023 core vitals update is all about having a fast efficient site that works well on every mobile device all the complicated technical details have been figured out by poll and this checklist gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build a site that google will love and reward with a higher rank in its search results

You can also use this checklist for auditing your existing sites or your consulting client websites to give them an immediate boost in traffic. In this checklist you will learn the cheap hosting plans that are fast and optimized for google core vitals remember godaddy bluehost and other shared hosting plans will hurt your search position with the latest google update

I was able to boost my seo just by switching to this hosting plan that not only made my sites faster it saved me money as well you’re getting a full list of every plug-in paul uses on his sites use this short list of plugins to handle all the on-site seo and rest easy knowing you’re giving google exactly what it wants

Remember only install these plugins and remove everything else that might be slowing down your site this checklist also has a master list of the most optimized wordpress themes

Remember the wrong theme can kill your seo by slowing down your site and formatting it incorrectly check this list before you install a theme or simply install one of the approved ones on this list

This checklist has detailed instructions for every setting on your site to make it optimized for google search the third checklist and effortless traffic formula is paul’s 60-minute pagerank formula. This checklist is a template for every article blog post and page that you post on your site follow it every time you write a new article to guarantee it will rank on the first page of google and sell your visitors on buying your product or affiliate offer

Inside this checklist you’ll discover paul’s keyword formula that finds low hanging through keywords that are easy to rank for and captures buyer’s traffic paul’s content template that makes writing persuasive articles fast and easy even if english isn’t your first language

A full list of google approved backlink sources including edu and gov sites remember less is more when it comes to backlinks google values quality over quantity the backlink sources in this section are worth 10 times the cost of the entire coaching program

Listen these three checklists are everything you need to dominate google and build a passive affiliate income pick a high converting affiliate funnel build your site and get your sales articles ranked. You can do this in just a few days time and start seeing traffic and sales immediately

Now i want the effortless traffic formula to be the last traffic guide you ever need in your business i learned a lot from paul and even more putting these methods to the test over the past year as well as working with coaching students on using these strategies and refining it with their feedback

I’ve condensed everything i’ve learned through trial and error into a hard-hitting no fluff master class on modern seo. This guide contains everything that is working in 2023 as well as all the things that must be avoided in google’s latest update making it the most complete guide to free traffic that is available right now

Inside this master class you will learn full details on capturing the hidden traffic sources inside google including voice seo video seo local seo and how to get your articles appearing in google’s feed to provide you an endless amount of traffic full master list of themes plugins hosting and software that is working right now in 2022 all the heavy lifting can be done for you with the right free tools

Including the security plugin that is a must have on every site to keep you secure from hackers the free tool that creates a mobile amp version on your website in one click remember google rewards any site using their amp format the snippets plug-in that will allow you to create star reviews faqs and sitemaps directly in your google search results improving your rank while increasing the click-through to your site

You’ll also find an in-depth explanation of the 60-minute content formula so you’ll learn all the seo and sales copy tricks being used in our sites paul’s sniper backlink strategy that ranks any site on the first page of google with as little as three backlinks. Plus i’ve included a bonus section that i call affiliate marketing mastery that flat out gives you the sales funnels I use to build email lists that earns one to ten dollars per month from every subscriber

And a second bonus section on how to build lead generation sites that use free traffic to generate leads for realtors dentists or mortgage brokers that sell for a hundred dollars a piece as well as how to sell these sites for ten thousand dollars or more to these same business owners

Listen this is just a small taste of what’s inside the effortless traffic formula mastery guide it would take me an hour to list all the insider tips and secrets this guide contains you can use the checklist to see immediate results while taking the time to go through the master class and become an expert in seo and affiliate marketing

Never again worry about generating traffic to your websites now as a quick disclaimer his program is not for everyone sure these checklists will generate unlimited free traffic. However they will require real work to see real results this is not some magic push button software or some work from home scheme you see being peddled by online gurus

And late night tv experts and so if you’re not willing to follow some simple checklist or if you are looking for some magic button or get rich quick scheme that you know will never deliver the results they promise. Then this is not for you and you should probably leave this page now.

However if you are the type of person who jumps on opportunities and you can see the value of being able to generate as much traffic as you want on demand. Then this is not just another traffic program for you this is the only traffic program for you

So let’s make this deal a complete no-brainer for you okay the launch price for the effortless traffic formula will be 297 dollars when sold over live webinars which is a steal considering my initial coaching students had to pay 2500 to get their hands on a copy of it

However just for watching this customer only presentation i’ve got an even better deal coming your way i want more testimonials and case studies from folks like you who are going out there using these strategies to generate traffic and earning a passive affiliate income plus i like to get my previous customers in on my latest offers at a steep discount from the normal launch prices

If you are still watching i bet you have some questions about the effortless traffic formula here are some of the questions that other savvy marketers have asked me in the past are there any upsells or otos with the effortless traffic formula

