Dr. Jordan Sudberg Services for Rehabilitation

Millions of people are suffering from serious health problems due to sports injuries and spine damage. Many people have lost the ability to heal and live a normal lifestyle. Some highly skilled and experienced doctors work hard to offer outstanding services in rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation are important medical specialties that help patients regain lost functions after an injury or other medical condition. This is not the job of one doctor. Instead, a whole team of specialists works in rehabilitation centers to help patients get back to normal.

Jordan Sudberg, a well-known doctor in rehabilitation and physical medicine, has treated thousands of patients over his career. He is the CEO and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation. Dr. Jordan Sudberg completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital. He also completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital. He also worked as a tissue engineering researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also worked as a researcher at Columbia University’s Exercise Physiology laboratory, Department of Cardiology. He has a passion for modern regenerative medicine, thanks to his many years of experience.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg, a Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital trained and certified medical doctor in Nerve Conduction Studies, is currently a physician. Regenerative Medicine, Elite Fitness and Peak Performance are his main interests. His outstanding career in medicine has seen him treat many satisfied patients. He has helped many patients overcome their addictions and pains during his career as a doctor. Dr. Jordan Sudberg is also involved with professional networks. He loves to keep in touch with like-minded people all over the globe.

About Jordan Sudberg

Dr. Jordan Sudberg, a well-known rehabilitation and physical medicine specialist, has served patients in the Islandia region of New York for many years. Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a specialist in the management of spine and musculoskeletal problems, as well as a few other conditions. He is also able to perform ultrasound-guided needle injections as well as Musculoskeletal Ultrasounds. He is licensed to practice in New York.