Demographics of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping of Kidswear In Pakistan is growing by leaps and bounds. Improved infrastructure, internet speed, increased computer skills, and increased use of 3G / 4G technology are driving online shopping.

Many companies enter this space and make competition intense. The big players in the ocean of online shopping like Mytogso, home shopping, etc. are struggling to cope with the vibrant nature of today’s consumer. Mytogso is one of the major players in online shopping offering deep discounts to customers, but offering only deep discounts will do nothing to build customer loyalty.

As in today’s era, the customer is the center of any business, all organizations strive to better understand customer behavior. The hardest task for online retailers is not to acquire a customer, but to retain them. To retain the customer, it is very important that companies like Mytogso study the buying behavior and preferences of consumers through Facebook and Google Data Analytics and use other data analysis tools to achieve their ultimate goal: customer loyalty.

Previous research has encouraged the contribution of customer demographic information to provide insight into customer behavior online. The main focus is on how demographics impact the occurrence of online shopping. There is little or no literature on the study of purchase frequency from a demographic perspective. Using demographic information, new customers can be classified into the following three categories:

  • Infrequent shoppers

  • Frequent buyers

  • Less frequent shoppers

The “occasional shopper” category includes consumers who have made three or fewer purchases in the last 6 months, while the “frequent shopper” category includes consumers who have made 7 or more purchases during the same period, less frequent shoppers who have made 4 6 purchases in the last six months. Decision trees, a relatively new technique in this field, are used to classify respondents in the above categories. Often times, a new customer is a potential repeat customer, but the organization’s lack of interest forces the customer to turn to a competitor.

A lot of attention should be paid to a potential frequent customer. Mytogso has been collecting data on consumer buying behavior for the past few months and is conducting a study that helps predict which customer is most likely to shop frequently based on demographic factors. Carrying out this study will not only benefit the company itself, but will also help new participants and startups in the sector.