Crop Protection Methods For Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming has been a top priority for farmers for more than 1000s of years. And given the fact that the demand for food supplies is highly on the rise, it has become imperative for farmers to stay updated with the right technologies in order to improve their agricultural efficiency. Crop protection is basically a complex of products, instruments, strategies that defends and protects crops against plant diseases, viruses, pests and lots more. The methods also have to be followed with caution as one wrong move can lead to devastating results. Hence, you need to follow the right solutions in order to see the best developments in modern agriculture. 


Permaculture is a system of food production made with smart farming, design and intention in order to reduce resource waste and boost product efficiency as well. They also include other techniques like plant spirals, herbs, tillage, sheet mulching etc. High quality seeds are used to yield high quality products and protect your crop from further damage. Being a multidisciplinary toolbox, it also includes energy, hydrology, water harvesting, community development, economics, technology etc. It also focuses on perennial crops like nuts, shrubs and fruit trees together to mimic a natural ecosystem. 

Irrigation Optimization

Maintaining optimal plant health is a top priority for effective crop protection management. Hence, irrigation optimization is considered highly functional. Once the fields have been zoned out using vegetables, one can identify those areas that show low productivity over a period of time. Improper fertilizing that leads to weakening of plants, weed growth and rapid increase in diseases are some of the common reasons why irrigation optimization is important. It counteracts such growing concerns by taking a huge step in order to prevent such possible threats. Irrigation optimization also enables water control. More than 60% of water is easily wasted and modern technology systems easily solve the problem by allowing efficient distribution.

Weed Management System

Weeds tend to ruin agriculture by depriving plants of basic nutrients. They also obscure the plants from the sun, carry diseases and spread pests rapidly. Experts also suggest that 50% also harvest their weeds annually. With artificial intelligence technologies, farmers are now able to identify these weeds that could destroy them potentially. Some of the fighter activities include biological, chemical, agrotechnical etc.  One can also use MSAVI in the crop monitoring platform to detect weeds and eliminate them from spreading.

Pest Control

There are three ways to control pests: mechanical, agronomic, chemical etc. This method is of a preventive nature. It is required to study the composition of the soil, understand the nutrition and quality of it, groundwater level etc. It also requires loosening and soil fertilization to keep the plant remains intact. 

Using such crop protection services are not just efficient but also an excellent time & money saving strategy. They enable you to control the most important parameters of your weather and health conditions. They also create individual plans for the field work, foresee all kinds of risks and develop preventive measures in order to prevent negative scenarios.