Different Variants of medical trolleys

In hospitals, doctors perform various surgical procedures and other health care related tasks that require different equipment. However, these tools are not always present in the required location. Thus, they are supplied to the required location using medical trolleys. The trolley also helps in carrying the dressings and medicines from one room to another in the hospital. Thus, it is clear that these stainless steel medical trolleys play a vital role in the infrastructure of the hospital. Without it, transporting equipment would have become a very challenging task.

There are different types of medical trolleys

Medical trolleys are of different types depending on the equipment they carry. Here in this article, you will find information about the uses and prices of some of the most commonly used hospital trolleys.

Crash cart trolley

A crash cart trolley, also known as a code cart or emergency trolley, is helpful for emergencies. It comes in different sizes depending on the type of procedures performed in hospitals.In most cases, an emergency trolley has four drawers or compartments from top to bottom. Each part is specific to the same type of equipment for easy access. Following are the tools which are in the drawer of Crash Cart Trolley,

  • The top drawer holds essential medicines and medicines for emergencies.
  • The second drawer holds the equipment needed to maintain a patent airway, such as the endotracheal tube and airway.
  • A third drawer holds equipment to maintain circulation, such as IV fluids.
  • The bottom drawer holds sterile forceps, needles, scissors and other tools needed for the procedures.
  • But medical trolleys may have a different order of equipment depending on the hospitals or clinics.


As the name suggests, emergency trolleys are helpful in situations that require quick and effective maintenance of heart and lung functions. Both of these functions are important for the survival of patients. This type of medical trolley has regularly arranged equipment for easy access in critical situations.Emergency trolley prices vary greatly depending on the facilities available. But most trolleys cost less than $200.

Instrument trolley

Instrument trolleys are the simplest medical trolleys found in hospitals or medical settings. It is a simple car made of stainless steel and has wheels for easy movement from one place to another.

In most cases, it consists of two parts. The upper part, often covered with cloth, is used to carry sterile surgical instruments such as scissors, needles, and blades. The following section is for medicines.


You will find a trolley type for carrying surgical instruments in most operation theatres. It also helps to move these devices from their storage area to the operating room.Being the simplest, they usually cost you much less than any other medical trolley. For example, most instrument trolleys cost around $50.

ECG Trolley

Most of you already know about ECG. It is an electronic device used to monitor the heart’s rhythm and pumping action. Any abnormality leading to death can be detected immediately using an ECG machine.

Anaesthesia trolley

Have you ever heard of anaesthesia? This is a procedure that is used to sedate the patient before starting the surgery. This is the most important part of the operation. A slight lapse may cause premature exacerbation or may cause the patient to remain unconscious for longer than necessary.

Like other medical trolleys, it also has a tabletop with enough space to accommodate the necessary equipment. It also has wheels for easy movement around the room.


The anaesthesiologist uses the anaesthesia trolley to arrange the equipment needed to administer the anaesthesia. Additionally, it has a screen that displays necessary patient parameters, such as blood pressure and breathing rate, for optimal monitoring.An anaesthesia trolley will usually cost you around $500.