Ecocampor: Beginning of An Impactful Revolution 

The RV manufacturing industry in China has been experiencing major fluctuation for the past several years. The recreational vehicle (RV) market is subjected to similar issues as the automotive market. These problematic concerns entail unsteady fuel prices, government concerns over carbon emissions, and safety issues. However, China is the biggest automotive industry and aims to attract growth opportunities at a much larger scale because of the economic development and elevated freight demand. Furthermore, the development of innovative vehicles is experiencing an increase in the industry. 

Industries are making efforts to bring a revolution in the automotive sector in order to meet fuel efficiency standards and more. Moreover, the rental and leasing markets are also witnessing a considerable hike in their demand. People who cannot afford RV or those not in favor of continuous traveling are moving towards renting RVs. As a result, the rental industry is also enjoying the perks of growth because of the indirect impact of the RV industry upon it. 

A research analyst, Goldstein, forecasted that the RV market in China is in its early phase of development. In 2017, Chinese RV consumers purchased an estimated 25000 RVs, which is expected to increase by the end of 2025 to a considerable extent. The estimate is expected to hit a ballpoint of 400000 RV consumers by 2025. 

The rising economy of China and the advent of the growing middle class both demand a cumulative increase in leisure-related goods and activities, such as RVs, boating, and RV camping. Competing at the same industrial level, Ecocampor, a Chinese RV manufacturing industry, began its journey in 2008. Raymond Wu, the mastermind behind the company, built an RV team and successfully manufactured his first ever RV. When he displayed his first achievement on the internet, the amount of love and appreciation he received motivated him to start a full-time career-oriented business. 

In 2009, Raymond rented a building in Foshan City, China, where he opened his first small RV factory. The efforts of R&D increased day in and day out to maintain the high standards and fulfill the expectation of the clients. 

In 2011, the small factory of Ecocampor started witnessing huge expansion. It was expanded to seven floors. Each floor was responsible for producing the most efficacious RVs there could be. Some of the team members looked after RV’s research and development department, and the rest focused on its highly effective production. All the workers on each floor had a clear division of labor, and the production efficiency bloomed. 

Ecocampor released its first camper trailer in 2011. Since then, the production chain of the company has only intensified. In 2013, due to Raymond and his employees’ collective efforts, manufacturing different kinds of products became a reality. Truck campers, off-road trailers, toy haulers, caravans, and much more were invented. The same year, the company manufactured an off-road toy hauler and a two-row, off-road independent suspension system. 

From the day of its development to the following year, the company has witnessed incredible growth in its demand. It became one of the most competitive companies in Guangdong, China. Now, it has more than 10 types of camper travel trailers and caravan launches, which have been applied for more than 10 patents. 

In 2015, the company made a huge mark in the RV manufacturing industry by producing magnificent innovations. The team is still striving to bring an innovative revolution to the market by adding more features to facilitate the small place. Undoubtedly, the feedback of its users and dealers has enabled the company to strengthen its brand name in the market.