Dell Alienware AW2521HF Review

The Dell Alienware AW2521HF is one more 1080p 240Hz IPS gaming monitor with a quick 1ms reaction time speed and AMD FreeSync (affirmed as ‘G-SYNC Compatible’).

While it’s the most moderate 240Hz IPS model which is better than the 144hz gaming monitors, it doesn’t have some additional highlights that different choices offer, for example, backdrop illumination strobing, HDR uphold, USB-C, and so forth

Along these lines, in case you’re puzzling over whether you should set aside your cash and get the Dell AW2521HF or put resources into one of the more costly models, this survey will cover all you require to know!

Picture Quality

In light of an IPS board, the Dell AW2521HF monitor conveys precise, predictable, and distinctive shadings covering the norm and most broad sRGB shading space with 99% sRGB range.

The tones will likewise stay impeccable paying little heed to the point you’re taking a gander at the monitor, because of the 178° wide survey points of the IPS board innovation.

Other board related particulars incorporate a solid 400-nit top splendor and a static differentiation proportion of 1,000:1.

The monitor can get brilliant, in any event, for sufficiently bright rooms, and you’ll need to lessen its splendor from the most extreme.

A static differentiation proportion of ~1,000:1 is standard for IPS monitors, which implies that you won’t get as profound blacks as those of VA board monitors, yet these presentations have impediments of their own, for example, a more slow reaction time speed (at any rate at this value range).

Dissimilar to a portion of the other 240Hz IPS models, the Dell AW2521HF doesn’t uphold HDR (High Dynamic Range).

In any case, since you’d need a more extensive shading array and a lot higher difference proportion and brilliance for an imperative HDR picture quality (none of which is offered by the other 1080p 240Hz IPS models), you’re not losing anything significant here.

Proceeding onward, the Dell AW2521HF has a monitor goal of 1920×1080 pixels, which brings about a good pixel thickness on its 24.5″ visible monitor. You get 90 pixels for each inch, which makes for sharp subtleties and a decent measure of monitor space.


The Alienware AW2521HF has an outstandingly low information slack of just ~2ms, which ensures that you won’t have the option to notice or feel any deferrals between your activities and the outcome on the monitor.

Presently, the predefined reaction time speed is 1ms (GtG – dim to dim pixel progress) when utilizing the ‘Outrageous’ overdrive mode, 2ms with ‘Very Fast,’ and 4ms with ‘Quick.’

The Super Fast and Extreme modes are excessively forceful; they push the pixel reaction time excessively, which brings about opposite ghosting or pixel overshoot.

Dell, much the same as other monitor producers, needed to make such solid and unreasonable overdrive modes to have the option to promote the ‘1ms GtG’ determination.

Notwithstanding, the Fast reaction time overdrive mode functions admirably. Despite the fact that you’re not getting the publicized 1ms speed, virtually all pixels will have the option to change in time with the monitor’s 240Hz refresh rate.

In some uncommon cases, dull pixels may not exactly change into more splendid shades in time with the refresh rate, which can bring about noticeable ghosting behind quick moving items when dim pixels are overwhelming in the image (dim scenes).

Fortunately, this isn’t generally perceptible while gaming except if you’re truly searching for it by running different tests. In genuine use, you won’t be pestered by it.

Something else to remember about IPS monitors is IPS sparkle, which is a normal downside of this board innovation.

The measure of noticeable IPS sparkle shifts across various units of monitors, however in all aside from the most extraordinary cases, it’s totally reasonable.

Finally, the backdrop illumination of the Dell AW2521HF show is without glint, which, alongside its incorporated low-blue light channel, guarantees a protected survey insight for your eyes. On the other hand, if you prefer a gaming pc over a best gaming laptop, this best widescreen monitor can work much better for you.


The Dell AW2521HF upholds AMD FreeSync Premium and it’s guaranteed as G-SYNC Compatible by NVIDIA.

When you empower this innovation, the monitor will change its invigorate rate as per your FPS subsequently totally eliminating monitor tearing and stammering with intangible (~1ms) input slack punishment.

For AMD cards, FreeSync works over both HDMI and DisplayPort though with NVIDIA cards, you’ll need to utilize DisplayPort and have a GTX 10-arrangement or more up to date GPU.

The variable invigorate rate range is 48-240Hz, however LFC (Low Framerate Compensation) is upheld implying that beneath 48FPS, the refresh rate will be duplicated (for example, 47FPS x 5 – > 235Hz) for smoother execution.

One component that is absent on the Dell AW2521HF which is available on a portion of different models is a Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) innovation that can diminish apparent movement obscure by backdrop illumination strobing.

Numerous gamers don’t utilize this innovation as it presents monitor glint and diminishes the monitor’s greatest splendor while dynamic which makes the image dimmer. It additionally can’t work simultaneously as FreeSync/G-SYNC.

As an exemption, the ASUS VG259QM upholds ELMB-Sync which permits FreeSync/G-SYNC and MBR to be empowered simultaneously, however it doesn’t function admirably.

On the off chance that you need smooth MBR execution, you should look at the ViewSonic XG270 240Hz IPS gaming monitor, however it’s more costly and has a lower pixel-per-inch proportion because of its 27″ monitor size matched with 1080p goal.

On the off chance that you simply need to run your monitor at fixed 240Hz or with FreeSync/G-SYNC, the Dell AW2521HF will do fine and dandy!

Next, the OSD (On-Monitor Display) menu of the monitor offers a lot of helpful highlights, for example, pre-aligned and adjustable picture modes, a clock, a refresh rate tracker, and Dark Stabilizer for better perceivability in more obscure games.

At the rear of the monitor, there’s a joystick for simple route through the menu just as four extra hotkeys for alternate ways which you can allocate yourself.

Design and Connectivity

As it’s the situation with most Alienware gaming monitors, the plan has a science fiction vibe with an exceptional form quality and the AlienFX RGB lighting innovation with a lot of customization.

The stand is tough and flexible with up to 130mm tallness change, +/ – 20° turn, +/ – 90° rotate, – 5°/21° tilt and 100x100mm VESA mount similarity.

Availability choices are plentiful and incorporate two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2, an earphones jack, a sound line-out port for outside speakers, and a quad-USB 3.0 center point (1 upstream + 4 downstream ports).

At long last, the monitor has a 25% low-dimness matte enemy of glare covering, which kills reflections without causing the image to show up excessively grainy.

There’s additionally the Dell Alienware AW2521HFL model with an alternate shading plan (‘L’ means ‘Lunar Light’ though the AW2521HF model has the ‘Clouded Side of the Moon’ subject).

The cost should be the equivalent for the two models, however it can shift contingent upon your locale.


The Dell Alienware AW2521HF is a by and large astonishing gaming monitor at the cost. Truth be told, it’s just ~$35 more costly than the 1080p 144Hz IPS models, for example, the ASUS VG259Q yet it’s essentially quicker.

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