Diseases That Your Dog Can Acquire

In Richmond, Virginia

Generally, we all know that every dog can always be a subject of having an illness. Whether a dog is kept indoors, or not, regardless of it being a pet or a stray, diseases could always come– every dog is in danger of acquiring them. There can be many reasons why a dog can acquire such illnesses. It could be from the foods they take (did it feed on forbidden foods such as chocolate and grapes?) It could be from the environment they inhabit, an inborn disease, or it could be just from their fellow dogs that held contagious diseases. If your dog happens to acquire one of these diseases, you can always consult a veterinarian for a checkup. There are many online veterinarians in Richmond, and of course, face-to-face consults are also present.

Below are 5 of the diseases that your pet dog can possibly acquire:

  1. Alabama Rot

There was a 2021 news article about the outbreak of the very harmful disease for dogs that hit Richmond and Wimbledon. “Alabama Rot” was its name. Alabama Rot is a type of disease that damages a dog’s blood vessels that affect their internal organs such as the skin and kidney. The disease, which usually comes from muddy soil, is firstly acquired through a dog’s paw, climbing its way up the dog’s leg creating sores and internal pains which can be deadly. And that is why dog owners were highly encouraged that on every walk with their dogs, they must cleanse their paws’ after.  The root for the Alabama Rot disease was not concretely found. However, symptoms were confirmed studied. So always be careful after every long walk with your furry partner, and make sure to cleanse their paws to prevent them from getting the disease.

  1. Distemper

This disease is caused by a transmittable virus. Dogs can usually acquire this sickness through the virus’ circulation through the air. This disease can also be acquired by their fellow dog who has this sickness that they came close contact with. Dogs with this disease usually show signs of teary eyes, runny nose, vomiting, and seizures that can be deadly. But, luckily, there is already a vaccine for this type of disease. And the vaccine is highly recommended for every dog.

  1. Parvo

This disease is usually common in every place. Most people have heard of this type, and this is the common disease that causes a dog’s death. Parvo targets a canine’s digestive tract, showing signs of fever, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. The virus of this disease is long-lasting, thus, causing the dogs to be at constant risk. A dog can acquire this sickness through an infected fellow dog, or from filthy environments. Parvo can be very fatal for puppies, especially if not immediately treated, and the treatment can be costly. However, fortunately, there is a vaccine made to protect dogs from this type of disease.

  1. Fleas and Ticks

This is a general, common problem for all dogs. Anywhere that you may go, this problem is always existing. Two factors can contribute to the cause of a dog’s fleas problem. It could be that they got it from a fellow in a dog gathering, or from the environment. The legs of the small insect can easily hop easily, and this explains why fleas and ticks are inevitable and sometimes hard to prevent. Too many fleas sticking in a dog can cause them internal problems such as large losses of blood– which is anemia. However, luckily remedies can also be found anywhere for this problem. It can be a vaccine, a shampoo, or a soap that can be used to bathe a dog.  

V. Heatstroke

Aside from human beings, dogs can also acquire this illness too. Stray dogs who don’t have stable and respective shelters and are usually exposed to sunlight are at high risk for heatstroke. But not just the stray dogs can be put at risk– pet dogs can be a subject too. During the seasons of summer, when the time for hot weather has come, every dog is prone to this sickness. They will fall into severe thirstiness, their bodies will become weak, and will pant extremely. Dogs that have fallen to heatstroke can be taken care of by immediately resting them in a shady and cool area, giving them a cold shower, and offering them large amounts of water. To avoid heat strokes for dogs, do not let them go outside during high temperatures, and avoid them leaving in hot areas where there is no space for air to be breathed. 


Many more diseases are still to be mentioned, but the 5 above are just some of the commonly acquired by dogs. There is always treatment for every dog disease. Online veterinarians in Richmond are always available if you just want to first check your dogs’ symptoms. And if symptoms persevere, better bring them to an actual veterinary clinic. Dog owners always have the responsibility of ensuring their dog’s wellness and safety. Make sure that you can provide the dog with its needs such as a lovely home, sufficient food, and required medications before considering taking care of one.  


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