Comparing the Custom Ute Trays made of aluminium alloy or steel

Do you have difficulty in facing what type of material to go with when it comes to the custom made Ute trays on the good carrying vehicles?

Here we will give you a point wise description of the benefits and this might help you to choose  the best tray for your end-use.

For your information, the trays are made from two types of materials in all cases.  And that is aluminium alloy and steel.

We will be discussing each point and bring out which material suits the best for that point.


Load bearing capacity

When it comes to the load-bearing capacity of the custom-made Ute trays the ones made of stainless steel are far better than the aluminium alloys.

Steel as a material has far more load-bearing capacity and thus if you have to travel with large, heavier custom made ute trays and bulkier items then you should choose to go with steel ute trays as they will be able to support the weight easily and thus don’t bulge, bend or crack under the immense pressure.


When it comes to weather conditions the goods carrying vehicles are always outside and thus the custom-made Ute trays are always exposed to the weather. This can be a much more important consideration for the driver that has to be chosen wisely. Choosing the ideal material will help you to sustain for longer periods without suffering the effects of rust and corrosion.

And talking of corrosion the aluminium alloys are far better than the ones made of steel. Yes, steel is resistant to corrosion but not like aluminium alloys which of the highest quality can easily sustain for decades or even longer. Thus if the weather is not too supportive you have to go with the aluminium-made trays.


There is no doubt that cost plays a big role especially if you have to own a fleet of goods carrying vehicles. If you are on a low budget then you can choose to go with the made of steel in general the sot aluminium is around 30% costlier than steel. And adding the cost of galvanizing and electroplating the cost goes up even higher.  So choose aluminium  trays if you have a high budget or choose steel Ute trays if you have a bit lower budget.


When it comes to mileage the aluminium are better choices than the steel Ute trays.

This is because an aluminium custom made Ute trays are lighter and thus they are easier to carry. They do not add too much to the overall weight of the vehicle and thus the engine efficiency increases. Thus as the engine efficiency increases so does the mileage of the vehicle. Whereas with the steel Ute trays you don’t get that much mileage as they tend to be bulkier and are heavyweight. This reduces the efficiency of the running engine and thus the mileage decreases. Thus it can quite easily be said that if you have to commute daily over long distances you should choose to go with aluminium trays as this will mean lower cost of petrol for your vehicle engine.

Fire hazard

The heat-dissipating capacity of aluminium is far better than steel. Thus in cases of the fire breaking the temperatures don’t rise that much whereas in the case of steel Ute trays and the case of a fire breaking out the temperatures can go as high as a few thousand degrees.

In the end, it has to be said that the choice of the custom made Ute trays depends on the user. You have to take a look at the various factors mentioned above and check out what is best for you. 


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