“Discuss of a Black Man” is a Groundbreaking Spoken Word Music Video By Rapper SKG

“Discuss of a Black Man” is a groundbreaking spoken word music video by rapper SKG, born Helecia Choyce, which features acclaimed actors Tangie Ambrose and William L Johnson. Directed by Quarantiine Tarantino and Giovanni, the music video unfolds in a captivating theater setting, with Johnson’s character purchasing a ticket to a thought-provoking play.

As SKG and Tangie Ambrose enact powerful scenes, the spoken word delves into the complexities of relationships between black men and women in contemporary society. Touching on various layers of discussion, the piece offers insights into the challenges faced by both genders in navigating the complexities of dating and relationships in today’s world.

“Discuss of a Black Man” has resonated deeply with audiences, catapulting to the top of the charts, reaching #1 on the UK iTunes chart and #2 on the US iTunes chart. SKG’s aim to secure a Grammy nomination in the spoken word category reflects her commitment to using her platform to spark change and shed light on important social issues.

The music video serves as a catalyst for vital conversations about the roles of men and women within the black community, emphasizing the significance of mutual respect and upliftment. By tackling sensitive topics with honesty and insight, SKG’s work encourages viewers to reflect on their own perspectives and contribute to fostering a more inclusive and supportive society. “Discuss of a Black Man” is not merely entertainment; it’s a call to action, inspiring individuals to engage in dialogue and work towards positive change.

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