Coursesify Review 2022 -⚠️HOAX or LEGIT⚠️

It’s time to get a piece of this $300 billion industry. Online education is high in demand – people want this. So – the time to get in and profit is right now. But the problem is how do you begin?

  • How do you create the technology for users to signup, register and take online courses?
  • How do you create the courses content?
  • How do you find out what courses are hot and what will sell?
  • How do you create videos, training and lessons?
  • How do you upload them and make them sell?
  • How do you create sales pitches, sales videos and marketing material?

That is a lot of hard work to be done before you can make money. But wait – what if all that was done for you? Interested? If yes then Let’s check all the details about your latest profit solution in my Coursesify Review below now!

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Want to create a profit pulling online business? Now you can thanks to this 100% done for you solution that banks you commissions in 3 easy steps.

  • #1 – Select a HOT Course To Sell as Your Own
  • #2 – Enter Your Payment Details
  • #3 – Profit From Day 1 In Less Than 60 Seconds

E-learning sites like Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare are booming right now. In a quickly changing economic climate millions of people are looking to re-skill and equip themselves with the knowledge they need to succeed.


Forecasts put the the online education market at a huge $350 billion valuation and Udemy alone has over 55 million users. And Coursesify is a brand new software that will let your buyers get a slice of that huge pie, WITHOUT any of the hard work.

Tap into a proven billion dollar market today and crush it. Introducing Coursesify – your struggle to earn commissions ends here. It is a fully done for you site builder that creates udemy like e-learning sites so you can sell online courses & profit.


VendorAyush Jain et al
Launch Date2022-Dec-01
Launch Time11:00 EST
Front-End Price$17
RefundYES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeE-learning site builder
SupportEffective Response
Operating SystemWeb App
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels


Here’s how ridiculously EASY it is for you to get started and turn the key on your own totally done for you e-learning site.


You can call your site anything you want, and we will host it for you. No need for you to pay any hosting fees. UNLIMITED BANDWITH. No complicated setup. Want to use your own domain ? Don’t worry you can!


We have chosen 10 of the most in demand skill niches right now, these are skills that people are actively searching to learn about, skills everyone WANTS to pay you to learn about in a changing world.

  • STEP 3: Click the button to “Create Your Website”

That’s IT! You are done! Your site is designed, created and HOSTED for you!

Your site comes pre-loaded with a bunch of different high quality, multi part video courses all super relevant to your chosen skill niche. All of them teaching trending skills that people are actively searching for to learn about.

All of the courses come with a pay button, and you receive 100% of the commissions from any sales.

PLUS you get a fully automated blog section for your site, filled with new original content every day, all about your chosen niche (to make sure your site ranks on Google, so you get search traffic)

What is included in the front end? The customers will get access with agency rights of this platform. So basically the customer will be the owner of a platform like udemy and they will have pre-loaded 10 already made done-for-you courses that are ready to sell.

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You can go ahead and sell. We highly recommend the you do get add some personal touch in those courses if they want to really sell and make a money, or you just rebuild those courses, add new modules, add new lessons if you want to stand out… because thousands of customers will be using the same courses.

So it is better to add some personal touch, add some information and focus on one or two courses that you want to sell and improve them and then start selling. How to do that? I’ll show you in the demo video later.

With Coursesify we have listed all the courses on your site as products on the WarriorPlus payment platform. So all you need to do is apply as an affiliate for each course on your site. We then auto-approve you at 100% commissions for each course. Then after that you receive ALL the money from any sales, direct into your paypal account.

No need to worry about setting up a shopping cart. No need to worry about product delivery, no need to worry about customer support. We have taken care of it all for you. Simple! And don’t worry if you don’t have a WarriorPlus account yet, getting one is easy, free and takes seconds. And of course full training on how to do is provided.

The question now is that what does it make Coursesify different? Why shouldn’t I public my course on Udemy instead? Udemy is open for everyone, so if you have a course you can go ahead, sell your course on udemy. But there are a couple of problems:

Udemy shares your profit so when there is a sell, udemy takes apart. Udemy has their affiliate system, so whenever an affiliate sells something, they take 50%. And udemy has their own traffic.

If you send traffic to your course, what happens is those traffic will also see other courses of other people (from banner, ads, navigation, etc.) and they may end up by something else. So you lose your traffic!