The effortless traffic formula is a complete guide to generating guaranteed unlimited free traffic there are no additional purchases needed to achieve all the results you have seen in this presentation after purchasing you will have the option to purchase sales materials and some additional products for me at an extreme discount however they will not be necessary to use this system will this system work anywhere in the world

Yes you can run this business from anywhere in the world affiliate networks will pay your commission directly into your bank account does this system cost anything to implement besides web hosting there are zero additional costs to implement this system

Everything you need is provided for you and most of the servicing work is done using free tools if you would rather someone do the work for you i provide a list of outsourcers who could do the work for a small fee how fast will this work typically a new site that was built with this formula will start seeing traffic in 7 to 14 days depending on the niche

How soon you can see results depends entirely on how quickly you can take action how much money can i expect to make with this system most people who invest in any program don’t make any money at all the amount of money you make depends entirely on what you do with this and how much action you take that said top students have been earning five thousand to twenty thousand a month in passive affiliate income while others are getting paid five grand or more in fees from local businesses that hire them to implement these traffic strategies on their sites

Whether you are looking for some extra cash or a million dollar empire is entirely up to you and how much work you are willing to put in can i outsource this. Yes in fact these checklists were built with outsourcers in mind you have full permission to give these checklists to any outsourcer you wish in fact i will recommend a few in the mastery guide

Let them do all of the hard work running this business for you while you focus on growing it
listen right now is your last chance to download your copy of the effortless traffic formula. I personally promise this is the last traffic system you need and back that promise with a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee

If you’ve watched this far you owe it not just to yourself but to your business and the people who believe in and depend on you to put this checklist to work. Click the buy button below and i will see you in the member’s area



Effortless Traffic Formula works for rookies and veterans alike.

  1. Fire your boss – Have enough money that you can walk away from any situation. You are a slave to no one and can adopt a ‘take no crap’ philosophy.
  2. ZERO debt, huge savings, and an 800 credit score – My debts are completely paid off, and all my bills are paid ahead of time. This has boosted my credit and made everything cheaper. Think about it: With good credit comes lower mortgage rates, credit card rates, and bonus perks only offered to those with good credit.
  3. Bills are paid ahead of time – I have enough saved to pay my bills for the next 3 years. Every month I receive a statement saying I owe $0 because the bills have been pre-paid. The stress I used to feel is just gone…
  4. ​Emergency fund for anything that comes your way – Life happens. Maybe the most important thing this program has given me is the peace of mind of a nest egg that is there for my family that can be used to solve any problem that comes our way.
  5. ​Work on my own time – Some days I sleep late. Some nights I go to bed early. Some days I just play with my kids. I plan my work around my life and not my life around my work.
  6. ​Work from anywhere – My family and I moved to a quiet little community that has been a blessing for us. We spend summers away in different parts of the world. All the while, I am able to run my business from my laptop. This has been an amazing experience for myself and my children.

So if you are on this page now consider yourself lucky you’re getting in on this program at less than half of what everyone else will pay you won’t be paying my consulting fee of twenty-five hundred dollars today nor will you be paying the retail price of two hundred ninety seven dollars

Heck you’re not even going to pay 197 dollars for this proven free traffic formula you are getting access to everything the free traffic master class the seo checklist the affiliate marketing checklist the site building checklist and all of the super bonuses I haven’t mentioned all for the small investment of only twenty-seven dollars

Listen don’t decide right now take advantage of my unconditional first page and sixty days guarantee i am so confident that this is the last program you will ever need that if you don’t rank your site on the first page of google if you don’t double or triple your traffic or even if you don’t like the color choices in the guide any reason at all

Just send me a support ticket with the word refund and i’ll send you back every penny no questions no hassles follow along with these checklists and I personally promise you that you will land on the first page of Google and flood your offers with free buyer traffic a promise backed with an iron-clad 100 money-back guarantee that’s a powerful promise for just 27 am i right

And to make this deal even sweeter i am adding these two super bonuses to help you get started even faster first i’m giving you my local client generation checklist. Listen the fastest way to earn money with these seo checklists is to get paid by local clients to use them on their websites

I’m giving you my go-to seo funnel to find business owners reach out over email and book your first paying client in just seven days time i typically charge two grand plus 500 a month for SEO services and following this checklist will book you your first client

The second super bonus is my outsourcer rolodex remember these checklists are made with outsourcers in mind so you don’t have to do any of the work yourself you’re getting access to the very same SEO experts that I use to implement these checklists on my sites

Sit back while these workers follow step by step to pick affiliate products build your site and rank it on the first page of Google on top of these two super bonuses I include over two hundred dollars worth of upsells outsourcing guides client tracking spreadsheets and everything you will need to build this into a million dollar business

