Easy and Convenient Editing PDF with UPDF on Mac – Completely Free

Work from home has made online sharing and editing of data more common. Previously, paper documents were still exchanged between people, but it is all digital today. But, with things going digital, apps and programs have also become casual. There are many software to ease your daily work burden. UPDF by Superace Software Technologies is one such program that aims to make things simpler for you. In May, UPDF released completely free PDF editor for Mac on Mac App Store and soon its Windows version will be available on its official websites. The smart all-rounder application is to help edit, annotate, and organize your PDF files.

What makes UPDF a good PDF editor?

Editing PDF files has always been burdensome. Downloading the files and converting them into editable formats involves too much work. However, UPDF eases your task. It makes editing simple without having to change the extension of the file. The USP of the editor is that you don’t need to be a professional to use it. Anyone from tech-savvy to a novice can use this program and easily edit PDF files according to their requirements.

Some of the editing supported by UPDF are:

  • Add and delete text
  • Edit the properties of the text and the format like the font style, size and color
  • Change the layout of the file
  • Change the text alignment
  • Crop, remove, extract or replace images
  • Add delete pages or portions

UPDF offers an amazingly stunning and comprehensive interface, making it pretty simple and convenient to use the program. It is your one-stop solution to get complete control of the editing of your PDF files. The free PDF editor makes editing simpler for everyone.

It allows users to make comments and share them in real-time. It is an amazing Adobe Acrobat alternative but completely free. You will not find any other PDF editing program for free.

You can either edit one file or edit many files together. It supports batch processing which allows users to edit one or multiple PDF files at a time.

You can also view and navigate every part of the PDF file if you want. You can magnify portions that are tough to read and add bookmarks to refer back to something later. If you want to add thumbnails to pages, it is easily possible with UPDF.

If you are looking for a specific text, you can easily use the search feature, and within seconds you will have it in front of you.

UPDF is an amazing program for people who have to deal with PDF files in their daily office work. Choose this hassle-free, simple, and convenient method to easily edit and organize your PDF documents and see how it lightens your workload. If you have struggled with managing, organizing and editing PDF documents, then worry no more! The PDF editor Mac gives you instant relief and helps you access files and use them according to your requirements. You are under no obligation to use the same PDF files forwarded to you by your client. You can organize and edit them according to your preference.