Dos and Don’ts for Baking Fantastic Cakes

You want to bake fantastic cakes for yourself and for those that you care about, too. When you want to do your best, you can find that you put yourself under unnecessary stress and pressure. This can then build and affect how you feel about baking. So, what dos and don’ts should you be following to get fantastic cakes every time?

Do Use a Recipe You Love

The recipe that you use has to work, and it has to be one that you love. If you are trying out new recipes for the first time (or even for the second), you may not bake fantastic cakes; they may just be mediocre. So, always follow a recipe that you know, love, and trust. One that has never let you down and one that produces cakes that both look and taste fantastic.

Don’t Overmix 

Whether you are mixing in a bowl by hand or using an electric mixer, it can be easy to overmix. To stop this from happening, keep regularly checking on the consistency. If it is too lumpy, take things slowly. However, if it is too smooth, you may have let the mixture go too far, and this may mean you end up with rubbery or greasy-looking cakes. Being sure not to overmix can be difficult, but as you practice baking, you will get a feel for what the perfect mixture looks like. Making sure that all of the ingredients are combined is important at all stages.

Do Follow Baking Instructions and Timings

It can be hard to forget about timings and instructions when you are baking, and it can be easier to focus on the final product. However, if you let instructions and timings slip, you could find that you end up with bland or even overbaked cakes. Being diligent when you are baking is important. Following instructions clearly and precisely is key to baking success.

Do Use Stencils

When you have baked the perfect cakes, you then have to focus on the decoration side of things. You can use stencils on the side of your cake or even on the top. Stencils are easy to use, and they can instantly elevate the look of any cake – giving it that professional look. There are always a large number of styles to choose from, so whether you are looking for Christmas cake stencils or you are looking for something for Hanukkah, you are sure to find it.

Don’t Forget to Taste Test

Sometimes you can find that cakes can look beautiful, but they can taste bland and even rubbery. It is important and essential to taste test cakes, especially if you are serving them to others. If you are creating cupcakes, you can cut a cake in half to see what it looks like and how it tastes. If you are creating larger cakes, try and bake a mini version of the larger ones you are working on. This smaller version can be your test cake for decoration and your taste cake too.