Discover Different Cheap Outdoor Timber Decking in Sydney

Before heading towards the details, let’s count the term timber only, and it will be great to describe the application of this single material. It is a marvellous material that is massively used for landscaping. To extend living area loft conversion from timbers are made. Timber is also used in patios or gateways by some homeowners instead of stone. For decking, the use of timber is incredible as this material outshines any other material for outdoor decor. If you are looking for many ideas for cheap outdoor timber decking in Sydney, this piece will give you a look at it. Read on to learn. 

Types of Cheap Outdoor Timber Decking in Sydney

When you are on a budget and looking for luxury, durable decking, then having a look at the various choices can help you choose the best. Different species have diverse applications. This is why it is important to outline that;

  • For what purpose are you installing a decking? 
  • Where will you install your decking?
  • What type of appearance do you want for your decking?
  • What is your budget?

Types of timber vary based upon their qualities such as aesthetics, toughness, water resistance, colour, and price per square meter. If the purpose of your decking is to add a class either a pool or hot tub; you will be suggested to select a timber decking that waterproof 

If you want a timber decking for your children then you will have to select a hard-wearing, weather-resistant, and durable wood. 

Here are some types of timber decking you may want to select from to add an exotic, urban, and luxury look to your outdoor

1.     Finger-jointed European Oak

The biggest advantage of this Oak timber is that it is a very inexpensive and highly sophisticated piece at the same time.


It has a fine medium-to-light brown colour. One can see the finger joints in the timber. 


Finger-jointed European is potentially very durable and beautiful hardwood. It comes in a grooved texture. This species has the additional benefit of being able to be supplied in longer, more stable lengths with the boarding glued and finger-joints.


For owners who are after a robust, classy, and inexpensive timber decking species at a potentially longer length, this Oak timber decking is the perfect choice to make. 

2.     Siberian Larch

It is light-coloured softwood. However, compared to softwoods, it the most durable decking material in the industry. This timber is dense and straighter grained than its European Larch colleague due to its slow growth.


Siberian Larch is resistant to rot and fungal attacks, making it perfect for a decking project that is intended to survive a lot of wear. It must be added that that the species does tend to move more than Thermo wood and the other hardwood options, 

Like finger-jointed European Oak, larch also comes in longer lengths.


Those looking for a long-standing, rot-resistant decking subject can rely on Siberian Larch.

3.     Thermo wood

It is dark-coloured softwood. This heat-tread species is extremely robust and weather resistant. When compared to Siberian Larch or Finger-jointed European Oak, it does not move much.

Thermo wood may be treated with a deck oil to maintain the dark colour, or can be left to weather naturally.


It is good for those in search of stable, durable, longer lengths. Also, for those who are looking for a cheaper option, thermo wood can be a wonderful solution.

4.     Iroko

Luxurious and top-of-the-range tropical hardwood decking iroko chlorophora excels. This is extremely, very long-lasting and stable.

The amazing thing to note is that Iroko produces its own natural oils, protecting it against the outdoor weather. 

It is available in various colours, so versatile, striking, and high-end timber decking Iroko is the right choice. 

5.     Balau

Balau is another hardwood, beautiful, durable, and even water-resistant decking material.

When it comes to seamless durability and strength, Balau is the smart choice like Iroko

Balau has a much steadier reddish-brown colour- the only difference that distinguishes it from Iroko. 

Due to high-end wood and great water resistance, it can be easily used for pool parties. 


For those who are in search of higher-end timber with eccentric technical properties, Balau is the material that must be considered. 

Tips on how to protect your timber garden decking!

The first thing you need to consider is that if you want your decking to weather naturally; you will have to make sure that your deck is finished with a top-quality UV protection oil.

There is no strange that sunlight is the biggest enemy to your good-looking decking, so a high-quality deck oil will give the concept extended weathering life and guard against the bland-grey colour typical of a weathered deck.

This is also noteworthy that give your treat your timber decking one in every year to extend its weathering life.

To give your decking added safety for the family, some UV oils sometimes also contain an added grip feature.

Weathering life of Timber Decking

Whether you have installed a cheap outdoor timber decking in Sydney like Finger-jointed European Oak or an expensive one; this question you must consider before installing the answer of which depends upon;

  • Quality of timber used
  • Quality of the build
  • Protective measures are taken.

In a nutshell, if you are using top-quality timber and getting it installed by professionals, then your timber can last for decades. 

Timber Flooring 

There are many types of timber flooring in Sydney, and each one has characteristics that make them favourite of consumers according to what suit them best Unfinished, pre-finished, engineered, and solid timbers are types of timber flooring that based on final texture or finish.