That would bring this package’s total value to six hundred ninety-one dollars if you were to buy everything individually all for the super discounted price of only twenty-seven dollars so look below this video right now

Click on the yellow add to cart button below once you click you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page that looks like this enter your email address here and click this button to complete your purchase. You will be given immediate access to the member’s area where I have even more surprises waiting for you

Remember this is a one-week promotional sale and once the timer runs out the price will be going back to 297. If you’re watching this after the sale I’m sorry you’re going to have to pay full price because i need to be fair to the customers who got in early


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The Most Powerful Online Income Hacks That 10X Your Results to Start Banking $10,000/Month Faster… Without Working Extra Hours, Spending Money on Ads, or Doing Any Extra Work for Your Paychecks.
Congratulations on making the smartest decision today and giving yourself the chance you deserve to earn a passive income with The Effortless Traffic Formula. You now have everything you need to earn fast commissions using an AI sales funnel

However, many of my best customers are a lot like me – they are a tad impatient, and they want every possible opportunity to achieve better results and achieve them faster.

That’s why I composed this letter for you. Please read it carefully.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that making money online requires the right tools and personal coaching to achieve results. Until now, the problem has been time, lack of convenience and of course price.

That’s why I decided to let you in on some of the sneakiest income hacks I have ever found in my over 15 years as a consultant and online business owner. I call these tactics my ‘Big Bag Of Money Tricks’.

These secrets have been formulated after years of growing my business to over a million dollars a year… a few small tweaks to everything I was already doing that can 10X your results without any extra work… Automatically and without effort.

With these secrets, you get to follow the Effortless Traffic Formula Program and earn 10X the profits with no extra work.

These ‘Online Income Hacks’ Have Already Caught the Eye of Big Names in the Affiliate Industry and Are Normally Only Taught Through $2,500/Hour Business Coaching Sessions.
As silly as it sounds, even though these tweaks are small, I get paid thousands of dollars an hour to make them for you… And over the years, I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in private coaching fees to have some of the biggest names in the industry make these same tweaks in my business.

These secrets are closely guarded and only taught in private coaching sessions because they work and make the difference between a few hundred dollars a month… and hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a month.

They’ve been working so well for members of The Effortless Traffic Formula that I’ve decided to take all of my private coaching tweaks and offer them as an on-demand coaching system… Before this training becomes a private invite-only program.

Introducing: The Effortless Traffic Formula Unlimited… Your On-Demand 10x Coaching program
Simply apply the steps in the unlimited program to your The Effortless Traffic Formula account, and you’re set. Nothing could be easier.

The best time for you to use the small tweaks in Unlimited is right away to increase the results you get from The Effortless Traffic Formula exponentially. (Read on to see just how fast this scales to $10,000… then to $100,000 per month in profits for the same amount of work)

Here’s What You Can Expect to See When You Apply the Hacks in This Unlimited Coaching to Your The Effortless Traffic Formula
Within 1-2 days, you’ll feel confident…
Most report results a lot faster because most of the work is done for you (you’ll see how in a minute). It’s an unfair advantage over other The Effortless Traffic Formula members. Others report having an easier time starting their side-hustle because these tips help you set things up faster.

Within 1-2 weeks, you’ll experience the excitement of receiving that first big check…
The most commonly reported result of The Effortless Traffic Formula Unlimited is the ability to earn more money in less time.

You’re literally spending the same 2 hours per week with The Effortless Traffic Formula, just getting 10X the results without the stress of trying to figure everything out. You’ll have everything laid out for you. That means less work yet bigger checks than other members of The Effortless Traffic Formula.

Within 1-2 months, you’ll notice your debt is gone, and your bank account is filled.
The Effortless Traffic Formula Unlimited is all about maximizing results fast. These small tweaks will take you to $10,000 a month or more quickly without doing any additional work (or even working less than you would without them).

Reaching 6 or 7 figures per year is easy when you use these million-dollar hacks.

