Different Types of Masonic Regalia and Their Significance

Mason regalia are the bits of accessories and garments offering the Freemasons a special identity during ceremonial meetings or parties. Some of these garments function as pieces of clothes worn since the initial meetings of Freemasons. These clothes and accessories are believed to be a symbol of pride for members of the esteemed organization. Wearing a Masonic Regalia is a pride to Freemasons, Whatever the occasion or event. They create Masonic Regalia as part of the personal style and a fashion statement to show their affiliation to the brotherhood. You can check Masonic Supply Store Online for a wide range of products.

The bits of mason regalia are utilized by members of brotherhood to help them produce a unifying connection of customs they consider in the present moment. The smaller bits such as cuff links, masonic jewels, neckties, and bow ties can match formal and casual attires that members of brotherhood attend. Furthermore, these pieces can help different individuals to recognize the members of the brotherhood and expand help if necessary.

Kinds of Masonic regalia

There are lots of kinds of garments and decorations that assist the Freemasons set a feeling for ceremonial. Essentially, there are two different types of Masonic regalia — Personally-owned and Lodge-owned. The personally-owned regalia contain — gloves, breast stones, hats, shirts, aprons, rings etc.. Every Mason Regalia has its own function, based on the degree of initiation to differentiate the functions of each member within the organization.


The white gloves are pristine and signify that the man’s hands have to be pristine as the gloves. Washing of hands is an introductory service to the initiation. Masonic gloves are usually made from linen and are constantly in white to indicate the requirement of purity from crime as a qualification of those seeking entrance into sacred rites. It can be observed that the Masonic gloves are worn as a continuation of particular traditions and values.


Masonic aprons represent the pure heart and signify purification of life. They’re introduced to Freemasons for wearing to a lodge. The Masonic apron is contrasted with the noblest decorations of ancient and contemporary Europe. The lambskin or white leather apron is your badge of Mason and a symbol of innocence. But, as you had been cleaned of the impurities of your body and mind, you’ve been introduced the apron. You can buy quality Masonic Past Master Aprons from this particular link.


Masonic badges would be the iconic emblems of Freemasonry that reflect knowledge and truth. They stand for purity and signifies something else that’s invisible. The symbols reflect the beliefs and customs of brotherhood and instruct symbolic lessons. The badge of Mason is regarded as a tool and is thought to be more honorable than Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle.


The previous masters wear rings that indicate they’ve help higher position of the paychecks. These stones are high in demand and are created with 10 karat gold. To the contrary, Masonic pins, pocket watches, keychains, and pendants signify that the amounts they’ve passed. Some masonic jewels are developed for the loved ones of the Freemasons. Masonic symbols like Collar jewelry display their emblem, which can be identified around the planet. The collar jewelry enables the member to offer assistance and support to other when the situation requires it.


A mason can wear a Masonic Signet ring upon completion of their Master Mason Degree based in their desire to display. Masonic rings are popular among men because of their seal of differentiation for centuries. The modern-day Freemasons wear them as a sign of devotion to their values and mission. It’s necessary to find out more about their values and missions in order to comprehend the real meaning of these gorgeous rings.