Design Your Bar’s Signature Look with Custom Neon Signs

Benefits of Custom Neon Bar Signs 

Custom neon bar signs are a great way to make your business stand out, and there are many benefits to having one. From enhancing visibility and brand recognition to creating a memorable atmosphere, custom neon bar signs can help your business succeed in more ways than one. 

A custom wedding neon sign is an eye-catching and unique way to add a special touch to your special day. Whether you want to create a statement or display a meaningful message, a custom wedding neon sign can make your ceremony even more memorable. It’s a perfect way to honor your commitment to one another and make your guests feel special. 

A. Enhancing Visibility and Brand Recognition 

Custom neon bar signs are an eye-catching way to get noticed. With bright colors that catch the light in unique ways, they create an impressive visual effect that will draw in customers from near or far. Neon signs also have the advantage of being visible even during the day when other forms of signage may not be as effective due to sunlight or shadows interfering with their visibility. Additionally, since custom designs can be made for any type of business or message you want to promote, they can help you create a distinct identity for your establishment that people will recognize immediately when they see it out in public spaces such as on street corners or at outdoor events. 

B. Creating a Memorable Atmosphere 

Having custom neon bar signs also helps create a memorable atmosphere for customers who visit your establishment which is key for any successful business’s success . The bright lights and vivid colors add warmth and energy to any space making it feel cozy yet invigorating.

Types of Custom Neon Bar Signs  

Custom neon bar signs are a great way to add a unique and attractive flair to any bar or restaurant. Whether you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd or something more subtle, there are many different types of custom neon bar signs that can help you achieve your desired look. 

  • Wall Mounted Signs

One of the most popular types of custom neon bar signs is wall mounted signs. These come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes and can be used to create an eye-catching display on your walls. Wall mounted signs are perfect for displaying logos, slogans or other text as well as images such as sports teams’ insignia and artwork. They also allow you to control the brightness level with dimmer switches so you can adjust it depending on the time of day or night. 

  • Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are another great way to attract attention to your business while adding an element of fun and creativity to your decor. These hanging signs hang down from above and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose from classic “neon” style tubes, LED lights arranged into words or phrases, geometric shapes made up out of LED lights or even intricate 3D designs created using neon strips.

Design & Installation Considerations for Custom Neon Bar Signs

Neon bar signs are a great way to draw attention to your business, and they can help make your establishment stand out from the competition. But when it comes to custom neon bar signs, there are several design and installation considerations you should take into account.

Consider the size and shape of your sign. Most neon signs come in either rectangular or circular shapes, but you can also find triangular and other specialty shapes. Make sure that whatever shape you choose fits within the space allotted for your sign – too large of a sign will overwhelm the area, while too small of a sign won’t be seen at all!

Decide on what type of neon tubing you would like for your custom bar sign. There are many different types available – from traditional red glass tubes to modern LED lighting – so make sure that whatever option you choose best suits the vibe of your establishment. Consider how bright or subtle it needs to be as well; if you have multiple signs in one area then opt for something more low-key so as not to distract from each other’s beauty. 


In conclusion, custom neon bar signs are a great way to add some personality and style to any bar or restaurant. They provide a unique and eye-catching display that can be customized to match the atmosphere of the establishment. Custom neon bar signs are also durable, weather resistant, and cost effective. With the right design and signage solution, custom neon bar signs can help create an inviting environment for customers while also helping to promote a business.

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