  • QuickStart guide to earn your first commission in 48 hours – Follow this guide to earn money faster or scale your business by setting up multiple AI funnels quickly.
  • How to reinvest your Effortless Traffic Formula profits to grow faster – Get a 5x return on every dollar you spend allowing you to grow to 6 or even 7 figures quickly.
  • How to have a zero-hour workday by outsourcing the funnel – Use this rolodex of outsourcers to have the work done for you (outsourcing is the number one way to scale any business without additional work)
  • The products and niches to AVOID when using an AI sales funnel – Don’t pick the wrong products. Avoiding this short list will save you from disappointment and guarantee that your campaigns bring in as much cash as possible.
  • The Sneaky way to get paid $5 instantly for every subscriber that is added to your list.
  • How to double your commission on any affiliate offer – Use this simple strategy to double your commissions on every offer you promote so you earn twice as much money for the same effort (a huge unfair advantage over other affiliates)
  • How to steal buyer email leads from product vendors – This sneaky trick will allow you to syphon buyer leads off any product launch. Use this every time you see a guru launching to get their leads while earning a commission on the sales.
  • The 3 traffic sources that are easiest to scale your side hustle to over $1 Million per year – Not all traffic scales! Use the same sources I do in my online business.
  • Thousands of dollars in free ad traffic: Use these coupon hacks to get free ad credits with all the top ad networks. Use your The Effortless Traffic Formula funnel to convert this traffic into free leads that pay you over and over again.
  • How to buy traffic at less than half what everyone else has to pay – It’s easy to be profitable when you buy traffic at half the price. (This is the best way to reinvest your side income to grow it to 7 figures.)
  • How to spend $1 on traffic and turn it into $5 in affiliate commissions over and over
  • Self-confidence on demand: The simple mind hack that will break you out of any funk instantly and have you feeling like a millionaire. (You become a millionaire in your mind before you earn that first million dollar check – not the other way around.)
  • 30-Second time management solution: Learn the only No BS time management system I’ve been using for over 10 years. You’ll get more done in a day than most people do in a week without stress, multi-tasking, or silly ‘day planners’. Use this in every area of your life to free your time and peace of mind.
  • Simple goal-setting method that manifests the income you desire within the next 60 days.

After 30-60 Days, Things Get Really Exciting
The Unlimited coaching program allows you to take the results from The Effortless Traffic Formula and 10X them every month.

You’ll be promoting higher ticket offers that pay $1,000+ commissions…

And with the expanded traffic sourced in Unlimited, you’ll be generating MORE sales with the same funnels…

All together earning 10X without any additional work inside of The Effortless Traffic Formula.

At a $1,000 affiliate commission per sale (on the low side when you use Unlimited), it doesn’t take many referrals to earn a full-time income:

5 sales/month: $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.

10 sales/month: $10,000 per month or $120,000 per year.

20 sales/month: $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year.

50 sales/month: $50,000 per month or $600,000 per year.

And Yes: These Are 100% Ethical, Legal, and Easy to Implement Affiliate ‘Hacks’ That Require No Coding, No Building Websites, No Email Lists, No Selling, and Nothing Technical at All.

Just A Few Tweaks To What You Are Already Doing Inside The Effortless Traffic Formula to 10X Your Results (Plus One Very Unique and Powerful Trick 90% of People Are Missing Out On)
The strategies in Unlimited are common (except for two, which frankly I’ve never seen anyone reveal or use before); however, combining these affiliate hacks with the little-known lead source contained in The Effortless Traffic Formula creates a combined effect that can 10X your results without any additional work.

A lot of first timers are missing this one key ingredient to breaking through and becoming financially independent.

Because Your Financial Future And Livelihood Are at Stake, I’ve Decided To Do Something A Little Crazy…
As much as I’d like to promise you this forever, I can’t offer these marketing hacks to everyone.

What I can do is offer this to you now as a customer of The Effortless Traffic Formula to put these tricks to work in your business so you can get the most out of your time in this coaching program.

However, Your Borderline ‘Insane’ Discount Is Only Available To You On This Page AND Before Our Offer Is Sold Out…
So If You Close This Page, This Offer Will Be Passed On To The Next Lucky Person.
Just remember: The number you see below is the number of copies that are available. Once sold out, we will not be allowing more people to access, and they will have to purchase our $2,500/hour coaching to get access to these hacks.

So, you simply must take action now, or you’ll lose out on what is absolutely the fastest, least expensive, and easiest online income coaching there is.


How would you like to have your first money making affiliate site pre-made for you that means you could start generating traffic building a lead list and earning affiliate commissions all without picking a niche or finding an affiliate product to promote without having to do any keyword research in google without having to find your own backlinks and never having to figure out how to monetize your traffic again

What if i just offered to give you a fully set up affiliate campaign that is already making money well here’s the deal the students who got their hands on effortless traffic formula early have earned hundreds even thousands of dollars a day with their affiliate sites for many of them it’s their first time making money from an online business

Now some students had a hard time getting started with affiliate marketing feeling overwhelmed about choosing a niche to target picking an affiliate product to promote and doing the keyword research while others pick the wrong products to promote and end up with sites ranked in google and generating a ton of traffic but failed to convert that traffic into leads and affiliate sales

In my experience these students just need to have their first successful campaign built for them to kickstart their business prove this affiliate strategy works and boost their confidence to finally follow through and get results

And so i started letting new students duplicate my money making campaigns all the niche product decisions made for them all the keywords already picked out and every sales page and email pre-written for them more important than the money these campaigns earned for them they were able to learn hands-on how a live affiliate campaign works and then duplicate it for themselves over and over again

They gain that final push of confidence they needed now as a customer of effortless traffic formula i want to offer you the same opportunity as my high ticket coaching students i am offering to flat out give you pre-built working campaigns that are out there earning affiliate commissions

