The 8 Incredibly Efficient For Sale by Owner Websites You Need To Try In 2022

There are two options for listing your home for sale. The first route is when hiring a real estate agent. The agent will assist you in finding a buyer and guiding you through the sale process. In exchange, the agent would be paid a percentage of the sale price. You may sell the house without using a real estate agent if you like.

For Sale by Owner is where you, as the homeowner, can list on the website. The transaction will not involve a broker or an agent. 

The real estate market now is flooded with selling your home yourself websites. Due to the transaction model becoming more popular and offering various benefits, such as the potential for speedier sales and cost savings, For Sale by Owner websites sprout up all the time, each claiming to be the greatest For Sale by Owner option.

For Sale by Owner, websites are much more prominent than ever before. 77% of for-sale-by-owner houses sold in less than two weeks. 

If you sell through for sale by owner websites, you will save the whole listing agency commission as well as maybe the buyer agent commission. That’s hundreds of dollars in your pocket! It is critical to select the best FSBO website. 

Here are the top 8 for sale by owner websites you should consider approaching in 2022.


If you’re looking for a firm backed by robust edge technology, Houzeo is one of the best sell-your-home yourself websites. Houzeo makes it simple to fulfill the whole real estate transaction online, with easily customized listings, automated reminders, and step-by-step video tutorials leading you through each point of the listing and sales process.

Your listing will be available not just on Houzeo, but also on the MLS and other major listing websites. This is critical since you are no longer limited to buyers and sellers who are merely browsing Houzeo and your listing may get a lot of attention.

Furthermore, Houzeo supports buyer’s agent commission and, even further, allows you to set the amount. Enabling buyer’s agent commission is useful since it encourages real estate agents to expose your listing to prospective buyers, and the ability to adjust the amount allows you to select how much money you save.

With its high-tech experience, potential to cut buyer’s agent commissions, and syndication of listings to other listing sites, Houzeo is among the most popular for sale by owner websites

YOu can check out Houzeo reviews for more information.


Homecoming entices house sellers with its $95 FSBO listing, but customers must now cope with a cumbersome dashboard of its website. This dashboard complicates the already difficult FSBO listing procedure. Homecoming provides one Flat Fee MLS California listing package for $95 that includes a listing period of 12 months and ten free listing updates. 

You are allowed to upload an unlimited number of photographs. You also receive free calls and email forwarding. Sellers must pay $450 for state-mandated seller disclosures. Homecoming has raised the price of for-sale yard signs from $49 to $97.

During the FSBO transaction, Homecoin imposes hidden costs ranging from $450 to $2,999. Selling your house with Homecoin might be costly since they demand a high fee for supplementary services such as seller disclosures.

You can check out  Homecoin Reviews for more information. has been in business for over two decades. Their longevity not only reflects their popularity but also places them positively in addition to online traffic since they have gained credibility with search engines over time.

Since agents are forbidden from marketing to their clients, restricts buyer’s agent remuneration. They also provide one of the most effective for-sale-by-owner listing experiences, with completely configurable listing choices.

Be wary of their free basic listing package since’s monthly visits will only be your prospective purchasers; you will not reach consumers who are searching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or other major listing sites.


Beycome is one of the low-cost sell-your-home yourself websites wit3h exceptional capabilities. A $99 plan includes features including listing on the local MLS, syndication on major real estate websites (such as Zillow and, a message center, and an open house schedule. 

The $299 plan (advanced package) is excellent and should meet the needs of the majority of merchants. This package contains publishing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), uploading as many images as the MLS allows, access to a lock box and yard sign, offering a virtual tour, and much more. A dedicated representative is included in Beycome’s Concierge service. 

It comes with a price tag of $499 plus 1% of the sale price in agent fees, which is quite expensive. The price is significantly more than comparable low commission real estate websites that provide complete service and consultation. You would also have to keep in mind the hidden costs as part of this deal, which would make it more expensive.

US Realty

US Realty claims to have assisted over 25,000 homeowners in selling their homes and saving them thousands of dollars in the process. Based on your specific listing requirements and preferences, US Realty provides four listing service packages ranging from free to $249. Due to US Realty’s low site traffic, all packages include 6 months of MLS exposure as well as syndicating your property listing to Zillow, Trulia, and

If a homeowner wants help with every stage of the listing and selling procedure, their top-tier package may make things considerably easier. Yard signs, brochure boxes, sales documentation, and even a broker evaluation are all included. All US Realty packages include free phone and email assistance, which may provide buyers and sellers with additional peace of mind.


Trulia is well-known for its sale-by-owner website with a huge number of monthly visitors. Trulia is a popular alternative for consumers and sellers that do not need much assistance with the listing process, owing to Zillow’s user-friendly technology and industry prominence.

Trulia, like Zillow, provides free property listings as well as high visibility. Trulia may not be the greatest option if you want more than just a simple listing. There will be limited training, documentation support, and listing extras like yard signs.

The same risks apply to Zillow’s paid advertising; you may find yourself dealing with buyer’s agents rather than directly with possible purchasers, since agency-sponsored adverts may lead prospective buyers to contact the agent rather than the property owner.

Using an agent may result in a 3% increase in costs. Aside from Trulia’s well-known brand and high site exposure, another advantage of listing your house For Sale by Owner on Trulia is their highly precise crime reporting data. Trulia properties in low-crime areas are portrayed favorably, increasing the probability of a quick sale and a higher purchasing price.


Due to the site’s well-known brand, Zillow’s for-sale-by-owner website is a godsend for buyers and sellers seeking “Where can I post my property For Sale by Owner For Free.” 

With their well-known brand comes a consistent flow of high-volume website traffic each month, which might translate to a significant boost in the number of potential buyers viewing your listing.

Zillow’s for-sale-by-owner listing capabilities are limited to the fundamentals of online listing services, with essentially no listing assistance. Sellers who sell their house on Zillow may expect a Zillow listing as well as a “Zestimate,” or Zillow’s estimate of the property’s value.

If you need extras like step-by-step instructions, legal paperwork, and extras like yard signs, Zillow’s for-sale-by-owner platform is not the ideal option. Furthermore, some sellers are apprehensive about Zillow’s paid advertising strategy for for-sale-by-owner listings. Prospective buyers may instead contact buyer’s agents since real estate brokers may spend on marketing.

When a buyer’s agent is engaged in a transaction, an extra charge is assessed, generally up to 3% commission. Because of its brand recognition and free listing service, Zillow’s website is a fantastic choice for many people, but those looking for additional assistance should be aware of its limitations and potential hazards. is a “For Sale by Owner Website” operated by a veteran that has been providing the opportunity to purchase and sell a property without the need of an agent since 1997. Since then,’s sector credibility has grown, and it is now a recognized source with significant web traffic. is unique in that it provides two distinct service categories to meet the diverse demands and budgets of its buyers and sellers. 

Their basic listing membership includes a one-year personalized listing as well as unlimited photo and video uploads. This bundle also includes listing submission to Redfin for added visibility.

The enhanced plan is one of the most expensive on the market, but it includes everything in the basic package as well as extra visibility via syndication of your listing to Zillow,, and your local MLS. 

This option also provides agent support, however, it is said to be restricted. The enhanced package may have the disadvantage of including a 3% buyer’s agent commission.

This may minimize savings, but it may also encourage brokers to market your listing to potential buyers, which can work in your favor. Despite its higher rates, remains one of the most popular sell-by-owner websites. Keeping in mind its unlimited video uploads and better listing exposure with the premium plan, it is a competitive alternative when determining where to post your for-sale-by-owner listing.