Diablo 4 Guide: Insane Farming Method for Fast XP and Gold

In this Diablo 4 guide, we’ll explore an insane farming method that allows you to gain experience points (XP) and obtain Diablo 4 Gold at a speedy rate. Additionally, this method lets you repeatedly clear your favourite nightmare sigil and dungeon, allowing for rapid progress and enjoyment. We will walk you through the step-by-step process so that you can implement this strategy independently.

Caveats and Group Requirements:
Before we dive into the farming method, it’s important to note that this technique can only be performed in a group or party. Unfortunately, solo players cannot take advantage of this specific strategy. If you prefer solo play, I recommend checking out my previous guide on efficient solo farming in Diablo 4. For this particular method, being in a group is essential.

  • Step-by-Step Guide:
  • Form a group or party with your desired teammates.
  • Initiate a nightmare sigil and have all members accept the invitation.
  • Teleport to the dungeon and begin clearing it like you would normally.
  • Once inside the dungeon, promote another player to become the party leader. This step deviates from the usual process.
  • As the current party leader, click on the promoted player to transfer party leader status. The promoted player will receive a pop-up asking if they want to transfer their world instance. However, they must decline this pop-up by clicking “Decline.”
  • After successfully transferring party leader status without changing the world instance, continue clearing the dungeon as usual. Complete all objectives, defeat all mobs, and reach the boss fight. You can also upgrade your glyph during this process.
  • When the dungeon is completed, the current party leader should leave the party. This action will send them back to the start of the dungeon, while the dungeon remains active for other party members.
  • The rest of the party can now join the former party leader outside the dungeon entrance.
  • Once everyone is together, initiate the dungeon once again and resume the farming process from step 2.
  • Repeat steps 2-9 for efficient and continuous farming runs of your preferred nightmare sigil and dungeon.

Choosing an Optimal Nightmare Sigil:
When selecting a nightmare sigil for this farming method, it’s crucial to consider a few factors. Opt for a dungeon that all party members are comfortable with, as you aim for quick and efficient runs. Recommended choices include Champion’s Demise and Blind Burrows, which are straightforward and can be completed within three to four minutes. Avoid dungeons with time-consuming objectives, such as killing all mobs in a specific area. Additionally, pay attention to the positive and negative effects associated with the sigil, ensuring that you avoid dungeons with overly challenging or debilitating negative effects.

By utilizing this insane farming method in Diablo 4, you can level up quickly, acquire valuable loot, and repeatedly clear your favorite nightmare sigil and dungeon. Remember, the decision to employ these strategies lies with you, and you have the freedom to choose your preferred playstyle.


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