Right now you can get started immediately earning money from these campaigns and learn this business from hands-on experience rather than starting from scratch and having to figure out everything out for yourself. This will give you the confidence you need to follow through and grow your affiliate sites to any income level you desire the coaching students who took me up on this offer have been earning fortunes with their new affiliate business take a

Look at some of the feedback i’ve gotten kenny scott says hi luther the campaign you sent me has been working great it took about two days to set up and started making sales in the third day and karen wrote me saying luther your done for you sales funnel built my first list and kickstarted my business I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about earning money online and steven wrote me saying testimonial for luther landro sniper funnels luther’s sales funnels generate traffic and affiliate sales days after they are set up for me they worked as advertised and the income has been consistent every month

The students who took me up on this offer have been building six figure businesses and now i want to offer you the chance to get in on the action in this exclusive one-time only offer you are getting not one but seven different campaigns complete with products picked out easy to rank for keyword lists pre-made landing pages that build your email list sales copy to sell affiliate products and follow-up emails to earn one dollars to ten dollars per month from every subscriber who opts into your list and to make sure that all of your sites rank in google quickly i’m also giving you my master list of backlink sources you can use to get instant backlinks to your sites

This list includes over and gov sites where you can submit follow links to your affiliate sites to instantly give them an authority boost in google’s rank done for you affiliate campaigns and all the backlinks you need to rank them in google there is no easier way to get started earning money as an affiliate and as with effortless traffic formula i am willing to personally guarantee you get the results you want from this system here are the seven done for you niche campaigns i am offering the directory site software that pays a 50 commission on a software product that generates over two hundred dollars in initial sales and ninety seven dollars a month in recurring fees the slick sales video is the highest converting offer

I’ve ever produced and you’ll receive an entire affiliate campaign to start earning commissions promoting it with free traffic the linkedin course that teaches your visitors how to rank their profile to the top of linkedin search instantly

This is a hot seller and paying you a fifty percent commission on a funnel worth over three hundred dollars the affiliate marketing course that earns over three dollars per visitor in sales paying you top dollar for every visitor you send to the sales page the high converting weight loss campaign that pays you a monthly commission for every sale your affiliate site generates the auto webinar affiliate funnel that pays you over 500 per sale on clickbank and has been my number one affiliate offer for the last 18 months

The battery reconditioning campaign that will get you started in the super profitable survival niche that has taken the affiliate marketing world by storm the woodworking niche campaign that is not only a fun hobby but one of the most reliable affiliate niches with tons of products to promote the total cost to have these campaigns built if you were to buy them individually is thousand three hundred and seventy nine dollars and i’m sure you’d agree having seven income producing affiliate funnels is well worth the price

However as a first-time customer of effortless traffic formula i want you to see the results of these sites for yourself and i don’t want cost to get in the way act right now and you will have seven campaigns ready to earn affiliate commissions and my private source of backlinks to get these sites ranked and generating traffic quickly for one payment of just one ninety seven

Listen don’t decide right now take advantage of my 60 day results guarantee just try the done-for-you upgrade for a full two months on me this discount price and guarantee are only available on this page because you purchase effortless traffic formula if you pass you will not be given a chance to get in on it again

Because i have to be fair to the proactive people who take me up on this limited time offer look below this video right now click on the add to cart button below to fill out the form on the next page click on the add to cart button below fill out the form on the next page and lock in your done for you campaigns at the discounted price now


I want to ask you something how would you like to have me personally do all of the work setting up your sales funnel and booking your first three clients that would mean no technical work trying to set up a funnel or collect payments no selling or haggling with business owners to get paid and no dealing with the business owners until after they have paid your fee interested

Well here’s the deal i’ve been teaching this sales method to members of my inner circle for a while now and for established marketing consultants they’ve been able to take the training and sales material and build out a funnel that generates a steady stream of new clients first-time consultants however often had trouble getting started and landing that first paycheck

They feel paralyzed by all the decisions they have to make have a hard time picking businesses to target can’t seem to set up the full funnel and end up procrastinating rather than acting or many times they start following this method only to give up just short of earning their first sale to chase some other shiny object or business method

Listen in my experience these students just needed to have their first client booked for them to give them the proof and motivation they needed to follow through after all it’s far easier to grow a business than it is to start one from scratch

And so i started doing all of the work for my students recording a custom video for them to sell the service at a price they set doing all the leg work of setting up the landing page and making sure the buy buttons work and held their hands sending out emails with them to get business owners on the hook until they landed their first three clients my hope was that getting these students started would be enough motivation for them to follow through and build a six-figure business now the results of this little done-for-you experiment have been dramatic

