Cub Net Banking

Before you can access your accounts on cub net banking, you must first sign in. This can be done by logging in with your User ID and password. You must then provide details such as your ATM card number, date of birth, and PAN card number. You will have to do this once more, in order to access your account. This article will go over some of the other aspects of cub net banking. Also, we will talk about the different types of facilities that you can access.

User ID

In order to log in to CUB net banking, you need your customer id, ATM card, or user ID. Depending on the facility you’re using, you may also need to enter your PAN card number. After you’ve logged in, you’ll need to complete a security question. Once you’ve answered this question, you’ll be able to view your account statement. You can also download your account statement by email if you prefer.


For those of you who forgot your Cub Net Banking password, you can easily reset it by using the forgotten password feature. To do so, you need to know your first name from bank records. In case you do not know, you can check your records at the base branch. Once you have entered your e-mail address, you will receive a password-PIN mailer to your registered address within four days. It is very easy to activate your internet banking account and begin conducting transactions instantly.

Security measures

CUB internet banking is now a reality in India. With the increasing rate of online banking fraud, users need to take some basic security measures to protect themselves from fraudulent activities. City Union Bank executives will never call customers to ask for personal details. Similarly, they will never ask customers to share their social security numbers or other sensitive information. Here are some tips to protect your account and personal data. You can read these tips and secure your CUB internet banking account.

Accounts available under a single login

When you have a single login, you can manage all your accounts using a Login ID. These IDs can be six to twenty characters long and include both letters and numbers. They also replace the account number in the Select Account pull-down menu. You can customize your Login ID to access the accounts you want to use. To set your ID, click the Account tab. Then, click Edit List. In the left sidebar, click the arrow to the right of the Accounts available under a single login.

Transfers between accounts

CUB Net banking is an online service that allows users to link several bank accounts, such as savings and current accounts. Those with several accounts can make transfers from one bank to another, and use the information on their account statement to manage them. To use CUB net banking, you must first register either online or offline. If you register online, you will have to enter your name, account number, and branch. Alternatively, you can use their mobile banking app.

IMPS (Instant Payment Service)

If you are a CUB Net banking customer, you can use IMPS (Instant Payment Service), which allows you to send money to any other bank account instantly and securely. All you need to do is make a request from your account to transfer money to another beneficiary. The beneficiary’s account will be immediately credited, no matter what time you make the request. And, because IMPS is available 24 hours a day, you can use it anytime, even on a bank holiday.

Registration for cub net banking

You need to register with CUB Net Banking if you want to use their online services. You can register using your ATM card number, PAN card number, or user id. You will be asked to enter these details, which are verified with your bank records. Once you have registered, you can begin using the service. However, you need to register with your e-mail address. You will receive your password-PIN mailer within four days.