Comparison of robotic process automation with the Artificial intelligence

In today’s post, you will get information on the difference between RPA and AI. Even though it is challenging to compare robotic process automation and artificial intelligence by comparing their similar and dissimilar factors, still we provide a complete guide on this topic for your knowledge. 

Both the modern system and new technologies work with particular software and provide simulations to support humans in carrying out specific tasks. To make things challenging, AI and RPA automation can come together and associate in the form of intelligent automation on botpath. You can also be called it hyper-automation. Further, you know the details about both systems by their comparison. So, let’s gain more details by reading the facts in this article. 

What do you mean by robotic process automation?

  • It is driven by the procedure and is required to be programmed. 
  • Mainly it applies to the repeatable and straightforward procedures
  •   The main objective of the RPA is to automate the work process and improve the workflow
  • It handles the rules-based work correctly and works accordingly to it
  • RPA automation building does not need the high usage of the CPU. All the thanks for these features go to the simplicity of the robotic automation
  • The purpose of building the RPA is to use it in a business without needing to adopt expert skills to control it. 

What do you mean by artificial intelligence? 

  • AI work on high-quality data and can define the goals and tasks at their own level.
  • The applications of AI are virtually unlimited. It can also perform highly complex tasks efficiently.
  • AI mainly focuses on problem-solving issues that would be required by human intelligence.
  • AI software has the capability to improve itself and comes with better outcomes because they are able to adopt self-learning.
  • Artificial intelligence systems demand huge computing power from the hardware.
  • It is usually used by experts to operate sophisticated AI systems.   

Is any difference exist between the RPA and AI?

There is one way to find the difference between AI and RPA automation by creating the following analogy. 

β€œThe mimics of AI on the arguments and the human intelligence and its capabilities, whereas the botpath RPA mimics the actions by the humans and help to achieve their goals faster”. 

In the section on the comparison between AI and RPA, RPA automation is considered the muscle for the business. They help to do things properly even in the lack of intellectual capacity. On the other hand, AI is known as the brain that helps you to improve learning, analyzing, improving, and predicting. With the powerful capabilities of AI, it has become more mature, grown, and now works independently.


This article provides you with information on the comparison of RPA automation building with AI. Both of the systems work well to improve the business. So, it is suggested to first read all information about both systems, only then make the appropriate decisions.