Normally when a student is left to do everything on their own only about 10 percent go on to build a successful full-time consulting business the rest would just give up before seeing any real results the students who had it done for them however had a 90 success rate in growing their business to a six-figure income or more ninety percent of first-timer consultants are earning a full-time income

And all they needed was that initial push to get them started I think of it like trying to push start a car you ever have to push a stuck car or get one out of a ditch getting the car moving from a dead stop is always the hardest part requiring a tremendous amount of effort and the help of everyone around you yet once the car is in motion it’s easy to keep it moving and steer it to wherever you want it to go it’s the same in business once you get started and land that first client

It’s easy to keep that momentum going you just needed a friend to give you that initial push to get you going to provide you with some momentum and that’s what i want to do for you first time consultants are landing paychecks and building full-time businesses with their done-for-you sales funnel the students who had this sales funnel set up for them are earning six figures or more as a result now as a pre-launch customer of effortless traffic formula I want to give you the opportunity to have your first three clients booked for you

Here’s everything i am offering you in this exclusive one-time only deal first i’m going to write and record a sales video selling your services this video will sell you the service you are offering and the price that you want to charge

Next i’m going to create everything for you the landing page the video hosting buy button and thank you pages you will be able to set this funnel up in one click and start landing payments from day one finally you will receive priority support where you communicate directly with me as i personally guide you through the process of finding businesses to target and sending out copy and paste emails

I’ll even provide you with pre-written emails to get the job done now these funnels are yours to use to get hired by as many businesses as you want you are in control of how much money you earn you will have three clients locked in paying you 500 a month or more by the end of the funnel now over the past few months i’ve been charging students a flat fee of five grand to set up this very funnel for them this fee includes a first three clients guarantee which is why is in such high demand and considering that ninety percent of the students who get this set up go on to build a six-figure business

I’m sure you’d agree that five grand is a small investment for this service now as a pre-launch customer of effortless traffic formula i want to give you the opportunity to have your first three clients booked for you and so i’ve decided to take just 10 students and do all of the work for them at a fraction of my usual 5 000 fee 10 people who will have a sales funnel built for them

That’s totally hosted set up and ready to send you payments sending them clients every week more than enough to start earning six figures as a consultant the only catch is is that they must put these funnels to use and send out emails to business owners for this guarantee to be valid

Act right now make the commitment to use these funnels and you can have everything along with my three client guarantee for the low price of only two ninety seven. Listen don’t decide now take advantage of my 60-day total satisfaction guarantee i’m so confident that this will work for you that i am willing to do all of the work myself and guarantee your results

You’ll earn far more in your first month and your investment in this program if you are not satisfied with the results or for any reason at all i’ll send you a full refund you can even keep the funnel and all the work i’ve done for you remember that this guarantee is only valid if you have put these funnels to use and sent emails to business owners

This is not for tire kickers you’ll have to send me a list of business owners you contacted for this guarantee to be valid which i think you’ll agree is a crazy fair deal you must act now however because the 10 spots will fill up quickly look below this video right now if there are any spots left you will see a square yellow sign up button below click that button to be taken to our secure checkout page follow the instructions on the checkout page and you will secure your spot in this done for you program remember i am personally coaching you through this and

Only have time for 10 students i expect these spots to fill up quickly so only the most proactive customers will be able to make this happen look below the video right now click the sign up button and i will greet you personally in the members area



How would you like to earn five thousand dollars a month from each and every consulting client you land five thousand dollars per month is about the average I’ve been earning from consulting clients over the past year

Now you may find it more surprising that I did not upsell any of these clients no they came to me looking for my help and in the next three minutes you are not only going to learn how I’m earning this much cash but the biggest sales mistakes you must avoid if you want clients coming to you for answers

Listen using this strategy on consulting clients means you’d be earning sixty thousand dollars a year from each local business that hires you taking on just two clients is all it would take to earn a hundred and twenty thousand dollars this year a true six-figure salary for what is really only three days of work each week want to earn a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year and work three days a week

Here’s the deal nearly every business needs a combination of different services in order to grow their business whether it’s seo mobile apps reputation management hosting social media management or even e-commerce every business is different

Most consultants ignore this fact and just pitch whatever system or solution they want to sell this would only close the handful of businesses that actually need the product you are selling the majority of businesses will just ignore you even though they probably need something else and would have done business with you had you simply offered it

Look the real secret to earning thousands and even tens of thousands in monthly fees from a business is to find out what they need before you try to offer them a solution this is surprisingly easy as long as you ask the right problem questions at the beginning of any client conversation

All you have to do is find a solution for the problems that the client is having and then charge the client a monthly fee to implement that solution there’s very little selling involved when you offer something a business owner already wants

Think about it these problem questions that you’ll learn about in a minute are like windows into a client’s mind allowing you to discover the services that any business owner is already shopping for and eager to pay big bucks to anyone who can deliver

