Dropping music bangers in a row! This emerging artist from Colombia is all set to become the new pop sensation | Ayrton Jimenez

Every once in a while, a singer emerges in the music industry and blows everyone away. One such name that is on his way to making it big in the world of music is singer and songwriter Ayrton Jimenez. With seven successful tracks, 200,000 views on YouTube, 10,000 followers on Instagram, and a global fanbase, there is no doubt that Ayrton will become the next pop sensation.

The British-born/Colombian descendant singer is the genius behind creating successful tracks, such as ‘I’m Sure’, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes’, ‘Plastic Paradise’, and ‘We’ll Build Something New’. What sets Ayrton apart from other musicians in this cutthroat industry is that he is very different when it comes to the kind of lyrics he creates and the emphasis he places on connecting with the audience. In fact, when listening to his songs, we bet you wouldn’t even be able to guess his age!

An old head on young shoulders, Ayrton Jimenez is a talented singer who combines thoughtful, intimate songwriting with virtuoso guitar playing. The result of the vision is a uniquely captivating sound that will leave you mesmerized. Every soulful track of his release has years of hard work and passion behind it. He was in love with the art of music as a kid and still remembers performing Elvis Presley’s songs in front of his class when he was only 5 years old. It wasn’t until he was 8 years old that he picked up his first guitar. 

Once Ayrton started playing, there was no turning back. He ended up studying music at the Southwest School of Music and also won national music competitions. Ayrton’s main struggle was to concoct a balance between his love for music, his studies, and his job. For a few challenging years, he barely had any time to rest. He would dedicate his nights to writing and recording music, which helped him land a few gigs. This gave Ayrton Jimenez the confidence to keep creating music. 

Before he knew it, his hard work started paying off, and he took the live music scene in Buenos Aires by storm. Hundreds of people gathered to watch him perform in clubs and bars as he experimented with different genres. “I like to try new things when writing/producing, and this is how I create a unique sound,” Ayrton shares. “I experiment with every new song to make my track interesting,” he adds.

As far as songwriting is concerned, it is a process that is Ayrton’s favorite since it comes very naturally to him. He pours his feelings on paper and comes up with a song that connects with people. For instance, his debut single, ‘Downtown BA’, pays homage to Buenos Aires, the city where he started developing his music career. According to Ayrton, penning down our experiences and emotions is what makes a song authentic. “I feel proud when my music can make a positive impact and help shine a light on new perspectives to the listeners,” he explains.

Even though Ayrton Jimenez considers songwriting quite easy, it is the process of recording that he finds stressful. But since he is passionate about music, he doesn’t let the stress pull him down and has formulated a routine that helps him succeed. “Before a new project, I start with the guitar, formulate riffs and chord progressions, and then start singing,” he shares. “Once the skeleton of the song is created, I start recording on my laptop.” This has helped him improve as a songwriter and as an artist, and this evolution can be heard in his single ‘Plastic Paradise’ where Ayrton departs from his usual acoustic genre and explores some more experimental production. 

As far as the future is concerned, Ayrton Jimenez hopes to keep releasing ground-breaking songs and play live internationally. “I am proud of the music I have produced, and I look forward to taking it to the next level soon,” he concludes.

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