There is another problem… udemy don’t doesn’t share the user… I mean the customers details, customers contact details… with the course owners. So you cannot put your customers in your autoresponders and you cannot follow up with them. You have to use the udemy platform only.

Another thing about udemy is they don’t have any content of themselves, they’re basically offering you a platform, that’s all. And we are eliminating everything using Coursesify. The customers of Coursesify are those who want to make money online, and they can create course on basically anything they want.

They don’t have to go through udemy’s hard quality control process, they can make any course and upload their in their plan, in their account anytime and sell anywhere they want. They keep their own list of customers. The traffic they drive will come buy their own won’t offers.

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You will get agency rights, so you will be able to sell the this opportunity just like udemy to other course servers, other instructors. So when other instructors sell their course, you will get the leads just like udemy owners.

Coursesify has its own referral reward based viral traffic system so it will generate traffic automatically. So you will be able to sell your own course if you want, or you just let other instructors sell their contents and just make money like udemy.

You Can Earn Money By Different Methods Like:

  • Advertising: (Banner & Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll Videos)
  • Study Badges: You can define badges for different metrics like sales, registration days, courses, purchases, ratings, etc. When users achieve them you can award them free charge or extra commission rates. It also supports custom badges which allow you to create personalized badges according to your need.
  • Create your own beautiful Learning sites & sell courses online in minutes
  • 250+ HOT Done-For-You courses in 30 skill niches to start selling immediately without having to create anything yourself
  • Easily add your own courses in a matter of minutes!
  • All-In-One platform with the built-in marketplace, support system, lesson manager, and so much more…
  • Start your own eLearning business and become an authority in any niche in record time
  • Everything You Need And More Under ONE Roof.


Imagine making $272 everyday WITHOUT the need to have a mailing list to get started or any experience… and doing it in just 20 MINUTES a day. That’s EXACTLY what you’ll learn how to do when you pick up Coursesify.

This is a top SECRET software for making money online that is super EASY… Forget about wasting your time with the same rehashed garbage that you’re sick and tired of seeing… When you pick this up, you’ll be able to start getting results in just 30 mins/day. Just joke. This is a proven system, but you still need invest your time.

STOP Wasting Your Time Doing Things That Don’t Work… Because now you…

  • No need to write articles for your blogs and websites ever again.
  • No more making HUGE investments into your sites (of both time and money).
  • No more crazy, time-consuming manual labor creating boatloads of fresh content every day.
  • Absolutely NO life-draining tech skills required to make this software work for you.
  • Never again you’ll have to do stupid, boring, repetitive tasks ever again.
  • …And no more hard to follow, complicated training materials that makes pull you hair out.

We’ve got you MORE than covered with 250 Done For You Video courses in 30 skill niches you can start with right now!

You don’t even have to set any of them up, they’re all ready to go in a matter of minutes and with zero set up time on your part. Of course you can adjust them, add your own or others as well!

Coursesify is an all-in-one solution for creating online education marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc.

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The potential of this $374 Billion Dollar industry is not hidden from anyone… You can modestly make a six or seven digit profitable income for the rest of your life using read-made courses.

And the best thing is that the E-learning space is only going to boom in the years to come. So that means a steady increase in your profits with each passing year…

There’s No Better Time Than NOW To Start An E-Learning Biz… In order to do that, you obviously need things that you can sell, and we’ve got you MORE than covered with 190 Done For You Video courses in 50 skill niches you can start with right now!

You don’t even have to set any of them up, they’re all ready to go in a matter of minutes and with zero set up time on your part. Of course you can adjust them, add your own or others as well!

Coursesify is an all-in-one solution for creating online education marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc.

The potential of this $374 Billion Dollar industry is not hidden from anyone… You can modestly make a six or seven digit profitable income for the rest of your life using read-made courses.

Coursesify is a money making software. The main work is 100% done. No one else can give you this. you can go ahead and use udemy, but as I said, you will be losing your leads, you’ll be losing your money, you’ll be losing everything else.

You will get traffic, of course, but if you send your traffic to your course on Udemy, somebody else will hijack your traffic and you’ll have to wait for udemy to send some traffic from them to you. You can make a few pennies there…

With Coursesify, you get the customers. You are the owners of a platform like udemy, and you can do whatever you want. You can keep all the money, all the leads and you can drive your own traffic you have.