And once a business owner learns that you are the go-to guy that can solve any business problem they will request everything they need from you heck I’ve even had business owners ask me for weight loss advice because I always seem to have a solution for them being a consultant is more fun when you can work with fewer more loyal clients and spend your time helping them grow their business instead of selling new clients on the latest mobile or seo gimmick running my consultant business this way over the last few years has allowed me to accumulate a number of solutions for almost any problem a business owner has whether it’s SEO lead generation

Handling bad reviews or generating more foot traffic I’ve built a collection of software checklist guides and outsources to handle every possible request this collection grows weekly as my consulting business gains new clients and has been helpful when hiring new outsourcers to do the work for me I started giving some of my coaching students access to this collection as well to see if they could duplicate my success and earn more money from their clients

One of my students scott williams from lake park Georgia recently used these proposals on some of his clients the most Scott has ever collected from a business owner before was fifteen hundred dollars and many of his clients hadn’t spoken to him in over six months

They simply never wanted to buy anything from Scott no matter what he offered with nothing to lose he sent each client and a handful of new businesses one of my copy-and-paste email questionnaires to his surprise nearly 40 percent of the people he emailed sent him a message back listing all of the things they are looking to buy for their business

Most of the services they wanted were things that Scott never considered selling before for many of the client requests Scott was able to use my pre-packaged software and solutions he posted the remainder of the client’s request to our member forum and I helped him come up with custom solutions he could sell this helped Scott earn five to ten thousand dollars from each client

This was more than he was earning from his entire business the previous month when he spent most of his time trying to sell businesses the latest and greatest marketing gimmick and Scott is not alone I’ve had dozens of students earning five to ten thousand dollars a month from clients ever since joining this membership

Like forum member solo warrior who recently posted this about one of my programs all I can say is thank you, Luther, you just closed my first of many to come five thousand dollar deals or remember Lena Zell who posted this success story to our forum after making over thirty thousand dollars his first month as a member thanks to Luther and colin I was able to sell almost thirty thousand dollars of a product I created a few weeks ago and member just Judy who posted her story on our forum my biggest breakthrough came when Luther got on the phone with one of my clients and sold the guy a five thousand dollar package

Now I want to give you the chance to earn five thousand dollars per client as a consultant before we begin I have to warn you this is not for everyone if you are already earning over five thousand dollars per month from each consulting client or if you are the type of person who will download these assets

And not take any action then this offer is simply not for you however if you are able to reach out to a handful of businesses using copy and paste templates and if you are willing to work with a handful of long-term clients for high monthly fees then this is not just another solution for you

This is the only solution for you here’s everything you’re getting when you become a member of the Landro inner circle the questionnaires and scripts that can uncover what a business owner is looking to buy after a single call or email students have been getting a forty to sixty percent response rate from these copy and paste templates

Every piece of software and service guide I use to service my consulting clients this walk-through training and software will allow you to become an instant expert and service any business owner’s needs including reservation systems for food service businesses appointment settings and marketing software you can sell to doctors web design themes and templates for mom and pop stores completely done for you reputation management software that can eliminate bad reviews

Seo checklists and plugins that are guaranteed to rank any website to the first page of Google’s results mobile templates that allow you to build fully functional mobile apps for clients in five minutes without writing a single line of code

As a member of the Landro inner circle you are also getting access to every product I have ever produced and free access to any product I produce in the future as well as high-end products from other leading marketers and experts you’ll also discover the free online lead sources I use to find new clients that have been getting me an unheard of sixty percent response rate with this method

You’re also getting access to all of my field-tested sales presentations and scripts that can sell any service your client needs and work agreements to make everything official so you can rest easy knowing that you have been paid to help you grow your consulting business you’re also getting my complete rolodex of outsourcers who can do all of the work servicing and selling new clients for you after all outsourcing is the real secret to working smarter and not harder

You just need to know which outsources to hire and this rolodex includes every outsourcer I have worked with personally so you know that they can deliver top quality remember sending these questionnaires out to a business will uncover all the services that the business owner is looking for and willing to spend big money on

All you have to do is paste a business’s response to the questionnaire in the member’s area and my team will help you put together a package to sell them paying you five thousand dollars per month to implement there is no easier or more guaranteed way to earn money as a consultant

Now I’ve been charging 97 a month for access to the Landro inner circle which I’m sure you’d agree is more than fair since this system is updated weekly with new stuff and you can request unlimited help as a member however as a previous customer of mine I want to make this deal a complete no-brainer for you I want to prove this system’s effectiveness by getting you results in advance getting you paid five thousand dollars a month from your next client take just 30 days to send out just a handful of these proposals paste the client’s reply in the coaching section of the member’s area and let me craft a solution for you all you have to do is implement the solutions and

