Definition of building demolition types and methods of modern demolition

It always comes to mind when the term building demolition is used to destroy, vandalize, and remove ceilings and walls. But in fact, the demolition of buildings requires a lot of procedures and planning before starting the demolition, and the definition of the demolition of structures is more comprehensive than just operations that involve sabotage and demolition, which is known as (conventional demolition) Which is done through force. There are dismantling and abstraction processes as a type of demolition, and there are dismantling processes that are part of demolition procedures

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the exact meaning of building demolition, its types and methods, and the measures that are taken before proceeding with it.

Building demolition define

The term building demolition can be defined as all the processes by which buildings and other structures are destroyed, vandalized, or dismantled by pre-planned or controlled methods.

Thus, deconstruction and abstraction are considered a kind of soft demolition, as mentioned above, where the valuable elements are preserved for later reuse.

These operations are carried out through approved contractors, who inspect the entire project first and verify the method of work and then take the decision to demolish, taking into account all safety and prevention measures.

Types, and methods of building demolition

The methods and types of demolition vary according to what the building needs. The building may need to be completely removed or some of its internal parts are destroyed. Each type of demolition has tools and machines dedicated to completing the work, so we will learn about the most important demolition strategies and the means used in that


Conventional demolition is that which has a large labor content and uses small machinery. This is still applicable in the present for several reasons. A small contract often cannot efficiently use machines. Access to some sites can be too restricted for the deployment of large equipment. Conventional demolition includes the use of compressors, jackhammers, and small loading machines, but the main element is the employment of skilled and experienced labor. Economy speed and above all safety rely on this

2-Controlled demolition

Controlled demolition – It is a  demolition method that involves taking down buildings and structures in a safe, guided manner in order to achieve the best time results. Most structures can’t be taken down in a day, so when things are in the process of being demolished, a building must be taken down in sections to ensure that the remains are as stable as possible. Controlled demolition can be used for tall buildings, bridges, chimney stacks, and cooling towers This type of demolition is done by diamond drilling and hydraulic concrete crunching.

3- ( strip out services ) internal building demolition

remove building components from the inside, including walls, ceilings, electrical systems, floors, and stairs

Strip Out Service includes all structures and buildings such as schools, hospitals, residential buildings, and offices

We provide stripping service according to the client’s requirements and recommendations, according to safety and quality standards, and through the latest equipment and machines in the process of internal stripping and removal.

The selective demolition service includes the following items:

1- All structures, both structural and non-structural, such as schools, hospitals, and offices

2- Removing internal components and fixtures such as walls and electrical systems

3- Interior finishes, mechanical and plumbing systems

4- Shell and core fit-out

5- Remove all decoration material to hand over to the shop

6- Layout modification according to now design

7- Building Renovation such as hotels, offices, restaurants


Exposure to asbestos is one of the main risks faced by workers and homeowners because when asbestos is aged or poorly handled, it can cause serious respiratory and heart diseases, so we recommend removing the asbestos through a licensed contractor.

building demolition company

When talking about building demolition contracting, surely the best building contracting company is searched for, because demolition operations must be carried out through specialized and approved contractors, the best tools and strategies in demolishing contracting, standards, safety, environmental and environmental standards, the appropriate demolition company


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