Custom patches and beanies_ Provide warmth and brand-awareness

Businesses always look for new ways to promote their brand. The most common is using a custom item. However, they struggle with products during winter because the winter merch, like custom hoodies, sweaters, etc., is more expensive. Giving away generic items might not provide you with the required brand awareness. So, what is the solution? Custom patches with beanies are the perfect items to take your promotional efforts to the next level.

You may ask why not use only custom beanies. Yes! You can use it, but custom patches look more classy, sophisticated, and professional. They are much more efficient and durable than printing your logo on beanies; the returns take care of the cost.

Reasons to use custom patch beanies:

  • Visible: They are a reliable and convenient form of advertising because people can always see the brand. The term walking billboards is applicable here. You can distribute a few of them to customers, and they will advertise on your behalf. 
  • Practical: The power of promotional products lies in their usability; the more people use them often, the more your brand will be visible. An item like custom patches and beanies might not be powerful alone but combining them increases their authority. They are a necessary accessory for winter and low-temperature regions. Everyone can use them. You do not have to worry about creating them in different colors, sizes, etc.
  • Uniqueness: It is necessary to make your brand stand out from the competition. People get custom t-shirts or pens often. But, they do not get custom patch beanies. It would be a waste of money to give them during summer. December to February is the suitable time when most people can wear them.
  • Professionalism: People associate beanies with a casual look. However, neutral color beanies with customized patches give a classy and professional vibe that people can use in work settings. For example, you can give them to your employees as part of their uniform. They are also for outdoor work, like a trekking business. 
  • Variety: Custom patches and beanies have variations like embroidered, leather, PVC, woven, pom-poms, skulls, fishers, etc. For example, choose custom leather patches and cuffed beanies for the classic look and custom embroidered patches and pom-pom beanies for a fun look. It keeps your efforts novel and fascinating and creates the same perception about your company. When they look and feel good about promotional merch or accessories, they are more likely to use them.
  • Flexibility and durability: They provide complete freedom to choose the materials, sizes, colors, etc. You can customize it per your budget and needs. For example, you can opt for a woolen beanie for extreme cold and high-valued clients and acrylic or regular ones at other times.

One issue with printing logos on beanies is the color fading when people wash them. Using custom patches also makes the logo last longer than printing. Your business logo and name will be visible as long as the accessories last.

  • Affordability: They are pocket-friendly and cost much less than other promotional items. For example, you can customize three high-quality ones for the price of one custom hoodie with a manufacturer like EverLighten. And you can also save ordering in bulk. Being small also allows you to transport and distribute them saving other costs.

How to apply custom patches on beanies?

Using custom patches on beanies is simple; choose from various methods:

  • The heat seal method is one of the fastest and easiest; many prefer it for the same reasons. It does not require any skills, and everyone can do it. The method works best for firm fabrics and might not be ideal for softer ones like wool. Also, the heat can damage the yarn. Ask the supplier/ manufacturer if you want to do it yourself. Manufacturers like EverLighten create both products in their dedicated factories, and they put the patches with the best methods.
  • Preheat the iron to about 330-400 degrees per the material.
  • Place the custom patches on the beanies and put a cloth between the iron and the patch.
  • Press for 30 seconds and let it sit for a few minutes until the glue hardens. If you move it, then it might not be secured.
  • Sewing is one the best methods working well for every patch and beanie. It is also the most reliable way to keep them secure. You can use your hands, embroidery, or sewing machine. However, sewing with your hands takes skills and practice. Hire an expert or ask the manufacturer to do it for you.
  • Glue is the fastest technique to attach patches on beanies. They put a peel-off sticker, and your job is to remove it and put it on the apparel. Hold it for 20-30 seconds, and it is ready. You can give it to customers, and they can apply it themselves. However, it is not a permanent method, and the glue weakens when you wash the beanie. It also does not work with smooth fabrics like cashmere.
  • Heat sealing and sewing is the best method to put custom patches on beanies. It is a permanent solution that combines two processes. First, they use the heat seal method to keep it in place and then use sewing to make the attachment permanent. It ensures it does not come off even after rough use and many washes.

Over to you:

Using custom patches on beanies is an effective method to take your brand awareness to the next level. The sum of the parts is better than them on their own. Connect with a reliable manufacturer that can produce both items. It will help with the quality. EverLighten has the experience and expertise to make high-quality custom patches and beanies. They have helped startups, large companies, sports teams, police, the military, scouts, etc., for over eighteen years.

The Heating and Cooling Co. Ltd. has been in the business for over 25 years and looking for a reliable supplier for custom patches. They contacted several manufacturers, but to no avail because they were dissatisfied with the quality. The company was apprehensive, but after seeing the samples, they asked EverLighten for 100 patches and ordered 20,000 afterward.

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