Different types of pallet jacks to choose from

There are many different styles of pallet jacks Sydney to choose from and Safco brings them all to you at the best prices in the industry. Hard work not smart! A pallet jacks is an extremely useful tool for moving boxes or pieces of furniture. A sturdy hand dolly can handle a good-sized load and save you time, effort and frustration. But what about a folding pallet jacks? Will it be strong enough for your needs?

It really depends on how you plan to use it. If you’re a professional mover who regularly carries heavy items, you may be better off with a heavy-duty traditional, non-folding model.But maybe you have a business and travel frequently to trade shows, where you have to set up exhibits. Or maybe you’re a traveling salesperson and need a way to haul your supplies and display products.

The folding pallet jacks Melbourne is perfect for these situations. When it’s folded, you can easily tow the trolley on a plane or put it in the back seat of a car, neither of which is possible with a stationary model.

Before you invest in a pallet jacks, take a look at what you plan to move. Consider the total weight of the items and the distance you have to cover to move them. Depending on your needs, you can either go for a light weight or a heavy-duty model. Lightweight models should also have a load capacity of at least 220 pounds, and heavy-duty models should be able to handle up to 440 pounds. Here are some pallet jacks safety tips. This applies whether the trolley is folding or stationary:

  • When you use a trolley, make sure you centre your load on the platform so that there is less chance of tipping or sliding.
  • Always push the trolley forward instead of pulling it behind you.
  • Do not exceed load capacity rating. If you need to transport a 280-pound load, don’t buy a trolley rated for 220 pounds.

Lifting heavy objects can be painful. Even if you lift correctly, bending your knees and using your thigh muscles to take advantage, you can still injure your back if you try to lift something heavy. One way to protect your back is to use a pallet jacks (also called a hand dolly). Even with a pallet jacks, you still need to pay attention to your body mechanics.

Realize that a small load can be just as heavy or even heavier. If your job requires you to lift heavy objects, you must have a pallet jacks. If you’re not, talk to your supervisor about getting one. Tell them that pallet jacks are not as expensive as workers’ compensation claims. A little prevention can save employees from injury and save the company both money and time.