Collect your five thousand dollars monthly fee means it would take just five clients to earn you twenty-five thousand dollars a month ten clients to earn you fifty thousand dollars a month or even just twenty full-time clients to earn you a total of one hundred thousand dollars per month

Imagine that’s 1.2 million a year for giving a dedicated service to just 20 happy clients and to get you started now you are getting a full month’s access to the Landro inner circle for just twenty-seven dollars that’s over seventy percent discount remember you will have your first client paying you five thousand a month this time next week

Once you have used this questionnaire strategy this discount is only valid on this page right now you can cancel this membership at any time so there really is no risk at all just unlimited access to thousands of dollars worth of software sales materials and outsourcers for a small deposit of just twenty-seven dollars

Click the buy button below now enter your information on the next page and I’ll see inside if you’re still watching I bet you have some questions about the Landro inner circle gold membership here are some questions that other savvy entrepreneurs have asked me in the past how soon can I make this money by following the instructions in this course you will be reaching out to hot prospects and finding exactly what they want to pay for students have received checks their first day using this system by working hard others have taken a week or more

Before they see their first check how fast you earn money will depend on how much work you are willing to do if I have no clients you can use my top lead sources to find hot clients and get started these scripts work just as well as booking new clients as they do selling old clients, in fact, you have an advantage you could start your relationship with a business on the right foot having them pay you substantially more money than trying to resell a client that is used to paying lower fees

How do I get paid clients to pay you via check credit card or PayPal you can collect your fees and anyway, you feel comfortable isn’t this business saturated no according to Forbes approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month there are more businesses out there and need help than there are consultants who can help them are these solutions difficult no most of the solutions are simple software you can use to provide the service along with detailed step-by-step instructions on getting them in place I will also provide you with cheap outsourcers who could do all the work for you if you choose how is this different than x product this system works by giving a business owner what they want instead of trying to sell them the latest gimmick

If a client asks for something that is not in this collection simply post what the client is asking for and I will have a solution created for you that makes this the last product you will ever need to buy can I contact you directly yes once you log into the membership you’ll be given my direct contact information can I get one-on-one coaching from you?

Yes if you want to partner directly with me and your business I’m here just send me a message and I will get it set up how do I cancel you can cancel this yourself at any time through your warrior plus or jvzoo account or you could send me a support ticket and I will handle cancellations promptly

Listen this is your last chance to secure your discounted access to this collection hundreds of others are using this system to earn six and seven-figure incomes working part-time from their home click the buy button below and I look forward to seeing you inside


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • What is this Effortless Traffic Formula?
    Effortless Traffic Formula is an on-demand coaching program that uses AI to generate and launch digital courses for profit. .
  • Is this something I have never seen before?
    This Effortless Traffic Formula method has NEVER been revealed publicly. The AI tools in this program are brand new and hand-picked. This is the first time I’m showing any of this.
  • Is this Effortless Traffic Formula really newbie-friendly?
    Absolutely! Everything is presented in a step-by-step fashion that uses copy/paste materials. No experience is needed. If you can send an email, you can run this business from home.
  • How exactly does this Effortless Traffic Formula work?
    You use AI tools to generate digital products and sell them on online marketplaces.
  • Does Effortless Traffic Formula include a free traffic method?
    YES! Digital course marketplaces provide you with a steady stream of buyer and affiliate traffic.
  • How much can I make with Effortless Traffic Formula?
    Legally, we can’t guarantee that you make any money with this as most people won’t put it into action. That said, our launches range from $10,000-$100,000 in profits per product.
  • How long until I start making money using Effortless Traffic Formula?
    Customers have seen their first paycheck in as little as a week. However, how long it takes depends entirely on how fast you are willing to put this into action.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    YES! You have a full 60 days to try this out for yourself. If you are not completely 100% satisfied, for any reason at all, just send me a quick email with the word refund, and I’ll send you back every penny. No hassles, no questions.
  • How do I get instant access to Effortless Traffic Formula?
    After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will be granted immediate access to the member’s area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you.
  • What is the best way to onboard a new client?
    All of this is handled for you! The best part about working for agencies is YOU don’t have to deal with clients once they are sold. You hand them off to professionals who will onboard them over the phone and through webinars for you.
  • How do I price my Effortless Traffic Formula product?
    We cover pricing in module 3 so you’ll know exactly what to charge your customers with a simple formula.
  • How can someone start an agency part-time while keeping their full-time job?
    This requires only 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes a week to manage emails. You can do this early in the morning while you have your coffee or late at night before bed.
  • On average, how many hours should you spend on each client?
    NONE! The best part is once this is set up, the agencies do all the work for you while you earn a lifetime commission on every dollar they spend.
  • How do you scale up your business when bringing on more clients?
    You can add as many LinkedIn groups as you like to generate as many clients as you want. I also offer private coaching to help you take this to the next level, offering even more services to clients.


I hope that my Effortless Traffic Formula OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!


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