Different Types of Baseball Caps and How to Style Them

If you didn’t know already, baseball hats were originally designed for use on the baseball pitch by sports teams as part of their uniform. However, in the 90s, these hats grew to be fashionable hits amongst celebrities and the general populace. As time passed, baseball hats went from being basic accessories to becoming seen as a major fashion staple worldwide. Plus, they can be worn by all ages and genders, not to mention they can be worn and styled in several different ways that you can creatively think of. You can even create your own design of caps and find a Cap Manufacturer who will make it for you. It may not be too much of a stretch to say that you probably have a custom baseball hat or two in your wardrobe! 

However, just because these hats are popular does not mean that we all know the proper way to wear them. After all, there isn’t just one type of baseball hat out there, as there are several different varieties available to choose from. As such, we decided to share four different varieties of baseball hats and the right ways you should style them. If you love these caps as much as we do, and are looking to leave people admiring your fashion sense, then make sure to keep on reading for the ultimate hacks.

  1. Snapbacks

These are some of the most popular variations that you can find in today’s market. And what makes them different compared to the typical baseball hat is that they use a plastic snap as a closure at the back. This allows the wearer to adjust and fit the hat, according to their preferences. In the 90s, these hats were highly synonymous with hip-hop culture but now they are generally a stylish fashion staple that can be worn by anyone and with a variety of casual outfits. 

Moreover, there are several different ways by which you can choose to wear these hats. You can either wear them facing frontwards or backward, depending on the mood your feeling. However, we have to point out the=at you should resist the temptation to wear these hats sideways. This would be considered a fashion crime in most circles, so make sure to remember that. Also, in terms of styling, you can purchase a variety of wholesale snapback hats online for a laidback casual look. They also work perfectly well with a pair of denim jeans, a basic T-Shirt, and casual sneakers. you can opt to spice things up by throwing on a leather jacket if you own one. You can then put on your snapback hat facing forward for a casual look. Or backward, if you’re in a playful/cheerful mood, but always remember to keep your outfit casual from top to bottom.

  1. Dad hats

The dad hat became largely popular among middle-aged men back in the 90s. And while they are very similar in design compared to the normal baseball cap, they are some slight differences. For one, they are typically 5-panel hats that come with a somewhat loose-fitting. This is because they were are meant to fit middle-aged men. As a result, extra space and flexibility were necessary. Moreover, unlike typical baseball hats that are easily customizable, dad hats do not fit large or overly complicated logos or branding very well. So, if you want to look smart while wearing these hats, we suggest choosing a plain one with neutral colors like black, white, or red. 

However, these hats look especially good on streetwear, gym clothing, and simple casual outfits. If you have some vintage clothing in your wardrobe that would be even better to style these hats with. You only have to be careful to not go overboard by adding something flashy, just keep it simple.

  1. Fitted hats

For those unfamiliar with the term, fitted hats are a type of baseball hat that is not adjustable and are created to be the perfect fit. In other words, if you are intending on purchasing a fitted cap, then you need to get the correct size. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than owning a hat that either fits you too tightly or too loosely. They can also come with a flat or curved brim. However, it is always best that you wear them facing frontward.

  1. Trucker hats

Trucker hats were introduced in the 50s and 60s and were very popular among truck drivers and farmers. However, they steadily began being used as promotional material, with many companies giving them away at convenience stores to promote their brands and products. However, they inevitably became a fashion staple for many casual wearers after the 70s. In terms of styling, you can purchase a variety of trucker hat wholesale and wear them either facing frontwards or backward. However, they are one of the few baseball caps that are popularly worn facing backward. In which case, you should make sure that the hat’s brim faces downwards.


There is no question that baseball hats are the most popular types of hats that can be bought in today’s market. However, knowing the different variations available and how to style them can help you to avoid a fashion fail. Moreover, with these hats constantly evolving, with new designs, colors and materials, it is important to stay ahead of the curve to avoid being left behind. Alternatively, there are also several other hats that you can opt to try out. Some of these include; custom bucket hats, fedoras, beanies, flat caps, etc. Each of them comes with their correct style and suitable occasion to wear them, but in this case, this article should at least help you stay looking stylish whenever you are out and about with a baseball hat in any form of a casual setting.