Dispensary Owners: How to Crush Your 4/20 Sales

We all know 4/20 is the cannabis industry’s big day. It’s like Black Friday meets a music festival. So, how do you make sure your dispensaryis ready to rock when April 20 comes around? Here’s what you need to know to ensure a successful 4/20 Day.

Remember to stock up

First things first: stock up, and we mean really stock up. Nothing kills the vibe faster than running out of your inventory. Look at what was bought the most last year and order accordingly. But don’t just keep to the usual suspects – throw in some limited-edition goodies or exclusive strains to create some hype.

Don’t forget to prepare promos

Speaking of buzz, start your marketing campaigns early. We’re talking weeks in advance. Blast those email lists, light up social media, and maybe even consider some local radio or print ads if that’s your style. Give people a reason to choose your dispensary over the competition.

Now, let’s talk deals. Everyone’s expecting discounts on 4/20, so get creative. Maybe a “buy one, get one” on select items, or a tiered spending system where the more they buy, the bigger the savings. Just make sure you’re not cutting into your profits too much – it’s a fine line.

Your loyal customers are a priority

Don’t forget about your loyal customers. Consider giving them early access to deals or a special VIP hour before the masses arrive. It’s a great way to show appreciation and kick off the day with some guaranteed sales.

Is your POS ready?

Let’s talk logistics. You’re going to be slammed, so beef up your staff. Bring in extra budtenders, security, and maybe even someone just to manage the line. And for the love of all things green, make sure your cannabis POS system can handle the incoming traffic, both from your website and storefront. The last thing you need is a technology meltdown on the biggest day of the year.

Here’s a pro tip: set up an express line for pre-orders taken over your cannabis eCommerce system. Let people reserve their purchased products online and skip the main queue.It’ll keep things moving and make for some happy customers. Plus, it’ll give you a better idea of what to expect sales-wise.

Powerful partnerships

Don’t underestimate the power of the “munchies”, either. Consider partnering up with a local food truck or restaurant to offer good food outside your dispensary. It’ll keep people in line happy and might even attract new customers who are just there for the food.

Final thoughts

Remember, 4/20 isn’t just about making bank – it’s a celebration of cannabis culture. If you can create a fun, positive vibe in your shop, people will remember that long after the day is over. And that is how you turn a good 4/20 into a great one.

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