COURSESIFY Does Everything For You. So basically you’re saving more than $10,000 of just building and maintaining your own platform. And you get to ditch the tiring work of creating courses, uploading them, collecting payments, handling a huge team and all sorts of mundane things…

Never heard of a better deal? Making unreal profits while making unreal savings? Coursesify is life-changing in every sense of the word and can turn your profit graph & frown downside up!

This platform is packed with lots of awesome features like online courses, live classes, quizzes, and an advanced certification plugin based on real business needs so you can start your online education business right now

Last but not least, You even have agency right so you can let other instructors sell their courses your accounts as well. It’s a huge advantage when it comes to making money online, one of the easiest way selling online courses.

Coursesify is for YOU – no matter what business or niche you’re in – if you need passive income. This is The Software For You… They made it so SIMPLE and powerful so that ANYONE, even if you are NEW to this whole “internet software” or this “make money online” experience – you can use this software and get results.

If you’ve tried every other software out there promising to find you mines filled with gold & then never got any result from it, you need to try this.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of Coursesify Review):

Coursesify Review Bonuses


For a limited time, you can grab Coursesify with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!


Coursesify Premium ($17) >> With $3 discount Coupon Code – “Course” on Entire Funnel


  • Unlimited  Custom Domains – 
  • Unlimited Academy –
  • Unlimited Courses Per Academy – 
  • Unlimited Website Visits/month – 
  • Unlimited Leads/Students –
  • Unlimited Bandwidth/Month – with MyDrive
  • Unlimited Video/File Storage – on MyDrive
  • Customise your Academy Sites with 20 unique colour themes
  • 6 different colour templates of sales pages, affiliate page & all other pages for DFY Video Courses
  • Multiply your leads with 30 lead generation popup templates
  • Done for you follow up emails to multiply sales & profits
  • Media library to manage all your images in one place
  • Access to 10K+ FREE Stock Images for your products, marketplace or social media posts
  • Complete set of professional graphics for your DFY Courses to use for consistent branding
  • Advance and deep analytics to track your growth and scale it further
  • Register your students directly to webinars with webinar integration
  • Boost Relation & Conversions with CRM integration
  • Complete Team management with rights control
  • YoDrive by OPPYO To Host & Play Fast & Protected Videos & Files


  • Social Posting Automation for traffic from major social media networks
  • Social Campaigns – Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and Blogger
  • Highly Elegant And Responsive Authority Blog
  • DFY Blog Posts To Boost Authority & Traffic
  • HIGH PR Backlinks for Faster indexing and targeted traffic from search engines
  • Enable post sharing on Academy site to let visitors share your blogs and products for more traffic
  • Generate leads when your visitors leave a comment or like/dislike your blog post
  • Monetize your Academy sites with banner placements
  • 20 Premium Promo Templates to Drive Extra Traffic & conversions to Your Offers & Affiliate Promos
  • Generate more leads with 30 extra Lead Generation popup templates
  • 15+ high converting social sharing popup templates to get even more FREE viral traffic
  • Special effects to visually entice your visitors to do nothing but clicking and buying
  • Commercial License – Start providing services to clients and charge hundreds of dollars every month


  • Sell It To Anyone You Want And Keep 100% Of The Profits in Your Pocket on Main Product
  • No Product, Sales Page, Marketing Material Creation
  • Quick start – Software Business in 3 Simple Steps & Keep 100% Profit


  • Agency License to Serve 100/ Unlimited Clients & add 100 / Unlimited team members
  • Sell It To Anyone You Want And Keep 100% Of The Profits in Your Pocket on Main Product
  • No Product, Sales Page, Marketing Material Creation
  • Quick start – Software Business in 3 Simple Steps & Keep 100% Profit


  • Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses
  • Create UNLIMITED Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages
  • Build Unlimited Sales Funnels/Customer Journey from Scratch for Any Marketing Goal
  • Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering
  • Create UNLIMITED Personalized Notification Campaigns with 5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution
  • Fully Customizable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor that Requires Zero Designing or Tech Skills
  • 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates to Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels & Popups Fast & Easy.
  • Store & Share Business Files Securely with Your Clients & Team Members
  • Manage Leads, Monitor Lead Info & Timely Behaviour Data to Analyse Your Audience for Better Results


Thank you so much for reading my Coursesify Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

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