DesignNBuy INC Unveils All-in-One Web2Print 5.0: Revolutionizing Corporate Printing and Brand Management

DesignNBuy INC, a trailblazer in the web-to-print industry, is delighted to announce the launch of All-in-One Web2Print 5.0, a game-changing upgrade tailored to empower corporate printers and elevate brand management.

All-in-One Web2Print 5.0 represents a significant leap forward in web to print solutions, designed to assist printer service providers in simplifying the management and ordering of printed materials and marketing collateral through their online platforms. This release is specifically crafted to cater to the unique requirements of businesses and corporate clients, streamlining their print procurement and customization processes with unmatched efficiency.

From commercial printers and B2B print providers to marketing agencies and graphic designers, All-in-One Web2Print 5.0 invites a diverse spectrum of entities to transition from manual workflows to seamless automation. This transition is a testament to the evolving landscape of web-to-print, where the benefits extend beyond printers to encompass their corporate clientele.

Its user-friendly implementation, scalability, and adaptability set this software apart. It seamlessly aligns with various business needs and budget considerations, offering limitless integration possibilities with third-party systems.

Key Enhancements and Features:

1. Business-to-Business (B2B) Web2Print Storefronts:

All-in-One Web2Print 5.0 introduces a robust B2B web to print software, enabling printers to establish exclusive, white-labeled storefronts for each corporate customer directly from the admin panel. This module proves invaluable for businesses with multiple locations, distributed marketing teams, or intricate branding requirements. It offers corporate customers a convenient and efficient means to manage and order printed materials while ensuring impeccable brand consistency.

Each B2B store functions as a private space, fully customizable for individual corporate accounts with branded homepages, exclusive product catalogs, design templates, pricing structures, and payment options. Furthermore, corporate stores can be configured with multiple locations or departments, each overseen by an appointed head. To maintain brand integrity and quality control, an integrated approval workflow requires designated location heads or administrators to review and approve customized designs before they proceed to print.

2. Enhanced Template Builder:

The latest version of All-in-One Web2Print enhances the template builder application, providing administrators and graphic designers with unprecedented control over editable design templates. Admin users can precisely determine the level of personalization permitted for end-users and adjust the properties of all editable elements within the design. For instance, when creating an editable template for corporate business cards, the admin can lock the logo, brand colors, and font for text elements, ensuring unwavering brand consistency. Corporate users can then modify only the text to create personalized cards when placing orders. The upgraded template builder offers enhanced control over design elements, including locking/unlocking editing, auto-resizing, and conditional suppression.

3. Form-Based Quick Editor:

All-in-One Web2Print 5.0 introduces a completely revamped form-based quick editor module, replacing the earlier inline implementation within product details. This module enhances the design and personalization experience, making it ideal for products with limited design areas. It is particularly beneficial for mobile users seeking to customize products and place orders while on the move. For corporate customers, it offers precise control over branding elements, allowing editing of specific text and image fields in a controlled manner.

In summary, with the release of All-in-One Web2Print 5.0, DesignNBuy INC delivers a comprehensive web-to-print solution tailored to both B2C and B2B markets. B2C web-to-print focuses on simplicity and personalization for individual consumers, while B2B web-to-print emphasizes brand consistency, control, and efficiency for businesses and organizations.

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DesignNBuy INC, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions that redefine corporate printing and brand management.

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